Currently: June 2015

Well hey there, middle of June! (Or is it technically the end of June?) I’ve spent the entire month with a broken pelvis, so I’m pretty darn excited that it’s flying by as fast as it is. Both of my parents had planned trips (months ago) out to see me this month, which has been both good and bad. It’s been GREAT to have some helping hands around the house (since I’m very limited as to what I can do, due to being on crutches). But, I’ve felt really bad since I’m not able to go do all of the fun stuff that we had planned. I guess they’ll just have to come back!

My mom was here in the beginning of the month, but it wasn’t her first visit and she’s already experienced a lot of the “touristy” stuff here. But, this was my dad and stepmom’s first visit to Colorado ever, so I’ve made sure that we’ve still gotten out (as much as I can handle). (They’re also renting a car to go do some activities that I can’t do right now.) We took them to Rocky Mountain National Park one day and spent another in Summit County. The weather has been gorgeous (and hot!), thank goodness!


We even went to the annual BBQ Festival in Frisco, where they hold my favorite event: the piglet race!


Currently: June

Current books: Nothing, really. Even though I’ve had plenty of time to sit on my butt, I haven’t had much desire to read (I need to fix that!).

Current music: My current favorite song:

What a weird-ass video.

Current guilty pleasure: Since my (current) favorite Bravo Reality show (Shahs of Sunset) is done for the season, I have to settle for other trashy tv. I’ll admit it- I’ve been sucked into reruns of old episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians lately.

Current nail color: The same (on the toes). You’ll see it later in the post. :)

Current drink: Water!

Current food: Making anything and everything with FlapJacked Protein Pancake and Baking Mix (now with 20 grams of protein!).


Have you tried the Carrot Spice yet? If not, what are you waiting for!?

Current shows: OINTB SEASON THREE!!!

I refuse to binge on this show, because then it will all be over and I’ll have to wait another year for new episodes. I’m trying to watch no more than 1-2 per week (which takes restraint!)- and I’m only on episode three. I’ve had a different favorite character each season. Season One was Crazy Eyes, Season Two was Pennsatucky and so far my favorite for Season Three is Black Cindy (yes, that is her character’s name).

Current wish list: Just one thing: to heal!

Current needs: Up until the other day, the only real material “need” was a new car. But, I got one! I’m a little terrified to drive right now, so I’m not doing much of it. Hopefully that will just change with time.

Current triumphs: I’m proud to say: weight loss! Having an injury can definitely make you pack on the pounds, but I’m determined to keep doing what I’ve been doing (which is basically eating what I want – but not too much – and eating when I’m hungry). It’s nice to see negative numbers like this on my Quantum Scale!


Current bane of my existence: Crutches. Actually, I guess I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them, because I wouldn’t be able to walk at all without them. I hate them, because they’re a pain in the ass! You can’t carry anything in your hands when you use them, and they’re just so big and awkward. And, I have to use them for four more weeks. :( Hopefully I’ll be able to at least graduate to a cane soon (which would be approved by my doctor- as long as I am not putting full weight on my left foot). Then I can get my own fashionable pimp cane. :)

Trail Ridge

Hiking may be impossible with crutches, but at least I can still enjoy the pretty views!

Current celebrity crush: Paul Rudd, of course.


Yup, even like this.

Current indulgence: It might sound silly to call it an indulgence, but cereal is one of those foods that I can not be trusted around. However, it’s accounted for about half of my meals this month (and really, I could it eat for every meal!).


Current blessing: Since countless doctors (and other people) have told me in the last few weeks how lucky I am to have not been more seriously injured (or alive, period!) after my car accident, I’ll say this: TO BE ALIVE!!

Also, I am BLOWN AWAY by the generosity and selflessness of certain friends and family. I’ve had a steady stream of flowers, home-cooked meals, cookies, books, gifts and visitors drop by in the last few weeks. I am so lucky to have so many caring people in my life- and it’s just so much more apparent in situations like this.

Current outfit: The same gray sweatshirt from last month (because I live in it), navy blue leggings and brown Chacos. I went to take a photo and noticed this guy making himself comfortable in my office. :)


Current excitement: The thought of being off crutches in four more weeks. I know it sounds redundant, but yes, most of my life revolves around the aftermath of this accident lately.

Current mood: Medicated.

Current link: Checking out who’s going to be at Fitbloggin’ this year (which happens later this week!).

What’s going on with you currently?


  1. Love the answer to current mood. haha! Watch out with sweating using those crutches! I got 2 staph infections in my pits when i had to use crutches :( GROSS

    • Oh man- thanks for the tip! I have padded covers that come off (and are machine washable)- they’ve already collected tons of sweat. ;)

  2. Oh man, that Paul Rudd photo! PS Let us know if you need anything!

  3. you should definitely order these bad boys, if only for the SUPER HANDY pocket!

  4. Hope you continue to feel better!

    I too LOVE Shah’s of Sunset and am sad that it’s over. I also refuse to binge watch, so I haven’t even watched the first episode of the new Orange season yet.

  5. omg piglet race, yes.

  6. Piglet race? Yesss

  7. Paul Rudd, of course. :) I know you’ve seen “They Came Together” by now. I just showed that to my roommate the other day, and he decided he is going to be “taking a shower guy” for Halloween this year.

    Thinking of you as you continue to heal. <3