This Year’s List [34 While 34]

snowshoe lake

Happy Thursday friends! Amidst being super busy with work, feeling sick and not getting nearly enough sleep, I decided to take the morning off yesterday for some much-needed Rocky Mountain therapy with my bestie. Going snowshoeing was actually something that Paige and I talked about doing (in the winter) all the time in the summer and fall- but yesterday was the very first time we actually went together! Considering that today is the first day of spring, it might also be the last for the season. Maybe.

snowshoe lake

We went to Lily Lake- which is a bit of a drive, but totally worth it. Paige hadn’t been there before and I’ve talked about how pretty it is over and over again. It was a clear, beautiful, sunny, perfect day.

snowshoe pano

On days like yesterday, it’s worth it to just push everything aside for a few hours- even if that means that you’ll end up working until bedtime. :)

Anyway. It’s been over a month since I turned 34, and once again, I’m just getting around to posting my to-do list for the current year. I’ve been making these lists for two years now and looking back at last year’s list, I’m a little disappointed in the things that I didn’t accomplish. Don’t get me wrong- I’m definitely happy about all of the things that I did do, and moving across the country and finding a new job certainly took a bit of effort. Some of the items that I didn’t get to (like lose the weight I’ve gained since I got married!) will be an on-going journey and aren’t things that I can just do in one day. Others (like make sauerkraut or go fly-fishing) could easily be accomplished in one day.

For this year’s list, I’ve decided to make it a combination of simple goals and other things that are a bit more complex (that I really hope to accomplish. Some are repeats of last year (and even the year before), but are things that I want to do again. Here goes:

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Ski School [Day Three]

lift selfie

Happy TGIF, friends! Another week has come and gone, and I’m halfway through my time at Ski School. It’s hard to believe that there’s only three sessions left- it’s gone by so fast! This past week’s session had it’s ups and downs, but I still came out learning a lot and being a better skier.

lauren ski

I went into day 3 feeling totally sore in my quads and lower back from teaching Spinning and Bodypump the day before (and totally overdoing it and lifting way too heavy in Bodypump). I took some Ibruprofen and put Biofreeze all over my lower back and it helped a little- but I was still pretty stiff.

The morning started just like any other day of ski school- meeting up with my group for breakfast and chatting about our goals for the day. We had agreed that we would start on the bunny slopes (aka the magic carpet ride!), practice a few quick runs and then move on to the greens (which are the first set of trails after you move up from the bunny slope). I was a little nervous that I’d “lose everything” that I had learned and have to start from scratch and wondered how that first run down would go. I decided to just go for it… and ended up skidding over ice at the very end and falling right over- hitting my head pretty hard! Even though I hurt my head- I hurt my ego even more. It hadn’t snowed in over a week, and the snow that was there was not soft powder- but more hard and icy (not what I had been skiing on the last two weeks for sure!)

I decided to do what I knew helped me focus last week: sidestep up the hill, far enough to practice a few turns. I did that three times- and it was just what I needed. From there on out, I felt confident and remembered everything that I had learned in the first two sessions. I went back up the magic carpet to the top of the bunny slope and had no problem gliding back down (and Jenn got a video of it!):

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Ski School [Day One]

carpet ride

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me: my first day of ski school! Months ago I signed up for the Women’s Days Program at Eldora Mountain Resort. My aunt (who lives in Denver) had told me about the program and suggested that it might be a really great way to learn to ski (and keep on improving!). The program meets every Wednesday for the next six weeks (and the final session is on my 34th birthday!).

My only experience with skiing was five years ago, in Maryland, on ice. I did not enjoy it and had no desire to ever go back. However, it’s something that’s really important to Greg and I know how much he wanted me to at least give it a fair shot. I had told him that if we ever moved to Colorado that I would take lessons and make a fair assessment of whether I wanted to continue with it or not. Honestly, skiing seems really scary to me and I think it’s totally okay if it’s not something that I end up loving. But, you never know- I may end up being really good and actually liking it! We’ll see.

Eldora is just a little over an hour away from my house, but the drive up Boulder Canyon Road (the main road to get there) is definitely a little sketchy – especially when it snows. Greg happens to have a ton of vacation time saved up and would love to use some of it for week-day skiing, so he rode along with me to the resort and just went skiing (double back diamonds) on his own all day. After we got there, we parted ways (of which he said was like dropping a kid off at school for the first day- ha!).

ski school

I bought my own boots and helmet, but was renting skis so I went to get them and then headed up to the dining room to meet up with the other women. I didn’t know a single person there- but I liked that. It made me feel far less pressure to keep up with anyone! We started out the morning by having breakfast, which was a big buffet of eggs, bacon, bagels, granola, fruit, etc.

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DIY Snow Globes


Hey all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Are you excited for the holidays yet? It looks like we’re not going to get a white Christmas here- and I’m totally okay with that! I would love to go hiking on Christmas day and it looks like the weather might be just perfect for that. I enjoyed a weekend of being mostly lazy all day Saturday, with the exception of going out to the gym in the late morning and to a movie in the late afternoon. (We saw Anchorman 2. It was mostly stupid but funny, and it had Paul Rudd :)). Sunday was filled with all of that last-minute Christmas shopping (I still have two things to get!), lots of errands and stuff around the house.

I also made these:


I was scouring Pinterest a while ago looking for some easy DIY holiday crafts and pinning a few things along the way. I found one website with tons of different ideas using mason jars and a few other supplies and thought that seemed easy enough! I really liked the snow globe idea, so I made a few of those.

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33 Check-in [2 Months to Go!]


With just over two months to go until my 34th (eek!) birthday, I decided to take a look at my 33 While 33 List. I made a similar list when I was 32 and was definitely a little farther along by this point last year. But, I’m not really too bummed about this. It’s been a crazy year complete with moving across the country and building a new career- all of which took up quite a bit of time!

Looking over the list, I know that there are some items that I will definitely be able to check off in the next two months, and others that will just have to wait until some time in the future. My most recent item that I’ve checked off is #6: going bowling!


(Photo courtesy of my homegirl)

Other recent items that I’ve been able to check off the list include taking one of the dogs on a day trip (I took Jackson out to Boulder and for a long hike)

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A Totally RAD Weekend

80s couple

Hello! Welcome to the start of a new week!

You may have noticed that the layout of the site looks a little different. I’ve been planning to change the design ever since the new(ish) blog name took over, but just never took the time to sit down and do it. I finally got a little motivation over the weekend and made some changes. There will still be a bit of tweaking as I continue to figure out exactly what I want everything to look like, and hopefully I’ll get a little more motivation (soon!) to finish it all up. I want to give big thanks to Cassie for designing the adorable mountain logo at the top!

As I stated in the title of this post, this past weekend was totally rad. Heather and her boyfriend Will had been planning a big Halloween party for a while now and I was super excited to attend! As I said on Friday, Halloween hasn’t been something that Greg and I have celebrated much over the years. It was definitely time to dress up and have some fun! Can you guess what I dressed up as?

Here’s a hint…


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Howdy friends! I’m on my way to Maryland today to visit my family and friends- and to support my friend Kelly for the release of her new book! I’m sure I’ll be talking about that book more later on here- I have to read it first!

Greg’s staying in Colorado and I have to admit- I have mixed feelings about returning to Maryland for the first time since I moved back in April. Don’t get me wrong- I’m definitely excited to see everyone. It’s just going to be… weird. This is the longest I’ve ever been away from Maryland in my life (even the college I went to was less than an hour from home) and just think it will be surreal to see everyone and everything. I have some plans to visit with friends and family (I’m staying with my mom) and to hike some of my old favorite trails, go to a couple favorite restaurants and shoppes and even plan on taking a cycling class at the gym I formerly taught at (it will be so great to see my old early morning crew!!). It’s also just a bit… overwhelming. But I’m just going to try to relax and remember that I can’t see everything or everybody in the few short days that I’m there.

Moving on. Last weekend I made the decision to tackle one of the 33 While 33 goals and unplug. Since we were going away to hike Quandary Peak, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to step away from the cell phone.


And really- I should’ve broken down that goal a bit more. My real issue is social networking on my phone- namely checking Instagram (first and foremost) followed by Facebook. And email- I check my email at least 20 times a day!

I knew that any work-related email could wait until Monday (they knew I was away for the weekend anyway) and anything else could be dealt with after the weekend. I did have my phone with me during the weekend- solely for the purpose of using it as a camera. (And I would’ve brought my small digital camera and left the phone at home entirely, but the battery charger is somewhere with the 50 other things I can’t find since we moved.) I set my phone to “Airplane Mode” on Friday around noon and tried to forget that I even had it with me. I took one photo that evening, but that’s it.


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WIAW 46: It Ended At Red Rocks


Hey friends! I did something a little different for this week’s WIAW post- I actually photographed my eats on a Wednesday! Exciting, I know. On this particular Wednesday, I was also able to check something off my 33 While 33 List- I went to a concert at Red Rocks! More details about that in a bit.

Oh- and make sure you check out this fantastic giveaway from yesterday- I’m choosing SIX winners!!

Let’s get rolling, shall we?

This day started pretty much like any other. Got up early, hit the gym and came back home ready to refuel. I decided to break open one of the samples of the new Cookies ‘N Cream flavor of PlantFusion protein that I got in my swag bag at Blend.


I mixed this packet with 1/2 a frozen banana, about 2 cups of almond milk and lots of ice. I split the whole thing with Greg. We both agreed that it was really tasty- I would definitely buy a whole tub of this flavor of PlantFusion.

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33 Check-In


I’ve turned 33 almost four months ago, and three month ago I posted a list of 33 goals to accomplish this year. I noticed the other day that I actually haven’t gone back and checked any off- so that’s what I’m going to do today!

Here’s what I’ve accomplished off the list so far:

1. Drive across the country

Check! This was a big one (and also one that I knew was already planned out when I made the list). Driving 1670 miles from Maryland to Colorado with a car full of stuff and two 75 lb. dogs in the back was definitely no easy feat. Especially since the drive was done alone, as Greg was driving his car too. But, we made it- and what a great reward we got at the end of the trip (living in Colorado!).

CO sign

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