I’m Not Good at Sitting Still [That Time I Had a Skiing Accident]

Happy Monday, friends. Well, it’s certainly been an interesting weekend (and didn’t really turn out the way that I planned. At all.). It all started early on Friday morning when Greg and I woke up at 5:00 am to have an awesome day skiing. We had both taken the day off from work to head over to Vail for a day on the slopes. Greg has been to Vail several times, but I had yet to go. Ski season is over in a few short weeks, so we had to take advantage while we still could!

On the way out to the resort, it seemed like luck was on our side. Traffic can be crazy heading out west to the ski resorts but the roads were completely clear. It was a clear, beautiful day and about 20˚ by the time we got there (which might sound cold, but on a sunny day it’s kind of perfect for skiing). Vail is one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado (or in the world, even) so it’s usually super crowded- but not on Friday!

lauren vail

We didn’t have to wait in a single lift line and pretty much had the slopes to ourselves. It was all too perfect.


And then, only after about an hour after we started skiing, I had a moment of complete carelessness and fell hard going down a run. The snow that day was hard-pack, which makes you go a lot faster, but I seemed to be doing okay with it up until that point. I was going into a turn and just not paying attention, crossed my skis and went tumbling. My left ski got stuck in the snow and my leg continued to twist as I fell. I actually screamed it hurt so bad. When I landed and sat up and tried to compose myself. Luckily Greg was right there and rushed over to help. I’ve had quite a few falls in my skiing career (though not so much lately!) and I can always just get right back up and keep skiing… but not this time.

I didn’t hear anything “pop” in my knee when I fell- which is supposedly a good sign. But, it felt weird and stiff and sore and I knew that there was no way I could ski down. We were WAY up near the back bowls- about 3,000′ elevation from the base… it was a long way down. A few minutes later, ski patrol came over and found me. I told them what happened and they agreed that it would not be a good idea for me to try to ski back down. So, they called for a sled to come take me back down to the bottom. Let me tell you… this is not a fun process. You get all wrapped up and tied to a toboggan and it’s a BUMPY ride to the bottom.

ski patrol


I even had to be picked up (in the toboggan!) and taken down on a lift for part of it. I couldn’t see anything that was happening because I was all wrapped up and it was super freaky. I have to say though- the ski patrol workers were so nice and great at trying to just talk to me and keep me from freaking out. When I got to the bottom (which was about 30 minutes later) I got up and walked around a bit. My knee felt sore but I could still (sort of) walk okay- but I was pissed. I couldn’t believe that I ruined a perfect day of skiing in a moment of carelessness! I had been so excited to ski at Vail (especially on a picture perfect day) and it ended up being the worst ski day ever. The only saving grace was that Vail refunded my lift ticket (which is not cheap) since I only skied for an hour before biting it.  I also felt bad for Greg. He had to miss out on a great ski day too- but he was so great about it and was just worried about me being okay. (I have a really, really great husband for sure. :))


When we got back home, I planted my butt on the couch and iced my knee for the next few hours. My knee ending up swelling up about twice the normal size, so Greg took me over to Urgent Care to get it checked out. They took an x-ray and did all kinds of physical tests (pushing, pulling, having me bend it, etc.) and said that there didn’t appear to be any torn ligaments and it was likely a sprain or strain. I’d have to go to an orthopedist to get checked out for more information (which I am doing today or tomorrow- whenever I can get an appointment!). They gave me an immobilizer and crutches in the meantime and told me to elevate and ice my knee as much as possible.

My knee remained swollen all weekend but was a little better yesterday. I tried to just sit on my butt, as instructed, as much as possible- which is not easy for me. It also didn’t help that the weather was gorgeous all weekend and my friends were all out doing fun things. But hey- it’s much better to sit it out for a few days so that I can better in the long run, right? At least I got to watch some of my favorite movies over the weekend. :)


I know that Lee will appreciate this movie. :)

Now I just have to wait and see. I’m really hoping that it’s nothing serious and that I can get back in the game (slowly) and be able to at least do a little activity. I don’t know where this leaves me for teaching spinning class, and skiing is probably over (for me) for the season, and that makes me sad. But, it is what it is.

Alright. Enough of this sad talk. I’ll leave you with a cute picture of my pups to make it all better.



Have a fantastic Monday!

Have you ever been side-lined by an injury?


  1. Alright, alright, alright!

    I’m sorry you fell. Glad nothing was broken.

  2. Getting injured and sitting still is the worst! I hope you feel and get better soon girl! XOXO

  3. I hope you’re on the mend! I guess better that it happened at the end of ski season and not the beginning!
    I broke my heel a few years ago (cracked right down the bottom of my foot) and there’s nothing to do to help it but wait and take it easy. I couldn’t run for 4 months so instead I biked, swan, and did a lot of floor yoga and pilates (anything that didn’t put immense pressure on my feet).
    Good luck!

  4. I’m so sorry you got injured!! I would have been super scared going in the toboggan!

  5. Feel better! I can totally relate I’m just getting back to exercise after nothing for six we ekes from foot surgery!

  6. Oh girl! I’m glad you’re OK, but I hope it gets better super fast. Hang in there!!! <3

  7. No fun :( At least nothing’s torn! I know that’s not comforting to hear when you’re stuck on a couch with crutches, though.

  8. :( glad you’re feeling a little better but still such a bummer!!

  9. Kanoelani says:

    Oh no!! As someone w/ knee trouble get well soon. Rest is so important even though difficult. It’s for the best. Glad it wasn’t worse. I would like to try skiing one day… never been ;-)

  10. I hope you feel better very soon Lauren! I’m glad that it was nothing MORE serious than it could have been!

  11. Rob Runs says:

    I practically screamed just reading that! Ouch! I’ve been sidelined by injury more than often enough, sucks. Not that I like exercise that much and miss it that badly when I’m hurt but it’s the feelings of helplessness and uselessness that get me. Feel better soon!

  12. Allison K says:

    Oh no! That sucks! I have tried and failed at skiing. I was so happy to follow your progress! Ice your knee like crazy. I had a low grade tear to my MCL when I was pregnant. I refused all pain meds and sat for 2 hours twice a day with ice on my knee. 30 mins at a time wasn’t enough for the pain I was in. It was better/healed and I was out of the brace in 3 weeks vs. 6! Medically, I think we are really only on the “tip of the iceberg” with hypothermia therapy.

  13. ahhh that is a total bummer! Hope it heals quickly. Ice is the best thing!!

  14. Ooohh, that sucks. I’m glad it wasn’t anything worse!

    Side note: Whenever I see or hear mention of Vail, I picture Rachel Green going “shoop, shoop, shoop!”

  15. Oh no, I’m so sorry Lauren! Fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious. I was doing a super simple stretch before performing in a Labor Day parade in high school and felt something pop in my knee. I was in total denial and continued to dance on it for months before finally realizing it wasn’t getting any better. It ended up being a torn meniscus that I had to have surgery on which took me out for the rest of the dance season. I haven’t had any problems since then but I definitely wish I would’ve taken it more seriously in the beginning rather than letting it get as bad as I did.

  16. Oh I am so sorry you fell! Skiing accidents can be so hard! My bro actually just broke his arm 3 weeks ago when we were all skiing together….from a bit of carelessness. I guess the upside is it’s probably nothing too serious for him (and for you hopefully)! Happy Monday!

  17. Oh no!! But glad you’re already starting to feel a little better.
    Careful spending too much time in that immobilizer tho! Back when I dislocated my knee cap years ago, I was in one for a week and I’m sure it made my physical therapy that much harder. I also wasn’t nearly as strong as I am now, but still!

    • That’s good to know! My orthopedist told me today to stop using it and just try to walk. That’s fine with me- I hate wearing it! I might put it on just when I’ll be walking around the grocery store or something the next few days- but otherwise “no thank you.” :)

  18. Carla C says:

    :( I’m sorry Lauren. Get better VERY soon.

  19. What a crappy day! I’m sorry that you got hurt and that missed out on what looks like a great day. Take care of yourself-we’ve got Utah hiking to do in just two months ;)

  20. Hope you feel better real soon!

  21. Yikes, sorry about that, but glad to hear nothing was broken! I know several ppl who have broken their legs doing that same things and have had to rehab for months :( Luckily I have never had a bad fall like that yet, but I know its so easy to happen! Get better fast!

  22. *sigh* good luck. Here’s hoping for good news. Knees are not fun to jack up even if it’s just a minor injury. I had the same thing happen last january but it turned out i just borked it and it was fine after a while and after some fine tuning with some of my supporting muscles.

  23. what?!! oh no!! that is like my worst nightmare. so scared to ski because of it! can i do anything for you? sending lots of love and heal fast friend!

  24. Ouch!!

    Sending happy, healing thoughts your way!

  25. I’ve been accident prone recently and twisted my knee on wet snow a while ago. I will say, though, that this is a big reason snowboarding is typically safer. It’s hard to twist your knee like that on a board. I think that’s a sign you need to learn to ride next. ;) Hehe…

  26. I hope you’re feeling better! The knee thing was why I never stuck with skiing. I was always terrified of hurting myself and I didn’t have much strength to keep my legs together. I agree with Heather above…snowboarding is much safer on the knees! :) Good luck healing FAST!

  27. So sorry about your knee. I hope for good news for you. I tore my ACL last January while skiing and rode down in the toboggan too. I delayed surgery until December so I am still in the recovery/weekly physical therapy phase. However, while I delayed surgery because of fear and finances, I have been able to get back to hiking. My therapist assures me that I’ll be ready for ski season next year! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  28. this is why I’m too chicken to ski!! I hope you are well on the mend by now!


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