Hanging on to Summer [Weekend]


I never want summer to end. Even though I’m looking forward to fall (and all that comes with it), I’m going to be really sad to see summer go. I love warm weather, wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops and spending every free moment outdoors. Lucky for me Colorado hasn’t shown any signs of giving up on summer just yet (although it’s supposed to cool down during the week…). I know I have just a few precious weeks left where I can hike comfortably without having to wear a ton of layers!


It was downright hot this weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it! I woke up bright & early on Saturday morning to represent KIND at Yoga on the Rocks. I had worked this event last month and really enjoyed it, so I was happy to go again. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning and you really can’t pick a better location for an outdoor yoga class.


I took some promotional KIND shots before the class ended (I love doing those!)

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[Current] Favorites on a Friday


Can you believe it’s already almost mid-July?? This summer is just flying by! I still don’t know where June went!

Instead of sulking about how quickly time passes and the fact that summer will be over before you know it, let’s have some fun today shall we? As per usual, I’ve been making a mental list of some of my favorite things over the last few weeks that I want to share with you. I was fully planning on doing a vlog again like my last “favorites” post, but I just didn’t get my act together. Since I (seemingly) didn’t scare you guys away with the last one, I promise that I’ll have another coming soon!

For now, you can read about some of my current favorite things (and enjoy the pretty pictures).


I think I mentioned this on my re-cap of my trip to Oregon last month, but did you know that hazelnuts (or “filberts” if you prefer) are a big deal in Oregon? They grow them everywhere! After passing multiple orchards, Greg and I finally decided to go get some. We could’ve picked them ourselves, but decided to go the easy route and buy the bagged version.


The orchard we went to (where we also picked cherries!) grew two different types of hazelnuts:  The “regular” variety is what you are probably used to, and the Ennis variety is a bit softer and sweeter (and more delicious!). I will be sad when these bags are empty.

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Patios, Pints & Poses

Beltz dinner

Howdy! I hope your week (and your month!) is off to a great start. Boy, did May fly by! I can’t believe we’ve been in CO for over a month now… it still feels like a long vacation. I wonder how much longer I’ll be saying that…

Thanks for your very nice comments on Friday’s vlog post. I guess we’re always more critical of ourselves than others are, and I plan to post more videos on the future (now that I’ve figured out how to do them!).

Now, to sum up the weekend:

I was supposed to kick off the weekend by running a 5k with some friends in City Park. I signed up for it months ago, and didn’t realize it was the same week as the Bolder Boulder. In the past, running a 10k and a 5k in the same week wouldn’t have been a big deal for me at all, but after taking 5 weeks off of cardio completely and the BB10k totally kicking my butt, I decided that pushing myself for another race might not be what my body really needs right now. So, for the first time ever, I decided not to run in a race that I signed up for.

True- I could’ve just gone and walked it, but I know me. There’s no way I would have gotten there and walked. I would have run hard, pushed myself, and felt like crap after. So for now, I’m going to build my cardio back up slowly and not jump right back into anything that’s going to make me feel worse instead of better.

So, instead of fighting through traffic to get to Denver and running a race, I went to the movies with Greg to see the new Star Trek movie. I’m definitely not going to complain about having to stare at Chris Pine for two hours!


I loved the first movie (as in the one that came out a few years ago) and this was equally as good!

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