MMAZ: Maryland “Crab” Cakes Revisited!


Sometimes even when you have the best of intentions… things just don’t get done.

When I saw Heather announce that the MMAZ ingredient for the letter “H” was going to be hearts of palm, I knew exactly which recipe I wanted to share. I had every single intention of whipping up a batch of these beauties:


Yet, these two cans still sit in my pantry unopened:

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Peach Pie Smoothie


Welcome to a brand new week, friends. I’ll be leaving for Portland early tomorrow morning for a little vacation before attending Fitbloggin’ this weekend. I’ve got a couple of reviews of products that I’m a big fan of lined up this week- so be sure to check back in! And speaking of new products that I love- did you check out FlapJacked yet?

When Heather announced that the “F” ingredient for the latest round of #MMAZ was flax, I knew exactly what I wanted to create!


Flax is the secret ingredient (well, maybe not so secret anymore!) in my “pie” smoothies. When combined with cinnamon, it’s the element that gives a smoothie that pie flavor. I also get to use one of my favorite ingredients ever in this recipe. ;)

I’m a big fan of pretty much any type of fruit pie, so I’m working my way through making more fruit pie smoothies. I’ve previously posted my two favorites, strawberry rhubarb and wild blueberry and thought I’d give peach a try next. After all, aren’t peaches one of the best fruits in season during the summer? 

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Salted Chocolate Coffee Clusters


There are many different tastes that I love in this world, and two that are very high up on the list are coffee and chocolate. I usually have a cup of coffee every morning and some type of chocolate at some point during the day (even if it’s just a little tiny square to curb my sweet tooth). The only thing that I can think of that might top my love for coffee and chocolate is beer.

But beer didn’t really have a place in this recipe…

Here’s a confession: I eat coffee beans. Not by the handful or anything- but I always sneak a few beans while pouring them into the coffee grinder to get my French Press on. I like good coffee. One of the things that I miss most about Maryland (besides my friends and family of course) is my beloved Baltimore Coffee and Tea, where I would stock up on bags of delicious whole bean coffee on a regular basis. On that note- if anyone in the Boulder/Denver area knows of a great place to buy whole beans, I’m all ears!

Let’s get back on topic, shall we? The whole reason I brought up eating whole coffee beans is that each time I am snacking on them, I think Hey! I should make some chocolate-covered coffee beans! When Heather announced that her “D” ingredient was dark chocolate, it was finally motivation for me to experiment. And really, how hard could it be? Chocolate + coffee beans. We’re not baking a souffle here.

I thought about using a chili-infused chocolate, and might do that with a future batch. As soon as the idea of salt + chocolate entered into my mind, there was no going back.


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