LiveFit Trainer: I LIVED Through It!


I’ve gotta say- every day living that I’m living here is a good day. I still constantly have those “pinch me” moments where I can’t believe that it’s real, like earlier this week while hiking at Chautauqua. I’m just … so at peace here.


As you can see, I live on the edge.

Today is a very special day: it marks the last day of the third and final phase of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer! In some ways, I can’t believe it’s over. But in others, the program seems like it’s gone on forever. I’ve definitely learned a lot over the last 13 weeks (the program is 12 weeks, but I had one week while I was in Oregon that I did non-LiveFit workouts). This post today is all about the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, maybe not so ugly.

I started the LiveFit trainer program on Monday, April 29th – just one day after we moved to Colorado. When I lived in Maryland I was teaching a minimum of seven group exercise classes a week (mostly Bodypump and Spinning), so those were the majority of my workouts. After performing the same exercise routine for years, I knew it was time to switch it up. Since every other single thing in my life was changing I figured why not start a new exercise program too? My friend Heather had been doing LiveFit for two weeks by the time I started and was raving about how great it was. For the first time in a long time I actually had the freedom to choose what my workouts were going to be, so I decided to start the LiveFit trainer program. I should also point out that I did not follow the LiveFit Trainer Eating Program, so I won’t be commenting on that at all. There are some decent recipes that Jamie Eason recommends, and I did adapt some of them into my diet.

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Whirlwind Weekend

breakfast bowl

Whoa- this weekend went by fast! Perhaps it was the fact that it’s probably the only weekend since I’ve moved to Colorado that I haven’t gone hiking! I’m already having withdrawal. This weekend was too packed with other things going on to fit in a single hike- but I’m pretty sure I’ll get my fix on Wednesday (Greg and I are planning on hiking Mt. Bierstadt!).

Saturday morning started bright and early due to a super secret project that Greg and I were involved in. I can’t give many details about it right now, but I will say that it involved a photographer and crew, hair + make-up and wardrobe styling and about 6 hours of shooting in a few different locations. One of which was my backyard!


I hate to be so vague, but I promise that I’ll share all of the details next month when I’m allowed to. (And no, I’m not having a baby.)

When I was done with all of the morning’s activities, I raced over to the grand opening of a gym that I’ll be teaching a few classes a week at.

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Bike, Hike, Eat, DRINK.


Can you guess how I spent my weekend? Did the title give it away? 

Since I’m still funemployed, I’m taking advantage of every chance I get to enjoy the beauty that Colorado has to offer. I know that I am extremely lucky to live in a place that offers so many of the things that I love and that I have the free time to explore so much of it. I’ve been able to hike several times a week, and I hope that no matter what changes my schedule brings in the future, I’m always able to fit that in.

Last Friday, I finally did something that I’ve been wanting to do since we moved here: I went mountain biking! This was actually the first time that I had mountain biked in Colorado (and I hadn’t even done it in Maryland for quite a while). Greg is quite the pro at mountain biking, so I don’t generally accompany him on his rides (he’s also pretty fearless and rides some tough trails without breaking a sweat!). We had passed the trail at Marshall Mesa several times on our way to El Dorado Canyon, and I have always said that it looked like a good trail for me to start on. It’s pretty easy to ride and not very technical- and a lot of fun.

Also, the surroundings are just absolutely incredible.


The trail is out in the open and the views are so beautiful that it’s hard to focus on the trail in front of you! We didn’t ride for that long (about 45 minutes) but it was a good way to break in my mountain biking legs here in CO.

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LiveFit Trainer: Halfway Point


This week marks the start of the second half of the LiveFit Trainer series. It’s hard to believe that six weeks have already gone by since I started the program- and that I haven’t taught a Bodypump or Spinning class in almost seven weeks!! This is a good time to reflect on how I’ve done over the six weeks and any physical changes that have occurred.

I am proud to say that I have done pretty much every single workout (I had to modify two of them when I was out of town last month) and haven’t gotten remotely bored with the program at all. Routines and definitely shaken up and changed at just the right time (right before you start to get comfortable). Many of the workouts have definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I’m surprised that I enjoy working out in “the weight room” as much as I do- because it definitely was never my “thing” before. I always preferred to do classes and functional training, and didn’t really get back to the “roots” as much I am now. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the program and look forward to what the next 6 weeks bring.

And I have a small collection of awkward “selfies” that I’ve taken at the gym. This one was taken the other day, at the exact half-way point of the program:


(Side note: I love the new Under Armour tops! Especially this super bright one.)

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Bolder Boulder 10k


Ever since I heard of the Bolder Boulder 10k race back in 2009, I knew it was something that I wanted to be part of one day. My aunt (that lives in Denver) had told Greg and I all about it on our first race and said that it was a crazy, fun event and something that we must participate in sometime. A few months ago, when we found out that we were going to be living in Colorado by the end of April, I went ahead and signed Greg and I up! And then when my friend Brie planned to visit us during Memorial Day weekend, she signed up too!

I’ve run several 10k races in my life, but I’ve always been on some kind of cardio routine beforehand and had gotten at least a few 5 mile runs in before race day. Well, before Sunday (the day before the race) I hadn’t done any cardio in over a month! I’ve been following the LiveFit Trainer program, which strictly says no cardio for the first four weeks. In fact, that last cardio exercise session I did was teaching Spinning right before we moved- on April 23rd! I didn’t really think it would be a big deal though- because from what I had heard about the race was that most people just run it for fun and there are plenty of things that you’ll want to stop for anyway along the route (which I’ll get to in a minute). And that’s exactly what I planned on doing- “running” the course for fun.

I did the first workout for week 5 of LiveFit Sunday, which introduced cardio back into the routine. I ran a mile and a half on the treadmill (followed by the elliptical) and hated it. It’s funny – I used to think that lifting weights was the most boring thing in the world and could do cardio forever – but my opinion has definitely changed! I’m hoping to get back to a place where I appreciate both equally.

Anyway- back to the race. Greg, Brie and I arrived nice and early for our 8:03 start time. And I was feeling good!


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A Week of Instagrams


Happy Friday, friends! I’m so excited for today- because it’s finally here- BLEND!! I can assure you that I’ll be having a crazy fun time with my fellow blogger friends in Park City, Utah this weekend (and I’ll be back to re-cap it all next week!). You can search the hashtag #blend2013 on Twitter or Instagram or follow @blendretreat for photos from the whole weekend. :)

Speaking of Instagram…

I’ve mentioned it once or twice before on this blog, but I’m slightly obsessed with Instagram. I never really got into the whole Twitter thing, but as soon as I downloaded the Instagram app a little over a year ago, it was love at first sight. Sometimes I’m a little out of control with and I think that I might need to force an intervention for myself. I love taking pictures (I have two art degrees and taught high school photography for seven years!) and documenting things day to day. Feel free to follow me @OatmealLauren (I’ll admit it though… at least 25% of my photos are of my dogs).

Today I thought I’d take a look back at some of the Instagram photos I’ve posted in the last week.

A collage of my pedicure/lunch date with Tiffany:


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So Many Changes: Exercise [LiveFit Trainer]


Happy Friday, friends!

It certainly has been a busy, chaotic, stressful, but wonderful last few weeks! I’m really looking forward to settling into my new home here in Colorado and getting into a routine (including finding a job!). We are slowly but surely unpacking all of our boxes, which is a pretty huge task- but, it feels really good to put everything in its place. It’s funny- when I’m going on a trip I don’t mind the packing part of it- it’s the unpacking that I hate. With moving, it’s exactly the opposite! Neither are super fun ways to spend your day, but unpacking is definitely the lesser evil. It’s also a little tough to choose exactly what to unpack, since we’re planning to buy a house next year once we figure out exactly where in CO we want to live.

The community that I live in (Broomfield) is really nice. It’s definitely different than where I lived in Maryland! We are a lot closer in proximity to our neighbors, but everyone is super friendly. People seem to interact more in general. And, pretty much everything I need is within a 5-minute drive!

One of the many things that has changed over the last two weeks is my exercise routine. I planned on taking a week off from exercise all together at some point (#24 of my 33 While 33 list!), and can pretty much check that one off the list. However, it didn’t really go the way I planned (which was kind of the theme for the entire moving process!). I taught my final Spinning and Core Strength classes the Tuesday before we left, and planned on doing some kind of workout at home Wednesday and Thursday morning before we hit the road for the (nearly) 1700 mile drive. Things ended up being so chaotic that I didn’t make exercise a priority, and really- I didn’t need to since I got a totally different type of workout from packing and moving boxes and furniture all day! I had also planned on working out each morning during our 4 day drive, because I knew I’d be sitting on my butt all day in a car. Again, that didn’t happen. I pretty much always want to exercise, because I love the way my body and mind feel from a good workout. During all of this craziness, it was the furthest thing from my mind (which is weird for me!). Oddly enough, I felt more sore at the end of each long day of driving than I would if I taught 3 classes in a day!

Trust me, I am definitely all for taking rest days, but prefer not to take them when I’m getting pretty much zero activity otherwise and eating a bunch of crap. My body pretty much felt like a big bowl of Jell-o by the time we got to CO.

I’ve taught Bodypump and Spinning classes for a long time now- and because of that, haven’t really had a chance to switch up my exercise routine. Sure, I could do other things in addition to teaching, but when you are already doing anywhere from 7-14 classes a week, that pretty much rules your workout schedule! I figured that now would be the perfect time to try something different. For the first time in almost 4 1/2 years, I’m not teaching any classes at all. And, I’m going to keep it that way- just for a few more weeks. I absolutely love teaching Spinning and Bodypump, but it feels good to take a short break.

Greg and I got a membership to the rec center near our house the morning after we moved in, but quickly decided that (as nice as it is) it wasn’t really for us. The place is amazing- and even has an indoor water park and rock climbing wall! But, the weight area was really small, and that’s our primary purpose for going to an actual gym. After two days there, we canceled our memberships there and enrolled at 24 Hour Fitness instead, which has everything we were looking for. :)

gym inside

I’ve heard Janetha talk about LiveFit Trainer many times, and always wanted to do it. However, the first four weeks require NO CARDIO, so when I was teaching Spinning classes several times a week, that wasn’t really going to work. Heather started doing the program a few weeks ago, and I realized- hey! I can do this now! The LiveFit Trainer program is 12 weeks long and divided into 3 4-week phases. Phase one focuses solely on strength training and clean eating. I’m following the eating plan loosely (because I don’t really want to eat egg whites and turkey for every meal) but focusing on the basic “rules” it has.

The exercise plan is pretty cool. Each day focuses on two major muscle groups, and the total workouts take 30-45 minutes. And- Greg even agreed to do the exercise program with me! He’s been lifting for years and honestly knows a lot more about that area of exercise than I do, so it’s nice to learn some new tips from him. We’ve been at the gym at 5:00 every morning, and home by 6:00!

Here’s how the first week went:

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