#JoyDelivered with Door to Door Organics [Giveaway!]

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I have a love/hate relationship with going grocery shopping. I love finding new products, and looking through aisles of gorgeous, fresh food. But, I hate spending time and money doing it. I’m not the type of person that can just do one big trip once a week – I function much better by making several small trips throughout the week. And, because of my job, I sometimes find myself at a grocery store multiple days in a row (or going to several different stores in one day to find what I need). There are a bunch of great conventional and organic grocery stores and markets around where I live, and several are within biking/walking distance. Needless to say, I haven’t been walking or biking to the store lately (being on crutches and all….).

Since my car accident this summer, pretty much everything in my daily routine has changed. I’ve been on crutches for the last five weeks, which makes it pretty challenging to do anything, and nearly impossible to walk and hold something at the same time. (When I get better, I will never take that ability for granted again!). As you can imagine, grocery shopping has been a challenge. I used one of those mobile carts the first time I went to the store post-broken pelvis, but it was hard to reach anything and get around aisles and displays. Greg has done most of the shopping- but he does not have a love/hate relationship with it (it’s just hate). Also, I’m kind of a control freak, and just prefer to do the shopping myself. Since it’s been such a challenge to go to the store by myself, I’m grateful for the interwebs for providing me with online grocery shopping that I can do right from my desk. My favorite online grocer is Door to Door Organics. Door to Door Organics provides fresh, organic produce and groceries to be delivered right to your door!

I first heard about this service from my friend Tiffany, who raved about the weekly vegetable boxes that showed up at her doorstep. I signed up for the service too and enjoyed fresh produce delivered right to my house each week. I loved the service, but ended up putting it on hold due to having to travel a lot last fall. I recently started the service back up again, and the timing was perfect! A few weeks ago I got my first delivery (since re-starting the subscription):


This is what was inside of the boxes:

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Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts


For as dominant as my sweet tooth is, it’s also very particular. I love ice cream (and my favorite is vanilla bean!)- but don’t care too much for most types of cake. I am a total dark chocolate addict, but am not crazy about it in the form of cake or ice cream. Fruit pies, crisps and cobblers make me swoon, but danishes, pastries and doughnuts really do nothing for me. Actually- I take that back: doughnuts are awesome, but something that I rarely, if ever, eat. And here’s why: I can’t eat something like that for breakfast. It would sit in my stomach like a brick and give me a carb crash an hour later. In my opinions, doughnuts should be classified as a dessert.

Part of my full-time job as FlapJacked’s social media manager is coming up with a new recipe each week. The mix is so versatile that I’ve been able to create everything from quick breads to corn dogs to cheesecake to biscuits, amongst many other delicious (and mostly healthy) creations. And, most recently, I created doughnuts. Healthy doughnuts. Doughnuts that you can eat for breakfast that will keep you feeling satisfied and not weighed down. Doughnuts that you could eat three or four of without feeling an ounce of guilt. Yes, people- DOUGHNUTS.

When I was figuring out the ingredients for this recipe, I knew I needed a liquid that was rich, creamy and flavorful and would provide a little bit of healthy fat. It also needed to be something that was lower in calories and would keep the nutritional stats in a happy place (so heavy cream and oil were out!). The answer was simple: Silk Almondmilk Light.

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Tipsy Peach Smoothie


Prior to living in Colorado, I didn’t realize that peaches were something that the state was known for. Like many people, I automatically associate peaches with Georgia (although Maryland has some delicious ones as well!). I’ve come to find out that the town of Palisade, Colorado has some of the most delicious, juicy peaches I’ve ever tasted!

The first crop of peach trees in Palisade were said to have been planted around 1882, and other fruit crops like apples, cherries and apricots were soon to follow. However, Palisade quickly became known for its peaches and they have since remained the pride of Colorado. There’s a huge peach festival each August in Palisade along with other towns around the state (including Lafeyette- where I live!).

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Balsamic, Rosemary + Sea Salt Roasted Almonds


Oh, boy. I am very excited to share this recipe with you guys today!


I’ll start from the beginning…

Back in 2010 (when I was still living in Maryland), Greg and I were enjoying our annual summer trip out to Colorado. We went hiking to Eldorado Canyon one morning and decided to stop by the grocery store first to buy some food for a post-hike picnic on the creek. We picked up some sandwiches from the deli and both stopped in our tracks when we spotted a bag of Boulder Canyon chips. They were Balsamic Vinegar & Rosemary – two of my favorite flavors combined!

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WIAW 84: Not in My Kitchen

zucchini chips

Good morning!

I have a love/hate relationship with being out of the house all day. While I love to go out and do stuff and have fun- I’m really just a homebody at heart. Plus, as much as I like eating out, I definitely prefer to cook in my own kitchen over going to a restaurant. Saturday was one of those days where I didn’t have a single meal at home.

A typical Saturday for Greg and me includes sleeping in, making a big breakfast and heading out to do something fun for the remainder of the day. Ski season has thrown a bit of a wrench in our “sleep in on Saturday mornings” routine- and as much as I love to ski- I am definitely looking forward to not having to wake up so early on weekends when it’s over. :)

Alas, the last few weeks of ski season are here and we’re trying to enjoy it as much as we can before putting our equipment away for the next 8 (or so) months. The great thing about Eldora resort is that it’s so close that we can go up there for just a few hours and not feel like we spent the entire day driving. We woke up bright and early Saturday, threw all of our gear in the car, grabbed some coffee and protein bars and hit the road.

pro bar

I’m a big fan of these CORE bars by PRO BAR. They keep me fuller than most other bars and taste delicious. That, along with a homemade soy latte, is a typical “car” breakfast for me.

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WIAW 83: Eggs & Indulgence

pork shoulder

Last Saturday was one of those crazy days where I found myself running all over the place from the time that I woke up until I went to bed. Regardless of the day being a bit hectic and busy- it was super fun and I got to spend some time with a bunch of great friends! Usually Greg and I designate Saturday as the one morning of the week for “sleeping in,” but we got up relatively early to meet with our realtor to look at houses. (I know that it seems like we just moved- but we rented our house out here for a year to figure out where we wanted to buy- and that lease is up May 1st!)

I whipped up a quick breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs (with ham and hot sauce!) and kumquats. I also had a small smoothie made with JAVAPRO (instead of coffee).


We were out looking at pretty much every single house available in the towns we want to live in- which isn’t a whole lot. The inventory is super low out here (which is great for the sellers- not as great if you’re a buyer!). We got back home with about 45 minutes to spare before I had to head back out to attend the Fairlife blogger event, and I made myself a salad with a hard-boiled egg, avocado and chicken for lunch- and ate a few handful of this popcorn before making myself put the bag away. :)

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WIAW 79: Final KIND Event + Restaurant Week


I have a confession to make: overall, I prefer eating at home over eating out. Don’t get me wrong- I definitely enjoy a great meal at a restaurant and love going out with Greg, other couples or just one or two of my girlfriends. There are so many great places to eat in Denver and Boulder and since I live pretty much in between both, it’s easy to travel to both cities quickly. I usually eat dinner out about once per week (or sometimes not at all) and lunch once or twice. In the last few weeks, I’ve definitely had many more meals out than I have at home. From pretty much my birthday on, Greg and I have eaten dinner out at restaurants more than we have at home. Eating out that often definitely makes trying to achieve weight loss a little bit tougher (even if you order the “healthiest” thing on the menu)- and it’s expensive! After this weekend, I’m happy to be eating meals at home for at least the next week.

On Saturday of last week, I happened to eat all three meals outside of my home! Two of those meals were actually prepared in my kitchen though, and only one was actually at a restaurant. My last day with KIND is this coming Friday, but my last “event” that I had to work (which was the Polar Plunge) was this past weekend. Luckily, I had my partner-in-crime with me to make the day a lot more fun! Since I had to head out in the morning to get down to Denver and set up, I made Swiss oats in a Justin’s PB jar the night before. It was easy to stir in the yogurt and fruit in the morning and grab the jar before hitting the road.


I have definitely mastered the art of eating oats in a jar while driving.

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SNOW Play, FLAPJACKED Contest & BLEND Details


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great weekend, as always. I’m really happy to put the extremely cold weather from last week behind me as we head into 60 degree temps later this week (what?!).

I’ve got some really great stuff to share with you today, so I’m just going to get right into it. That “stuff” is so exciting that I had to use ALL CAPS in the title! You may have guessed by reading the title that this post is going to be about three things: playing in the snow, a contest from Flapjacked and finally- the details for Blend 2014 (including the date for ticket sales!).

First things first: Snow Play!

I’ve come to conclusion after making it more than half way through my first winter as a Coloradoan: I have a love/hate relationship with snow. Well- hate is a strong word. Maybe it’s more of a love/annoyed relationship. I have absolutely no use for snow down here in the foothills. The roads never get plowed and it just makes driving conditions awful. When it does start to melt, things get muddy and messy. It also makes it much more difficult to hike (though it still doesn’t stop me from doing so!). Greg and I headed out for an easy hike at Chautauqua on Saturday, which was still completely covered in snow. I have to admit- it does look beautiful.


I couldn’t find my ice trekkers, so I was slipping and sliding all over the place. But that’s kind of my fault.

Enough complaining- let me tell you about why I love snow. As you know, I’ve grown quite fond of skiing. And, as you also know, skiing would not be possible without snow. On Friday I got to experience my first real powder day and it’s so different than skiing on groomed snow. My friend Katie and I headed up bright and early to Eldora and got there right as the lifts were starting to run. She’s a much better skier than me and was nice enough to go at my pace and push me when I needed it!

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WIAW 76: Ski Day Saturday


It’s another Wednesday, my friends- the first of February! Today marks exactly one week until I turn 34. How is that even possible!? Wednesday also means two other things: I’m spending the day rocking the slopes at Ski School and about to share a day of eats with all of you wonderful readers. :)

Today’s post shows meals and snacks (and beer…) from last Saturday, which started out with some skiing at Eldora! Though I was excited to get another day of skiing in, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the crowds. On top of being a weekend day, it had snowed the night before which meant total chaos on the slopes! I decided to make the best of whatever I was faced with and just get a few runs in and have a good time. I’ve been so spoiled by only skiing on weekdays when I basically have the slopes to myself!

I made some Swiss oats in a peanut butter jar to take along in the car on the way up to the resort. It usually takes about an hour to get up there, but with the snow and extra traffic I knew it would take a bit longer and I’d have plenty of time to enjoy my breakfast in the car.

swiss oats

I added some peanuts on top, which made these oats extra awesome.

It ended up taking an hour and a half to get to Eldora and it was already packed when we pulled up. We had to park way over in the north lot, which meant that we had a bit of a hike to get over to the main lodge where we met up with some friends. Hiking in ski boots while carrying skis = crazy workout! After getting a few runs in (which took about twice as long as it would on a weekday) Jenn and I headed back into the main lodge for some beers and to meet up with our husbands. Eldora has a great selection of local beers!

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WIAW 75: Winner’s Circle Beer Dinner


Every once in a while, you eat a meal so great that when you state “that was the best meal I’ve ever eaten!” it’s not an exaggeration. I’ve been lucky enough to have two of these meals since moving to Colorado last spring. Both meals were so delicious that I can still describe the variety of textures, flavors and wonderful emotions associated to each and every bite. I have to give a world of credit to Chef Hosea Rosenberg and his catering company, Blackbelly Catering and Upslope Brewery for giving me the opportunity to experience not one but two incredible evenings of delicious food and craft beer.

My latest culinary adventure with Chef Hosea was this past Thursday. It was a meal so beautiful and so perfect that I felt compelled to share it with as many people as possible (as I’m sure you saw on my Instagram feed if you follow!). Today’s WIAW post features the Winner’s Circle Beer Dinner with Blackbelly Catering and Upslope that took place last week. Warning: a million photos are about to follow…

Thursday was a long, exhausting workday full of teaching Spinning and meeting countless deadlines, but knowing what was in store for that evening definitely got me through! When it was time to get ready to go out, I changed out of my uniform of Lululemon crops and a hoodie and put on my finest grandma-esque sweater (that also happens to match the curtains in my bathroom).


What can I say? I know good fashion.

The dinner itself featured various beers that had won medals at GABF over the last few years. Each beer was carefully paired with ingredients that would compliment its flavor, and some of the dishes even used beer as an ingredient! Because we were so blown away by the last Blackbelly/Upslope dinner we attended, Greg and I went in with high expectations and excitement!

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