Happy Thanksgiving

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Hey friends!

Just wanted to stop by to say a quick “Happy Thanksgiving!” I hope that you enjoy some restful time with your family and friends (even if there may be some chaos to get the actual meal going!). We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, which I am super excited for. Some wonderful friends are coming over to share the holiday with us, since all of our family is on the east coast.

Check out my post on Sierra Trading Post’s blog about simple ways to enjoy a healthy holiday:

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Enjoy- and have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

[Mini] Pecan-Crust Sweet Potato Pies


Whenever I’m asked to choose my favorite holiday, I’ll quickly say “Thanksgiving.” There are so many things that I love about Thanksgiving- the food (of course), the traditions, spending time with loved ones and the excitement of the Christmas season right around the corner. Sadly, I wasn’t been able to spend the holiday with my family last year and won’t be able to again next week but I’m lucky enough to have some great friends to share the day with.

Greg and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year- and we’re pretty excited about it! It will be our first holiday in our new house and it will be nice to experience and share some of our favorite traditions here with our friends. We’re doing it pot-luck style and everyone is bringing a few different dishes. As I was sitting here thinking of what to prepare (besides a gigantic turkey!), I pondered upon a few different dessert ideas. To me, Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving unless you end the meal with pie (or, preferably, a few different types of pie!). I wanted to make something that’s somewhat traditional – and give it a bit of a facelift. My mind immediately went to two different types of pie: sweet potato and pecan. Then I thought- why don’t I combine the two?

For me, my least favorite part of a pie is the crust: it’s all about the filling. I wanted to create a recipe where the crust was every bit as delicious as the filling- a pie that had delicious, harmonious flavor in every bite. I think I achieved it with this recipe. ;)

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Currently: November 2014


Happy Monday, friends! We’re already half-way through the month, so it seemed like a good day for a Currently post. Before we get started, here’s a photo from my snowy hike yesterday.


It was all of 30 degrees out, but it seemed like a heat wave compared to the weather we had last week!

Currently: November

Current books: Nothing at the moment, but I ordered Andy Cohen’s new book from Amazon the other day (which is supposed to arrive tomorrow).


I also ordered his first book, which I (sadly) didn’t even know existed until recently. I love Andy Cohen and think he’s the most talented person on television!

Current music: I’ve been listening to a lot of Shovels & Rope (and saw them in concert last night). They were amazing- and I was out until midnight (which is crazy, considering I usually go to bed at 10 pm, even on weekends).

Current guilty pleasure: I was going to list this song for the answer above, but the amount of times that I listen to “Stay With Me” each day (and sing at the top of my lungs) has totally turned it into a guilty pleasure. 

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Beauty Faves & Hair Washing



Brrr… it is COLD and snowy here in Colorado. I’m starting to get used to the bi-polar weather we have here- I think. I went from hiking in capris and a tank top one day to freezing in a down coat the next (I’m more of a fan of the former). Everyone is really excited about the snow, but I still think that there is nothing good about snow in the front range- save it for the high country where people go to ski!

Now that we’re done with the weather report, I’ll get on with today’s post. :) I am by no means an expert in beauty rituals, skin care and all of that good stuff. However, in my 34 years of existing in my own skin I have come to figure out what products help my skin stay moisturized, (hopefully) younger looking and better looking in general. I’ve come to discover a few new beauty products recently that I love and wanted to share- so that you can love them too!

Just a disclaimer- these are all products that I personally buy, and have not been sent to try out. (But, if any of these companies want to send me freebies, go right ahead! ;)).

I’ve tried out so many different brands of skincare products and make-up over the years, and am currently loving (everything from) Mineral Fusion and Alba Botanica’s Acnedote line. Luckily, I haven’t had many problems with acne in the last few years and I think that might be partially due to this awesome face wash.

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And I keep this scrub in the shower. It’s AWESOME.

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