#JoyDelivered with Door to Door Organics [Giveaway!]

I have a love/hate relationship with going grocery shopping. I love finding new products, and looking through aisles of gorgeous, fresh food. But, I hate spending time and money doing it. I’m not the type of person that can just do one big trip once a week – I function much better by making several small trips throughout the week. And, because of my job, I sometimes find myself at a grocery store multiple days in a row (or going to several different stores in one day to find what I need). There are a bunch of great conventional and organic grocery stores and markets around where I live, and several are within biking/walking distance. Needless to say, I haven’t been walking or biking to the store lately (being on crutches and all….).

Since my car accident this summer, pretty much everything in my daily routine has changed. I’ve been on crutches for the last five weeks, which makes it pretty challenging to do anything, and nearly impossible to walk and hold something at the same time. (When I get better, I will never take that ability for granted again!). As you can imagine, grocery shopping has been a challenge. I used one of those mobile carts the first time I went to the store post-broken pelvis, but it was hard to reach anything and get around aisles and displays. Greg has done most of the shopping- but he does not have a love/hate relationship with it (it’s just hate). Also, I’m kind of a control freak, and just prefer to do the shopping myself. Since it’s been such a challenge to go to the store by myself, I’m grateful for the interwebs for providing me with online grocery shopping that I can do right from my desk. My favorite online grocer is Door to Door Organics. Door to Door Organics provides fresh, organic produce and groceries to be delivered right to your door!

I first heard about this service from my friend Tiffany, who raved about the weekly vegetable boxes that showed up at her doorstep. I signed up for the service too and enjoyed fresh produce delivered right to my house each week. I loved the service, but ended up putting it on hold due to having to travel a lot last fall. I recently started the service back up again, and the timing was perfect! A few weeks ago I got my first delivery (since re-starting the subscription):


This is what was inside of the boxes:

D2D_02  D2D_04


When I had a subscription before, I only ever got a weekly vegetable box. You can choose between a “bitty,” small, medium or large box containing vegetables, fruit or a mix of both. I have only ever gotten the “bitty” vegetable box, which is a good size for two people. The bitty box contains 8 different vegetables which are pre-selected.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 4.41.59 PM

One thing that I LOVE is that you can easily customize what’s in your box and swap out veggies that you don’t want for others that you do. You get a large selection of choices for substitutions, which also include fruit!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 4.42.19 PM

My most recent veggie box contained green beans, broccoli, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, a cucumber, bananas and a yellow onion.


I also ordered local chicken, sausages, grass-fed ground beef and thick-cut bacon, as well as locally made bagels and yogurt. Here’s a meal made almost entirely out of that particular delivery (minus the bread, which I already had at home!):


You can shop for pretty much anything on Door to Door Organics’ website, including produce, meat, fish, dairy, bread, pantry items, drinks and prepared meals. I received a few prepared meals in another week’s delivery, and they were ALL delicious! Two of my favorites were the green chile enchiladas and roasted red pepper macaroni and cheese.


The prepared meals REALLY came in handy this last month, since my mobility in the kitchen has been limited. It was nice to give Greg a break from cooking dinner from us and be able to just pop something into the oven!

I’ve been extremely happy with the service and quality that Door to Door Organics offers and would LOVE for you to try them out as well! And, get this: Door to Door Organics has offered to give one lucky reader a $50 gift card to use on their site!! To enter, simply comment below and tell me why you’d like to win! I’ll choose be winner on Sunday, 7/12 (who I will contact via email). Because this is a local service, the winner MUST be a resident of Colorado.




  1. I’d like to win to try this out as an even easier alternative to Instacart! I used Instacart a lot after a knee injury this winter, since I had a similar experience as you and couldn’t really go grocery shopping, but still wanted to eat healthy. I love this option because it does some of the selection for you!

  2. Would LOVE to win! Sounds like an awesome service. Kaylin and I usually go to a few grocery stores a week so we can get all of the different items we need/want. My local grocery store does have a lot of organics, but for some I have to go to WFs. This would be a great alternative for us!

  3. I basically survive off of food truck leftovers with the brewery being so busy nowadays. Grocery shopping hasn’t been something I’ve had time for in a while! I miss preparing foods!

  4. i didn’t realize the extend of door to door organics offerings! what a awesome way to be introduced to new products!!

  5. this would be awesome for nights that I get home late and do not feel like cooking! Seems like great quality too!

  6. Yum! Those veggies look incredible and I love all the local meat you got. Glad that you have such an awesome alternative with it being hard to shop.

    I would love to try it out as a way to get the meats I’d love to buy directly to my door, as well as some wonderful organic veggies!

  7. Michelle says:

    I’ve never tried any type of food delivery service before, and I would love to give it a shot! And I’m moving to Colorado TODAY! :-) (I’m so excited that I couldn’t sleep, so I’m up reading blogs until it’s time to go!)

  8. I would LOVE to win, so I can spend more time in the mountains hiking and less time in the grocery store! I also want to cut down my impulse/ unhealthy choices. Door to Door organics sound like a perfect way to achieve these goals!

  9. I love that you can swap out what you don’t like with what you do – that is genius! I’ve never tried a farm share before but this sounds like an awesome alternative.

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