Psyllium Husk: What’s it All About?


Have you heard of psyllium husk? I started seeing in on a few different friend’s Instagram and blog feeds (namely Sarah) and became intrigued. At first I didn’t know anything about psyllium husk except that it comes in the form of small flakes.

husk scoop

It was one of those things that I had on my “to check out list” for months but kept forgetting by the time I got to the store. I finally picked some up while shopping at Whole Foods with Paige the other week (the two of us shopping there is a dangerous thing!). Right away I noticed that it came in a few different forms: powder, capsules and whole husks. I opted for the whole husk form.


Paige knew a little bit about psyllium husk from what she had heard on some Jillian Michaels podcasts (apparently she raves about it). Jillian Michaels promotes it big time as a tool to make you feel “fuller” without taking in a ton of extra calories. She recommends mixing it with a glass of water and shooting it down. The idea of doing so didn’t really appeal to me so I first tried mixing it with some water and then adding that mixture to some Greek yogurt.

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Healthy Energy [FRS Review]


If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, I’m sure that you are aware that exercise and eating healthy are a pretty big part of my life. I’m fairly picky about what I put into my body, as I know that everything I eat and drink can affect how I feel and how I perform. For the last 4+ years, I’ve been teaching group exercise classes including Spinning and Bodypump- and many of them are super early in the morning (we’re talking 5:30 am start time!). Now that I’ve moved to Colorado and am looking for a new gym to teach at, I am making sure to stick to my early workout schedule, so that I’m not in shock when I suddenly have to wake up at the crack of dawn to teach again.

Getting up before (or even during) the 5:00 hour and hitting the gym for an intense workout requires a substantial amount of energy. I’ve tried various types of drinks/supplements to help get me going, but hadn’t heard of FRS Healthy Performance Products until I was presented with the opportunity to try them out through my ambassadorship with Fitfluential.

FRS sent me a package of some of their different Healthy Energy products to try out:


This package actually came at the perfect time- the very morning that we set out to move to Colorado! I knew that having a little energy boost would come in handy during that loooooong drive of nearly 1700 miles.

FRS products are unique in that they contain quercetin as a source of energy. Quercetin is a natural antioxidant found in certain foods that has shown to provide sustained energy, increased endurance and immune system support. There’s many other health benefits as well! Here’s some more info from FRS’s website on how quercetin works:

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