5×5 for Friday: Happy Things Edition


TGIF, my friends!

I thought I’d pop in to break up my time in between writing articles for Diets In Review with a fun little post. How about a little 5×5 action? As soon as I typed out the word “happy” I automatically thought of one of the best shows ever- Happy Endings. I have NO IDEA why it was canceled, but luckily there are re-runs shown on VH1 all the time (thank goodness for series recording options on the DVR!).

Without further ado…

5×5 for Friday: Happy Things Edition

5 Things I’m looking forward to:

1. Starting a new job in March As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (which features an awesome giveaway!), I’ll be starting a new job next month and couldn’t be more happy about it. Working for KIND has been great, but it’s time to move on. I’ll tell you all about the new job soon. I promise.

2. The return of Parenthood next week I’ve been watching the show since the very first episode, but this season has me sucked in (and emotionally invested) much more than any of the previous ones. It’s the Joel/Julia storyline that is killing me!


3. Baseball season! You might know that I’m a big baseball freak, and even though I live pretty far from my favorite team, I still continue to root for them. There aren’t many things that I like to do more than going to a baseball game in the summer, and I happen to have a pretty fantastic stadium just 15 miles from my house. Since the Rockies are in a different league than my Red Sox, I have no problem cheering on the home team!

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5×5 for Friday: Random Media Edition


Happy Friday, friends! I’m pretty sure that karma is paying my back for bragging about how warm it was here for the last week. It’s freezing now! I’m talking negative temperatures freezing. The funny thing is- when you stand in the sun it doesn’t feel that bad. But, as soon as that sun goes down… watch out! People keep telling me that Colorado has some crazy weather. It could easily be back in the 60s next week (last January had several days that were in the 70s!). I guess I’ll never get “bored” by the weather around here!

While I’m stuck inside a little more than usual I find myself watching a little more television than usual and listening to a lot of music. Therefore, the theme for today’s 5×5 is just that: a little bit about tv, movies and music. Enjoy!

5×5 for Friday: Random Media Edition

5 current shows on TV that I love (that further prove how uncool I am):

1. Watch What Happens Live



I seriously think that Andy Cohen is the most underrated tv personality there is. He is SO GREAT! Andy does a live show nearly every night of the week and rarely stumbles over a word or misses a beat. He (almost) always has great guests and plays all kinds of silly, fun games. Plus, he’s adorable, funny and seems like he’s the nicest guy in the world. I’m a fan.

2. Chopped



This is one of Greg’s and my favorite shows to watch together. I can’t ever watch the same episode twice, but love when new ones come on!

3. The Millionaire Matchmaker

The Millionaire Matchmaker - Season 6


I’m sure that you are already aware of my love for Patti and all of her antics. The new season premiered last night (and you would’ve thought it was Christmas Eve in my house!).

4. The Goldbergs



I never, ever hear anyone talk about this show- but I really like it! It takes place in the 80s and the references are pretty spot-on (without being cheesy or overdoing it). The actors are really great and the story lines are always hilarious (which are based on the creator Adam Goldberg’s childhood).

5. Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2


Does any of you readers watch this show? I’d love to know your thoughts if so! It’s SO ridiculous but I just can’t turn it off. And Reza totally makes the show.


5 tv shows that I miss:

1. Freaks & Geeks I’ve started to catch old episodes of this on FX. If you didn’t watch Freaks & Geeks when it was new, be sure to check it out on Netflix! You’ll recognize a lot of the cast!

2. Lipstick Jungle Anyone remember this? I loved this show when it was on. Sure, it was totally cheesy, but it was very entertaining! That being said, I’m not really surprised that it got canceled.

3. Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 I know that this show was canceled last year but don’t know why! It was so funny – and it had Dawson as a cast member!

4. Happy Endings This used to come on either before or after the show mentioned above and was also canceled. Boo!

5. What About Brian Okay, I’m digging deep here. This show was on around 2006 or so and my old roommate and I used to love watching it together. Anyone remember it?

(I could’ve added my favorite shows of all time to the list: Six Feet Under, My So-Called Life, Felicity and The Wonder Years, but they deserve their own, separate category. Well… Freaks & Geeks is good enough to be listed with them…)
5 (upcoming) movies that I want to see:

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug



I am a HUGE fan of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films. The LOTR movies came out when I was in college and I think I saw each one about 5 times in the theater (it helped that I had a friend work there and we got in for free!).

2. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues



This will probably be the movie that Greg & I see on Christmas Day.

3. The Hunger Games Catching Fire



I know, I know. I should read the books. And maybe I will someday- but for now, I just enjoy the movies. I finally saw the first Hunger Games a few weeks ago and loved it (even though I think the plot is really messed up!). I’ve heard such great things about the second movie!

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty



I love every single thing about this movie (and I’ll be so disappointed if it sucks!).

5. Dallas Buyers Club



Not only does this movie look incredible, it stars three actors that I am a big fan of! I’m really curious to see such different roles for Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey.


5 bands/artists that I’ve loved for a long time and have never seen live (and would still love to!):

1. Pearl Jam

2. Sting

3. Smashing Pumpkins

4. Pink

5. U2


The last five songs I downloaded on iTunes:

1. Band of Horses No One’s Gonna Love You (swoon)

2. Blondie Atomic (which was stuck in my head last week for some odd reason)

3. Ke$ha C’mon (to play while teaching Spinning class)

4. Bruno Mars Treasure (also for Spinning class!)

5. Morrissey Suedehead (man, I used to LOVE me some Morrissey back in the day! This makes me want to listen to Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order all day long)


That’s it for today- have a fantastic weekend!

Do you have any thoughts to share about any of the “things” listed above?

5×5 for Friday: A Year of 5×5!


Just a little over a year ago I started writing these Friday 5×5 posts as a type of organized list. I thought that I’d be posting them every week (or at least every month) but that didn’t really happen. Sometimes, believe it or not, I just don’t have 25 things to talk about. ;) But guess what- today I do! I’m not going to promise that all 25 things are super interesting, but hopefully a few of them will make your Friday a little bit happier, more informed or just give you a smile.



5 Thought-provoking (or just plain great) Posts I Read This Week

1. Cassie, Back to Her Roots: Recommitting To Me

Every now and then Cassie writes a personal, relatable post like this that so many of us can identify with. I found myself nodding along with much of what she write and have definitely been there many times in my life (and continue to be at times!). As always, Cassie has an organized plan on how to make life simpler and happier. :)

2. Ashley, Coffee Cake and Cardio: Has Technology Caused Us To Become Oblivious?

Ashley wrote this post after making some pretty shocking observations on her commute home from work. So many of us struggle with the issues that she addresses in this post and don’t even realize it! I wrote something related to this problem a while ago- and am still trying to lessen my own addiction!

3. Beth, Beth’s Journey: Part One: The Evolution of My Relationship with Food

Beth is one of those women that I feel like I share a brain with sometimes. We have a very similar history and relationship with food. I really, really appreciate her ability and willingness to be so honest with her readers- and this is one great example of that! I’m definitely looking forward to her follow-up of this post.

4. Annette, Enjoy Your Healthy Life: Bodypump Release 87 Review

First of all, check out how incredible this lady looks at 39 weeks pregnant! She’s still teaching a variety of group exercise classes and is in killer shape- definitely an inspiration! Since I haven’t posted a review of the latest Bodypump release, I figured I’d just share hers with you today. I agree with all of her thoughts on Bodypump 87!

5. Lee, Fit Foodie Finds: Maple Pecan Granola & A Story

The story in the second half of the post is definitely worth reading- but I’m focusing a bit more on the incredible granola recipe. I must make this asap! Just look at it…



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5×5 for Friday [with no particular theme]


Hey all- I hope you’ve had a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a 5×5 post because… I’ve just been too lazy to come up with 25 things to write about! That all changes today- I’ve got 25 little bits of entertainment for you. I’m not promising that it’s high quality entertainment though. :)

Here ya go!

5×5 for Friday

5 Recent Foods

1. Check out this beautiful hummus plate from True Food Kitchen!

hummus plate

I had a lunch date there with Natalie and Paige last week. The food there is delicious!

2. I discovered a new (to me) fish last week (thanks to it being on sale at Whole Foods): Paiche!

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[Just] 5 For Friday


TGIF, friends!

I hope you have some fun, exciting stuff planned for this weekend! It will probably be the same stuff here (hiking, farmers market, finding a new brewery or two), but I think I’m okay with that. ;) I’m glad that I can count on the weather being gorgeous, even if it is going to get a little bit hot into the beginning of next week.


At least the humidity here is basically non-existent! It’s been a while since I wrote a 5×5 For Friday post, and I would have loved to have written another for today. The thing is… I couldn’t think of twenty-five bits of stuff to talk about. So for today, I’ll just leave it at five (with no particular theme!).

1. I went on a really great hike with my hiking bestie, Paige yesterday to Green Mountain.


Paige and I have been talking about hiking this trail for a while and finally got a chance to do it! She had never been all the way to the summit, and I had been just once – just a little over a year ago. I went back and re-read my post about it and noticed that I said it was probably my favorite hiking trail in Colorado. That definitely made me want to go back!

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