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Hello! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and were able to get out and enjoy some beautiful summer weather. Summer has always been my favorite season, but honestly, I’m wishing it would hurry up and get to fall. Of course, that’s for selfish reasons because I want to just fast-forward my recovery (I’ll post another update on that soon).

Other than that whole knee thing, life has been pretty swell lately. I’ll be going back to teaching group exercise at the end of this month (yay!) and can’t wait! Work has been great and I’m celebrating my third wedding anniversary later this week. Greg and I are going to continue our tradition of summitting a 14er… sort of. We’re also attending a special dinner with my favorite chef ever and can’t wait to see what he cooks up.

Now, let’s get on to the main subject of this post: my current favorite things. In no particular order, they are:

My Nesco Food Dehydrator

I received this food dehydrator as a bridal shower gift from my stepmom. I didn’t have it on my registry, but my stepmom had a feeling that it was something that I would enjoy having (and she was right!). I seem to go through a phase of wanting to dehydrate everything a few times each year (and am currently going through one of those phases!). My absolute favorite thing to dehydrate, hands down, is watermelon. Lately I’ve been dehydrating that along with bananas, strawberries and blueberries.


I also made apple fruit leather (the stuff on the right) with cinnamon. It’s almost as good as the watermelon. ;)

This Watermelon ‘cake’ (a Pinterest win!)

Speaking of watermelon, I recently saw a friend on Facebook post a picture of a watermelon “cake” that she made. I had been seeing these on Pinterest for a while and attempted to make one when we had a bunch of friends over last weekend.   It was actually really easy to do!

pinterest cake

I just sliced the watermelon into a cake shape, dried off the outside with paper towels and covered it with whipped cream, fruit and almonds. It definitely doesn’t taste anything like cake, but anything with watermelon is delicious in my book.

Champion C9 Seamless Sports Bras

I feel like I’ve tried every brand of sports bras out there. I’m not a large-chested woman by any means and most sports bras just seem to make me look like I have no boobs at all. I’ve shelled out money for more expensive brands like Lululemon and Moving Comfort- and while they’re okay, I’ve found something for much cheaper that fits great: Champion C9 seamless sports bras.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 4.15.42 PM

I get mine in Target and they usually cost around $10. They’re flattering and supportive and I’ll never go back to buying $50 sports bras again!

Hydroflask Bottles

This is the best water bottle, period.


I refill this bottle several times each day and drink from it all day long. It keeps my water cold, even when the bottle has been sitting in a hot car for hours!

Chompies Bread

This bread caught my eye at Sprouts one day because it has 7g of protein and 58 calories per serving. It’s a little pricey and the texture isn’t exactly the same as normal bread, but it’s fantastic toasted.


The Cinnamon Raisin flavor is great for making French Toast.


I’ve mentioned GoodPop quite a few times on this blog because I love their products and the company. The owner Daniel has become a friend of mine and we even got to hand out a bit at Expo West back in March.


I’ve learned a lot from working in the natural foods industry and am such a big fan of companies that start out small and turn into a great big success story! GoodPop was sampling their latest flavor (Chocolate Milk) at Expo East, which was only available at stores in Texas at the time. Thankfully, they’re now available outside of Texas and I found my at a local Whole Foods.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 3.01.06 PM

These are so good and taste just like what you’d expect: chocolate milk.

Our Awesome Neighborhood

Greg and I moved to Lafayette just two months ago and are so happy that we ended up here. There’s great bike and walking trails all around and we can easily ride our bikes (or walk) downtown. The houses in our neighborhood are really close to each other and thankfully we have a bunch of awesome neighbors. In my adult life, I’ve never lived in a neighborhood where everyone is friends. In the last two neighborhoods we’ve lived in, Greg and I were the only people without kids (so we were kind of “outcasts!”). Most of our neighbors are in their 30s and 40s and some have kids (others just have dogs!). Everyone is so nice and outdoorsy and just all-around wonderful. Our next-door neighbor was kind enough to snap this photo of us on July 4th (being cheesy Americans).


I love how Jackson is resting his chin on Lance. :)

Concerts at Red Rocks

I went to see Lionel Richie last month at Red Rocks and he put on a great show! There’s just something about that venue- the sound, the views… the whole experience is incredible.


Last night Greg and I (along with another couple) went to see The Avett Brothers. The show was SO good (and the opening act was amazing!). We were even treated to a lightning storm and a full moon after the sun went down.



 Adora Calcium Supplements

adora 2

Adora was kind enough to send me some of their calcium supplements to try out. Each serving contains 500 mg of calcium, 250 IU of vitamin D3 and 40 mg magnesium. The best part? They taste like candy! I usually eat mine right after dinner to get my chocolate fix.

Have a great day!

What are some of your current favorite things?


  1. Jenn Hart says:

    Makenna couldn’t get enough of the dehydrated Watermelon, she actually snuck into my purse and at the rest when I wasn’t paying attention!

  2. Is that bra really supportive? Could you run or do plyos in a bra with straps that skinny?

    • Hey Dawn- I can’t run or do any plyometric exercises right now because of my rehab and am not large-chested. For me and what I do, it’s perfectly supportive though. They also have a version with wider straps that I love!

  3. I want a dehydrator!! And I need to try that bread. :)

    • Heather- I’ve only seen the bread at the Sprouts right by my house. There’s a good reason for you to come visit! (There’s 3 varieties!)

  4. I’ve never thought of dehydrating watermelon before! I’m intrigued. And wow – your watermelon cake turned out so beautiful! So happy to hear you guys are loving your new neighborhood! :)

  5. Holy Watermelon cake, Batman! That’s the craftiest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  6. I’ve never been to a Sprouts before but they are opening one right near my office next month. How does it compare to WF?

    • I love Sprouts! It’s definitely smaller than WF but the prices are WAY better. WF has much higher quality produce and meat (and seafood), so I still go there for that stuff. I predict that you’ll be over at the one by your office all the time. ;)

  7. The dehydrated watermelon sounds awesome! And that cake is too cool!

    I’m loving the kayak I got today! :)

  8. The bread looks great!
    My favorite thing right now is our puppy! He’s soooo sweet.

  9. lol i love the chin rest pic :) i have some of those sports bras! they are really comfy (not that i am working out in them right now lol) and since my boob size keeps changing, it’s nice that they are so cheap. and stretchy. i need to dry some watermelon! i hear about/see it so often. love you!

    • I know you appreciate a good dog brother photo. :) I’ll make you some watermelon candy when you’re here next May- if you can wait that long! Love you too my dear.


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