Currently: [the last day of] April

Well hello there- and sorry for the unintentional hiatus! Between having some major projects at work, traveling out of state and being in the process of moving, this little blog has gone on the back burner for the last few weeks. I definitely owe you a few updates and will get right to it!
Greg and I headed down to Florida for a few days to visit his mom and stepdad, whom we hadn’t seen in over a year and a half. My mom and stepdad also flew down, which was great! I hadn’t seen them since we went to Maryland back in November and missed them terribly. It was really nice to spend a few relaxing days with the family.
We got back yesterday morning and closed on our new home that same afternoon!


I’m really excited about moving into our new place (and hopefully not moving again for a very long time!). We’re just a few minutes outside of Boulder and can rides our bikes to some cool breweries and shoppes. Since we knew we’d be moving again soon, Greg and only unpacked about half of our stuff at the house we’ve been renting this past year. This move will definitely be easier than the last one. :)
As for work, everything is GREAT but very busy (which is a good thing!). I’m very happy to actually be using my Graphic Design degree, as 50% of my job duties are related to creating ads and various graphics. As I predicted though, having a full-time job that requires constantly checking and doing marketing research on various social media networks (and looking at a computer all day long) doesn’t really make me want to keep up with my personal social media accounts and blog quite as much. (I’ll still try to check in as often as I can here, I promise!)

Since it’s the last day of April, I thought that a Currently post would be the most appropriate.

Currently: April

Current books: I’m re-reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto. I got super inspired when I read it last winter, and then fell off the wagon mid-January. I’m hoping it give me a good kick in the butt again.

Current music: Cardiac Arrest by: Bad Suns

I love this song- the singer’s voice reminds me so much of Robert Smith!

Current guilty pleasure: Watching old episodes of The Real World: London.


That particular season premiered 19 years ago, when I was in 9th grade (that makes me feel old).

Current nail color: Chipped.


Current drink:  One cup of coffee, one cup of water.

Current food: I’ve been eating this same lunch (with the exception of when I was in Florida) for about two weeks now:


Raw spiralized zucchini “noodles” with shrimp, tomatoes, goat cheese and Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinaigrette. It’s so good!

Current favorite show: Since both are on tv currently, I’ll go with Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Current wish list:  New hiking shoes, a new dresser and a new tv for our (new) basement

Current needs: to finish packing up everything in our rental house and be all moved out by May 9th!

Current triumphs: FINALLY getting my own Bodypump class! I teach it for the first time tomorrow at 6:00 am. Subbing has been fine, but it’s so nice to have your own weekly class(es). I have to modify the squats and lunges a bit because of my knee, but otherwise I’m good to go!

Current bane of my existence: My iPhone. I have a 4S and really want to upgrade (so that I have 4G/LTE) but am afraid that the moment that I buy a new phone, the iPhone 6 will come out. Technology gets updated way too quickly. <—- I’m still going strong with this from last month, but am also adding my stupid knee injury to the list. I have an MRI tomorrow and a meeting with a surgeon next week. Fun times.

Current celebrity crush: I’m deviating from my normal selection of Paul Rudd to focus on Brandon Flowers:


He’s so skinny and so… Mormon. And so dang cute.

Current indulgence: Rewinding back to this past weekend: greasy, delicious Gator Bites.

gator bites

They taste like chicken. :)

Current blessing: Our new home! We found it really quickly and are so excited to move in.

Current slang: … I got nothin’…

Current outfit:  Uhh… khakis?


Current excitement: Moving into our new house and The Blend Retreat (which is just over one month away!). 

Current mood: Happy!

Current link: YouTube for Emma Stone’s Lip Sync battle with Jimmy Fallon (I love these!):

Have a great day!

What’s going on with you (currently)?


  1. Jenn Hart says:

    Yay! Congratulations on the new house! There is a path that goes from your house to mine — coal creek — once it is fixed from flood damage!

  2. Yay to the new house!
    I read that book a couple months ago and am still totally lost. Any chance you might talk about it and break it down a bit…or email me :)

  3. Congrats on the new house!!!!

  4. First off, congrats (again) on the new house! That is mega exciting. Secondly, I feel like I’m the only one who’s not all about that lip sync video. I thought the Paul Rudd version was so much better. Lastly, I found Joey looking over a pancake mix at the grocery the other day then realized it was FlapJacked brand!

  5. Congrats on the new home!

  6. So glad to hear from you and it all sounds good (minus the knee…). Good luck packing and moving!!

  7. Congrats on your new home! Hope all is well with your knee :)

  8. Congrats on your new home! And, lol, we quote that commercial all the time…”What are you doing Jake from State Farm” (we even do the air quotes)

  9. That lunch combo looks AMAZING. Definitely adding it my rotation!
    Also, Brandon Flowers. I have hugged that man (I miss my music journalism days. :( ) and he is …. wonderful. Total fangirl.

  10. Great to hear an update from you! A huge YAY on your house – congratulations!

  11. Congrats on the new house!! SO EXCITING! And for your own bodypump class :)

  12. For the lunch- you just eat the zucchini noodles raw? How do you cook the shrimp? How do you make the zucchini noodles? It looks so good. Thanks!!!

    • Yup! The raw zucchini noodles taste awesome. I have a spiral slicer (which I found on Amazon) so I just use that. And I roast raw shrimp in the oven for a few minutes until they’re cooked- super easy!!

  13. Congrats on your new home! What an exciting adventure for you two!

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