I’m a “Fitness Expert” on Diets In Review

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Once again, WordPress is cutting words off my post titles. This should read: I’m a “Fitness Expert” on Diets In Review. If anyone knows how to fix this, I’d love some help!!

One of the wonderful things about blogging is the opportunities it leads to. On Tuesday I shared the presentation from the panel that I spoke on with Cassie and Gretchen at Healthy Living Summit regarding how to use your blog to elevate your career. With the exception of teaching Bodypump and Spinning classes and the few bucks I make from Jamberry, every single dollar I’ve earned since I moved to Colorado can be credited directly to this little blog or connections that I’ve made through blogging. My publishing network provides me with advertisements and product review opportunities. I’m proud to be an ambassador for a few different organizations and companies (Fitfluential, Silk, Bhakti Chai, FlapJacked) and am on payroll with a company that I truly love. I’m not saying any of this to brag – I’m just trying to provide examples (and hope!) for anyone that wants to use their blog to lead to a job (rather than aspire to have the blog itself be a full-time job). Trust me- I did my time staying at a job that ate my soul for far too long. ;)

One of the latest opportunities that I’ve taken on is the role of Diets In Review’s Fitness Expert.

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Breaking Into Reality [+ the Weight-Loss "Project"]

*The full title should say Breaking Into Reality [+ the Weight Loss "Project"]. The end of the title is gone for some reason…

For the last two and a half months, I’ve felt like I was living on vacation. It’s very surreal to live in a place that had only vacationed to before and had dreamt about living in for years. I’m sure everyone has an idea of where their dream home would be if everything lined up perfectly. Ever since 2009, that “dream” location has been Colorado (and Greg has wanted to live here for even longer than that). If you had told me a year ago that I’d be living in Colorado today, I wouldn’t have believed you. It always just seemed like something that was so far-fetched, and there were too many obstacles in the way. Our jobs, family and homes were in Maryland- that was a lot to keep us in one place. But then, things started happening. I quit my job as a teacher and got my personal training certification. Greg’s company opened an office in Denver. We met with a realtor and figured out that we actually could sell our home (which we had just bought two years earlier) and even make enough money to cover moving expenses. As for family and friends, that was tough (and still is tough!). As much as I’d love to live within driving distance to the people I care about the most, I just had to follow this dream and not always wonder what life would be like somewhere else.

I’m thankful every day that things worked out, and that I live in a place where I am truly happy and feel like I belong.


I can’t describe how great it is to live here and to have so many things that I love nearby. Within 20 minutes, I can leave my front door and go on a hike that takes me above 6,000′ elevation.

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Fitbloggin’ 2013


It’s been over for almost a week, and I’m finally getting around to writing a post about this year’s Fitbloggin’ conference! I’m also going to be very ambitious here and try to capture it all in just one post- so bear with me if it gets a little lengthy.

This year’s conference was definitely different from last year’s – in many ways. For starters, last year’s Fitbloggin’ was in Baltimore, which was a mere 45-minute drive away from where I lived in Maryland. This year it was held in Portland, so flying was a much better choice. I also had Greg with me- not really at the conference (though he did join me for the Saturday night reception) and we made a whole vacation out of it. I had already been in Oregon for a few days before the conference started and was in full-on vacation mode. Last year I didn’t know what to expect or have any idea how much of an impact these people would have on me, and how many of them would truly touch my heart.


(Photo from Fitbloggin.com)

Also, going into the conference last year I only knew TWO people that would be attending (Ashley and Lindsay- neither could make it this year :(). This year, I knew quite a few people- friends I had made from last year’s conference and others that I hadn’t met (in person) yet, but “knew” from blogging and Instagram. *Side note: I think it’s funny how many friends I have made from following each other on Instagram- seeing photos daily definitely makes you feel like you know someone!

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Fitbloggin’ Flashback

Hello! As you’re reading this, I’m probably somewhere in or around Portland. I’ve been enjoying some fun outside of the city for the last few days, but I’ll be in Portland for the rest of the weekend. Fitbloggin’ 2013 starts today and runs through Sunday morning, and I am so excited to get everything started!

I attended the conference for the first time last year, and had no idea what I was in store for ahead of time. Whatever expectations that I had were quickly exceeded, and I made new friends that I am still in contact with on a regular basis today.


I’m excited to see the friends that I made last September, looking forward to meeting new people and will miss those that are not able to attend (namely Ashley, Hilary and Dawn!) And congrats to Hilary on the (very) recent birth of her baby girl!!

I wanted to take a minute to flash back to some of the memorable moments from last year’s conference:

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