Style Never Stops [Reebok Skyscape Shoe Review]

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

A few weeks ago, I didn’t really see myself as the kind of gal that would walk around sporting bright pink shoes all over town. I have to admit- ever since I received these Reebok Skyscape shoes via Fitfluential – I’ve had a hard time taking them off!



A few weeks ago, the nice folks at Reebok sent me this adorable little package all wrapped up with a bow:


I have to admit- when I first opened up the box, my initial reaction was something like “whoa… those are pink!” I really wasn’t exactly sure how I’d feel about these shoes- they’re quite different from what I usually wear. But- seconds after slipping my Reebok Skyscape shoes on for the first time, I knew that they were a keeper.

I must say – these shoes 100% match the description:

“So lightweight and comfortable, you’ll forget you have them on.”

I wear them around the house, into the office, when I’m out running errands and even while walking the dogs!


(Forgive my scary looking post-ski-socks legs!)

With all that I’ve been through with my knee trauma in the last week, I can definitely use every extra bit of comfort I can get. I really like that these shoes can be worn without socks and literally hug my feet all day long. In fact, the shoes are crafted with materials and a soft molding process that’s typically used to create lingerie!

Here’s a few more facts about these fantastic shoes:

• Super light-weight (5.0 oz!)

• Foam material in the upper for softness and flexibility

• Low-cut design for added mobility

• Seamless construction for minimized rub and irritation

• Unique architecture designed to support the foot and provide all-day comfort

• Minimal rubber accents only where needed for traction

• Skyspring techinology – features a unique design architecture designed to help support the foot and provide all day comfort

I mentioned above that the shoes can be worn without socks. Another important note to point out is that they are machine washable (a delicate, cold-water cycle is recommended after removing the insole). I usually put my bare feet right into my Skyscapes, but have worn them with thin socks- and they’re every bit as comfortable!

pink shoes

Now that you’ve fallen in love with my bright pink shoes, here’s a little information on how to get your own (and don’t worry- if you’re not into pink there’s other colors to choose from!):

To purchase your very own Reebok Skyscape shoes, visit Reebok’s online store or visit one of their outlet locations or Reebok Fit Hub. They’re also available at select Kohl’s locations.

* I received compensation for this post. Opinions are my own.

 Have a great weekend!

Would you wear hot pink shoes? 


  1. Jenn hart says:

    Love em! I just bought two pairs of shoes for my walk at the end of April and both of them are super bright colors!!!

  2. I would totally wear bright pink shoes (I have a pair of bright orange running shoes that I love!)

  3. Those are CUTE. I don’t have any hot pink shoes, though I do have several (5, actually) pairs of neon orange shoes so heck yeah I’d wear ‘em!

  4. Pink is beauty, i have a pair of shocking green shoes but these look more girlish and fresh, gonna buy one soon.

  5. I have some flamingo pink Asics that I’ve been wearing out and about, as well as for my “court shoes required” type wods. Super cute and comfy!

  6. omg, blog again, already!!! :)

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