WIAW 85: Sitting on my Butt [All Day Long]


Happy Wednesday!

First of all- thanks so much for all of your sweet, thoughtful comments from Monday’s post. I really appreciate each and every single one of them and can feel the love and positive energy. Here’s a quick update to my current situation: I went to an orthopedist on Monday. He did a number of tests to feel for certain ligaments and to rule out specific things and almost everything looked good. But, he couldn’t “feel” my ACL, which usually means it’s torn. He wasn’t 100% positive that that’s the case, but wanted me to come back and see him in two weeks to reassess. The weird thing is- when I went to the Urgent Care center on Friday, the nurse could feel it. I’m kind of hoping that since my leg was so much more swollen at the orthopedist that maybe that was a factor… but I don’t really know. Luckily the other ligaments are definitely not torn and apparently my strong quads (thanks to five years of teaching Spinning) were helpful in the injury being less severe and will be helpful in recovery. When I go back in two weeks, the doctor will do the same tests and if he doesn’t feel my ACL then I’ll get an MRI and go from there. I’m keeping positive- what else can I do?

In the meantime, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on butt with my left leg elevated and my knee iced. The swelling has gone down a bit each day and I’ve been able to walk a little better and put weight on my left foot- but I’m definitely nowhere near 100%. Not being even able to walk one of the dogs outside (let alone- work out or do anything else active) has been killing me, but I have no choice. I’ve been doing some upper-body strength-training and core work that doesn’t compromise my knees at all, which is better than nothing!

Anyway- speaking of sitting on my butt- that’s pretty much all I did last Sunday. Though the day certainly wasn’t exciting (and was a mix of watching movies and catching up work stuff), I chose to document the meals anyway! Truth be told, I didn’t actually think of taking my WIAW photos until after breakfast, so you get a stand-in for that meal:


This is actually a photo taken a few days before, but my breakfast that morning was pretty much identical (minus the almond butter): FlapJacked Cinnamon Apple crepes stuffed with apples and cottage cheese. Now that I’ve successfully figured out how to make crepes I can’t get enough of them!

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WIAW 84: Not in My Kitchen

zucchini chips

Good morning!

I have a love/hate relationship with being out of the house all day. While I love to go out and do stuff and have fun- I’m really just a homebody at heart. Plus, as much as I like eating out, I definitely prefer to cook in my own kitchen over going to a restaurant. Saturday was one of those days where I didn’t have a single meal at home.

A typical Saturday for Greg and me includes sleeping in, making a big breakfast and heading out to do something fun for the remainder of the day. Ski season has thrown a bit of a wrench in our “sleep in on Saturday mornings” routine- and as much as I love to ski- I am definitely looking forward to not having to wake up so early on weekends when it’s over. :)

Alas, the last few weeks of ski season are here and we’re trying to enjoy it as much as we can before putting our equipment away for the next 8 (or so) months. The great thing about Eldora resort is that it’s so close that we can go up there for just a few hours and not feel like we spent the entire day driving. We woke up bright and early Saturday, threw all of our gear in the car, grabbed some coffee and protein bars and hit the road.

pro bar

I’m a big fan of these CORE bars by PRO BAR. They keep me fuller than most other bars and taste delicious. That, along with a homemade soy latte, is a typical “car” breakfast for me.

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WIAW 83: Eggs & Indulgence

pork shoulder

Last Saturday was one of those crazy days where I found myself running all over the place from the time that I woke up until I went to bed. Regardless of the day being a bit hectic and busy- it was super fun and I got to spend some time with a bunch of great friends! Usually Greg and I designate Saturday as the one morning of the week for “sleeping in,” but we got up relatively early to meet with our realtor to look at houses. (I know that it seems like we just moved- but we rented our house out here for a year to figure out where we wanted to buy- and that lease is up May 1st!)

I whipped up a quick breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs (with ham and hot sauce!) and kumquats. I also had a small smoothie made with JAVAPRO (instead of coffee).


We were out looking at pretty much every single house available in the towns we want to live in- which isn’t a whole lot. The inventory is super low out here (which is great for the sellers- not as great if you’re a buyer!). We got back home with about 45 minutes to spare before I had to head back out to attend the Fairlife blogger event, and I made myself a salad with a hard-boiled egg, avocado and chicken for lunch- and ate a few handful of this popcorn before making myself put the bag away. :)

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WIAW 82: It was a Monday


Hello, friends!

Man- it’s been a rough week so far. I haven’t been feeling 100% ever since Monday afternoon and am really trying to find some motivation and energy! Maybe I’m just ready for spring (which begins tomorrow!). Speaking of Monday- it was St. Patrick’s Day- and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t do a single thing to celebrate! No beer drinking, no corned beef and cabbage… not even a shamrock smoothie


Luckily I drink those year-round, so I didn’t really miss out by not having one on Monday. ;)

Monday was just one of those… days. The best part of my day was actually spending the morning with one of my bosses, talking about marketing plans and strategies (and beginning to lay out a calendar for the rest of the year). I am so excited about my new job- and it feels really good to be able to say that!

Here’s where my calories came from on Monday:

I hit the gym bright and early for a shoulder workout (with a little bit of cardio), but sadly hadn’t prepared any of my normal frozen FlapJacked pancakes that I usually eat before exercising. Luckily, I had made some “balls” over the weekend, so I ate one of those for a little bit of fuel.

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WIAW 81: Expo West Eats


Happy WIAW, my friends! Let me tell you… it feels really good to be back in Colorado eating “regularly” again after this weekend! Expo West is most definitely a foodie’s paradise and it was really great to be able to try so many delicious bites over the three days that I was there. That being said, I can definitely conclude that I prefer to eat balanced meals over snacking my way through the day. I tried so many delicious foods over the course of the Expo and had planned on getting photos of most of them… but nope, that didn’t happen. It was a bit too chaotic to actually snap a photo of pretty much anything (and most of the times that I got a chance to walk around I was so hungry that I couldn’t waste time digging out my phone!). Don’t worry – I’ll be back tomorrow to share details on my favorite new food finds at Expo West.

As for today- it is what it is. Here’s a look at the images that I did manage to capture over the course of the long weekend.

Paige and I decided to fly out to Anaheim early on Thursday morning so that we could have that day to explore the area. We didn’t need to be at the expo until the next morning, so we pretty much had the whole day free. After landing, we drove straight to Huntington Beach to get lunch. The restaurant we chose (whose name I can’t remember) had an impressive list of tacos, so we easily settled on that. I got shrimp + avocado tacos:

shrimp tacos

Yes, they were as good as they look. :)

On Friday morning, I actually got up early and worked out (it was the only day that happened, since I learned that standing for 12-14 hours was enough to drain all of my energy) and ate breakfast at the expo. It was pretty much the only “real” breakfast I ate the whole weekend!

That night, we went out for dinner at Pieology, which is a like a Chipotle for pizza! You get a blank crust and have any toppings you want added on. There were various cheeses, sauces, veggies and meats (and you could have as many toppings as you want!).

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WIAW 80: Sunday Friend-Day


Hey friends! Thanks for all of the love from yesterday’s post about my new job. I’m really excited about it (and also stoked about going to California tomorrow for Expo West!) and can’t wait to dive right in. In case you missed the big announcement – there’s also a giveaway attached. Be sure to check it out!

For today’s installment of What I ate Wednesday let’s rewind to this past Sunday (which I refer to as Sunday Friend-day!).

I generally start my Sunday mornings by waking up naturally (sometime around 7:00) and laying around until I feel like going to the gym. This particular day was a little different though. I had to set my alarm for 6:00 am because I was teaching Bodypump way down in south Denver. I sub for classes whenever I can, but usually only choose gyms that are closer to my house (this one is about 35-40 minutes away). But- this happened to be the gym where my lovely friend Tiffany goes and she usually takes the Sunday morning Bodypump class. Having a friend in class when you’re teaching makes it even more fun, so I was happy to make the drive.

I ate my standard (two) pre-made FlapJacked pancakes before heading out the door:

frozen pancakes

See? Told ya I eat them every single day. These (along with tons of water) give me just enough fuel to get through a workout without sitting on my stomach like a brick.

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WIAW 79: Final KIND Event + Restaurant Week


I have a confession to make: overall, I prefer eating at home over eating out. Don’t get me wrong- I definitely enjoy a great meal at a restaurant and love going out with Greg, other couples or just one or two of my girlfriends. There are so many great places to eat in Denver and Boulder and since I live pretty much in between both, it’s easy to travel to both cities quickly. I usually eat dinner out about once per week (or sometimes not at all) and lunch once or twice. In the last few weeks, I’ve definitely had many more meals out than I have at home. From pretty much my birthday on, Greg and I have eaten dinner out at restaurants more than we have at home. Eating out that often definitely makes trying to achieve weight loss a little bit tougher (even if you order the “healthiest” thing on the menu)- and it’s expensive! After this weekend, I’m happy to be eating meals at home for at least the next week.

On Saturday of last week, I happened to eat all three meals outside of my home! Two of those meals were actually prepared in my kitchen though, and only one was actually at a restaurant. My last day with KIND is this coming Friday, but my last “event” that I had to work (which was the Polar Plunge) was this past weekend. Luckily, I had my partner-in-crime with me to make the day a lot more fun! Since I had to head out in the morning to get down to Denver and set up, I made Swiss oats in a Justin’s PB jar the night before. It was easy to stir in the yogurt and fruit in the morning and grab the jar before hitting the road.


I have definitely mastered the art of eating oats in a jar while driving.

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WIAW 78: V-Day on the Slopes

banana pancakes

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

As I was editing these photos to add to today’s post, I started feeling full all over again! According to my skiing instructor, you burn anywhere from 600 – 800 calories an hour when you ski. I don’t know if I believe that to be 100% true, but you definitely get a great workout and work up an appetite! Spending four days in a row skiing last week made me feel hungry for four days straight and wanting to eat all of the things. (Unfortunately, the calories don’t really even out- which I’ll touch on more soon. :))

Today’s WIAW post features lots of food from last Friday- Valentine’s Day!

Greg and I had taken a Colorado-cation about 90 minutes west at Keystone resort. We rented a condo with a full kitchen, which made it possible to cook delicious breakfasts each morning. I had the same thing for breakfast all three mornings that we were there: Flapjacked Banana Hazelnut pancakes, Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt, bananas and honey. And coffee.

banana pancakes

After eating a delicious breakfast, I got my ski gear on and spent a few hours on the slopes. We took a break in the middle of the day and walked down to the village to grab some lunch. There are a bunch of different restaurants to choose from in Keystone, but I was craving veggies and protein. I ordered a blackened chicken salad, which was surprisingly delicious!

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WIAW 77: Mix & Match [I'm 34 today!]


It’s my 34th birthday today! In case you missed it- check out yesterday’s post for a look back at the highlights and adventures of my 33rd year. Want to know how I’m spending the big day? Skiing at Eldora! Back when I signed up for the Women’s Ski Days Program I noticed that the final class would fall on my birthday. I remember saying “I better like skiing- otherwise that will be a horrible way to spend my birthday!” Luckily, I love it, and tomorrow will be bittersweet. I will really miss my ski-day Wednesdays!

I’ve got some fun plans to celebrate my birthday (and life in general!) this weekend, and I’ll be sure to fill you in on them a little later. For today, it’s all about the food!

I had planned on documenting my meals and snacks this past Saturday, but completely forgot to do so after breakfast! My breakfast was so fabulous that I wanted to share it- so I decided that today’s post will feature breakfast from Saturday, lunch from Sunday and Monday night’s dinner (and snacks from all three days!).

Here’s Saturday morning’s breakfast:

waffle bacon

This was so good! I made a savory waffle with a combination of Flapjacked Buttermilk protein pancake mix and cornmeal. On top of that was a fried egg and on the side… espresso bacon. Yes, you heard me right- espresso bacon. Whole Foods makes some of the most creative, incredible varieties of bacon in-house and this one is my favorite to date! Also shown: my favorite mug with coffee + Silk soy milk.

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WIAW 76: Ski Day Saturday


It’s another Wednesday, my friends- the first of February! Today marks exactly one week until I turn 34. How is that even possible!? Wednesday also means two other things: I’m spending the day rocking the slopes at Ski School and about to share a day of eats with all of you wonderful readers. :)

Today’s post shows meals and snacks (and beer…) from last Saturday, which started out with some skiing at Eldora! Though I was excited to get another day of skiing in, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the crowds. On top of being a weekend day, it had snowed the night before which meant total chaos on the slopes! I decided to make the best of whatever I was faced with and just get a few runs in and have a good time. I’ve been so spoiled by only skiing on weekdays when I basically have the slopes to myself!

I made some Swiss oats in a peanut butter jar to take along in the car on the way up to the resort. It usually takes about an hour to get up there, but with the snow and extra traffic I knew it would take a bit longer and I’d have plenty of time to enjoy my breakfast in the car.

swiss oats

I added some peanuts on top, which made these oats extra awesome.

It ended up taking an hour and a half to get to Eldora and it was already packed when we pulled up. We had to park way over in the north lot, which meant that we had a bit of a hike to get over to the main lodge where we met up with some friends. Hiking in ski boots while carrying skis = crazy workout! After getting a few runs in (which took about twice as long as it would on a weekday) Jenn and I headed back into the main lodge for some beers and to meet up with our husbands. Eldora has a great selection of local beers!

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