Currently: February 2015

Hey friends. It’s been kind of a tough month. I don’t want to bore you with my complaints, but I’ll just say that I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and will be happy to be able to take a few days off next month! Greg and I did manage to get away to Crested Butte last weekend, but we had to cut our trip short due to a crazy storm moving in (that would have had us stuck there for an extra day or two). The funny thing is, there wasn’t any (new) snow at Crested Butte- it was all at our house! I managed to ski for a few hours one morning, but it was icy and not desirable (but super pretty!).


Hopefully we can go back next season, because it is a really nice resort and cute town!

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Currently: February

Current books: After hearing so much buzz about it, I ordered this book from Amazon:



It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, so hopefully I can start reading it by the weekend. Has anyone read this?

Current music: Rufus Wainwright. I used to listen to his first two albums 24-7 (a decade ago) and just “rediscovered” him. PLEASE leave a comment below if you are a fan of his. :)

Current guilty pleasure: Re-watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.


I’m a big fan of the first season, but didn’t love the second as much. I’m hoping that season three is better (which is rumored to be coming out in June!).

Current nail color: I’ll spare you from seeing my feet again (although my toenails are now pink!). As you can see by the current food photo, my fingernails are naked.

Current drink: Silk Cashew Milk! It’s so good- go out and pick some up if you haven’t tried it yet. Of all of the plant-based milks I’ve tried, this is the best (even better than their almond milk, which is saying a lot!). 

Current food: Stuffed pancake muffins!


These are just something I was playing around with for work yesterday- and they’re delicious! I just filled up a muffin tin halfway with FlapJacked pancake mix and baked it (at 350 for about 8 minutes). Then, I scooped out the middle and filled it with these delicious fruit preserves that my friend Val made. I think I’ll be trying this out with all kinds of fillings. ;)

Current shows: Survivor and The Amazing Race- both premiered last night! I don’t care how uncool it is- I love both shows!

Current wish list: For this weather to come back!


This photo is from Valentine’s Day- when it was nearly 70 degrees! We were so spoiled by weeks of weather in the 60s and 70s almost every day. I want it back!

Current needs: Just like last month… a haircut. I wonder if I’ll be writing the same thing in March’s post?

Current triumphs: Getting a new (closer) job teaching Spinning. I’ve been teaching at a studio that’s about 25 minutes away for the last six months, and on snowy days it can take as much as 90 minutes to get home. While I love the studio, it just wasn’t worth the drive to get there at 5:40 am. I put in my notice and the next day got a job that’s just two miles away from my house. I’m still teaching Bodypump at the same gym (and looooove it), but I’m looking forward to the next chapter for Spinning. Also, I just renewed my certification for 6 years as a Spinning instructor (time flies!).

One more thing- still chugging along with weight loss! This month had quite a bit of indulgence with my birthday and going out of town, but I managed to add another 2 lbs. to the tally (for a grand total of 8). And like I said last month- I only use my Quantum Scale anymore, so I have no idea what I weigh (and don’t care about the number)- but like that it just shows whatever you’ve gained or lost since the scale was reset. The weight loss is slow, but as long as it’s steady I’m happy.

Current bane of my existence: Snow… when I have to drive in it. I don’t mind the snow and I actually like playing in it. But driving in it is no fun (especially at 5:30 in the morning!).

Current celebrity crush: The one and only:


Current indulgence: See below (the fro-yo, that is).

Current blessing: For this first time since I was a kid, having multiple awesome neighbor-friends. The people on my street are really close and watch out for each other (and even take care of each others’ dogs!). We hang out all the time- and a group of us even walked over to Menchie’s together to celebrate National Fro-Yo Day (and someone brought a selfie stick).


Current outfit: It’s rare for me to wear jeans when I’m working from home, but sometimes it happens. I tried to take an outfit selfie, and Lance insisted on being part of the picture. :)


Current excitement: Oh man.. there’s so much. I’ve been really looking forward to February being over so that I can get on with the spring! I have to go to California for work next week, which isn’t super exciting because I’ll be working the whole time. But, the weather will be warm and sunny and hopefully I’ll get to at least walk around a bit. After that, my bestie from Maryland is coming to visit and my sister is coming at the end of the month! Yay, March!

Also Blend! We have just about 20 tickets left- if you haven’t bought your ticket yet DO IT NOW

Current mood: COLD. I know it’s not a mood… but that’s all I can think about.

Current link: Checking out the list of brands at Expo West. That’s where I’ll be spending about 12 hours each day next week/weekend!

What’s going on with you currently?


  1. we’re getting lit up with snow on the east coast here, too! #sooverit
    …always enjoy your ‘currently’ posts – cheers to a good, upcoming month of march and congrats on all the forward progress {and favorites} you’ve had thus far :)

  2. Lance matches the hardwoods!

  3. I LOVE Crested Butte! Such a great mountain and the town is too cute. The Last Steep is our favorite little hangout in the town- great food, people and atmosphere.

    • I think we’ll definitely go back in the summer- I want to see the wild flowers! We didn’t go to The Last Steep, but I remember hearing of it. We loooved the Sunflower Deli.

  4. I love Rufus Wainwright! I got to see him live a couple of times when I was in college, and he is phenomenal in person. Once when I saw him, he came back for the encore in a cape and wizard hat. It was amazing.

    • Yay! I saw him at a small(ish) club in DC back in the early 2000s. It was one of the best (if not THE best) live show I’ve ever seen- he was so amazing and funny and captivating. I JUST missed him here in Denver, but need to make sure I catch him next time!

  5. I used to listen to Rufus all the time! What brand is your navy blue strip hoodie? It’s cute!

  6. I bought and read It Was Me All Along too! So good and easy to read – love Andie’s writing!

    My current excitement: seeing you, Greg and your pups this weekend!!

  7. I just found your blog through Blend retreat! I really want to go and I am trying to figure out if I can swing it financially!

    But regardless of that, I LOVE The Amazing Race, no matter how lame people say it is. And I’m glad I’m not the only one. :)

    • Oh I hope you can come- it’s SUCH a fun, incredible weekend!! You are definitely not the only Amazing Race fan (and I don’t know why more people don’t watch it!!).

  8. Hope things ease up for you soon! Also, do let me know where your new spin studio is since it is presumably close to me as well ;)

    • Hey! I’m teaching at the Lafayette Rec Center- 6 am Wednesdays starting next week! You should definitely come- I think you can buy a punch card. :)

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