Partner Yoga w/Fairlife Milk [& Magic Bullet Giveaway!]

I’m going to make a statement here that may seem a little controversial in this day and age- but it’s 100% true: I love milk. And really, I love all dairy. Whether it’s Greek yogurt, cheese or just a plain ol’ glass of milk- I love it all. I also love almond milk. And soy milk. And sunflower milk (you get the idea…) You can tell me that dairy will kill me or cause some crazy disease- but I’ve been consuming it for over 33 years now- and my health seems to be a-okay. To be clear, I am picky about where the dairy comes from and that there aren’t scary hormones added in- which leads me to today’s topic…

This past weekend, I attended a super fun and unique event sponsored by Fairlife Milk. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but was just told to dress in comfortable clothes that I could do a yoga workout in. For some reason, I also didn’t think to ask around to many of my local Colorado blogger friends to see who else was planning on going. I did know that Heidi was also attending- because we planned to carpool together.

When I arrived at The River Yoga studio, I was so happy to see a bunch of familiar faces- including Becky, Marissa, Kait, Heidi, Marisa, Tiffany  Laura and Kia (both not pictured)!


I was so happy that these wonderful ladies (and many new friends too!) were there- especially Marisa, who I’ve been planning to meet up with for almost a year now! And see those pretty yoga mats at our feet? That was a free gift to us for attending!

As soon as everyone arrived (around 20 bloggers), the Fairlife team talked to us for a bit about what makes their milk so unique and wonderful.

yoga studio

Fairlife milk comes in three varieties: skim, 2% and chocolate 2%. The cows are never treated with rBST growth hormones and are raised humanely. The milk itself is lactose-free and has half the sugar and 50% more calcium than ordinary cow’s milk. It also has the same amount of protein as a typical serving of Greek yogurt!

Here’s a little video that describes just how all of those wonderful things are done:

After we learned a little about Fairlife, we were led through a pretty crazy, fantastic yoga class. I was a little shocked when they announced that it would be partner yoga and we wouldn’t be on solid ground for part of it! This was a bit outside of my comfort zone, but I went with it. A few of the partner poses that we practiced included “flying” on our partner’s feet:


And doing “double planks”

double plank

We quickly found out that this pose works a lot better if the person on top is shorter than the person on the bottom!

The hour of yoga went by super fast and we worked up a little sweat! After that, it was time to taste the Fairlife products. We tried the 2% milk, chocolate milk and two different smoothies:


(Thanks Tiffany for sharing this photo!)

We also got treats to take home- including full-size bottles of the two milks that were sampled. I hadn’t had chocolate milk in years- and it tasted like melted ice cream! Delicious as it was, I think I prefer the plain 2%. I love plain 2% milk.

fairlife milk

We also got a reusable grocery bag full of treats- including a MAGIC BULLET blender!!!


Here’s a disclaimer of sorts: I have to point out that this whole afternoon was incredibly laid-back and the folks from Fairlife weren’t pushy at all. They clearly put a lot of effort into organizing an event that was fun (and funny!) for everyone and were super nice and interactive with all of the bloggers. We were not obligated to write a post or do anything else following the event and were free to just go home and enjoy the experience (and all of our free stuff!).

The great folks at Fairlife did offer a reader giveaway for anyone that was interested- so I jumped at the chance! One of you lucky readers will win your own Magic Bullet- just like the one pictured above (so we can be blender twins!).

To enter:

Mandatory: “Like” Fairlife on Facebook (and leave a comment below letting me know that you did).

You can earn up to two additional entries by doing the following:

- Leave a comment below telling me WHY you want to win a Magic Bullet (it’s as simple as that!).

- Tweet about the giveaway by copying and pasting the following text: Win a Magic Bullet blender, courtesy of @Fairlife here:

(be sure to leave a comment letting me know that you Tweeted!)

Entries will remain open until Monday, March 31st at 8pm EST and the winner will be announced the following day on the blog. The winner will have 48 hours to claim his/her prize, and if unclaimed, a new winner will be chosen. Contest open to US residents only.



  1. I liked them on Facebook!

  2. The bullet is so great for single smoothies, especially while traveling!

  3. For the past 9+ years I’ve ALWAYS been lucky enough to have a roommate who already owns a Magic Bullet. This is the first time I don’t and I miss having one SO much. I have a great blender but rarely do I have the motivation to break that thing out and clean it afterward for a morning smoothie. I have been dying to get a Magic Bullet and it would make my breakfast routine much happier, healthier, and easier!

  4. Liked on Facebook!

  5. Liked on Facebook!!

  6. I just bought some of the Javaprotein you featured on your blog in the Mocha flavor! I would love to win a magic bullet to make a morning coffee/protein smoothie with peanut butter and some Fairlife 2%!!

  7. I liked them on Facebook!

  8. I would love to win the magic bullet so I can use it to make green smoothies in my tiny kitchen. I live in the city so I don’t have room for a full sized blender, but I LOVE smoothies!

  9. The magic bullet is a dream! Making smoothies on the go, it’s perfect for my crazy schedule. Also, I know friends who make their pesto and spagetti sauce using the little blender.

  10. EXACTLY like melted ice cream! I’m thinking of freezing the rest of one of my bottles and subbing that for desserts!

  11. I liked Fairlife on facebook!

  12. I would love a magic bullet because my blender broke and I am smoothie-deprived :(

  13. …and I tweeted :)

  14. I do not have a facebook :( I hope you will accept my following Fairlife on twitter as a substitute…

  15. I would LOVE to win a Magic Bullet, because I always want to make smoothies but they don’t often turn out well in my food processor, haha.

  16. I liked them on facebook!

  17. My current blender is on the fritz so I totally need a new one!

  18. Michelle Crist says:

    Done, and I need it because I need ALL the help I can get to get myself in shape. :(

  19. Loved finally getting to meet you Lauren and a real meet up will be in store soon :) You caught me in that photo above flying- so fun and out of my comfort zone but extremely exciting! Cheers to loving dairy (I now have 4 different milks in my fridge thanks to Fairlife haha).

    • You look awesome in that photo! I’m glad there weren’t any of us “climbing each other’s mountains!” We will plan something proper soon. :)

  20. I FB like Facebook!

  21. I’d love to win a Magic Bullet so I can make smoothies–mine ALWAYS include either milk or yogurt!

  22. I’ve never heard of Fairlife- I always learn about the most interesting products from you! I liked them on Facebook. I think a magic bullet would be handy b/c I’m a protein smoothie freak but I have NO counter space, so this would be much easier than my large blender to lug out every day. Cheers!

  23. I liked them on facebook

  24. I want to win because my entire family LOVES making smoothies!

  25. What a fun event! We love milk (of all kinds) in my house too! We have organic 2%, almond milk, and tons of Greek yogurt always in the fridge. We need a new magic bullet so bad! I liked them!!

  26. Mini blenders like the bullet are so easy to use and clean!

  27. I liked fair life on facebook

  28. This event looks like a blast. I’ve really got to move out there so I can be a part of all of these fun Colorado blogging events with my favorite bloggers!

  29. I liked them on Facebook!

  30. I want to win a magic bullet so I can make perfect sized smoothies in the morning. I always dump a ton of ingredients in my blender and it ends up being way too much!

  31. can’t wait to try this at Blend!!

  32. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily says:

    Liked on Facebook :)

  33. Madeline says:

    I liked them on FB!

  34. Madeline says:

    And I’d like to win the Magic Bullet for my husband because he’s a smoothie lover :)

  35. I liked them on FB! And I’d love a magic bullet for making baby food for my six-month old!!

  36. Liked them on FB @ Mona Cpete

  37. I want the Magic Bullet to start making smoothies

  38. I liked them on FB.

  39. I Like Fairlife on Facebook

  40. I would like a magic bullet so that I can make breakfast smoothies!

  41. I like them on Facebook. I would love the magic bullet so I can make smaller portions of healthy shakes for my kids!!

  42. My little blender broke a few months ago so I would LOVE to try a bullet. I’ve heard they rock :)

  43. maggie511aggie says:

    I liked Fairlife on FAcebook!

  44. I can’t afford to buy my own blender, so winning a Magic Bullet would be perfect for my summer!

  45. I liked Fairlife Milk on facebook.

  46. I would love to win a Magic Bullet because my current blender is very old and takes FOREVER to blend everything together and right now its not in the budget to buy a new one. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  47. i would love to win to be able to make quick smoothies on the go. I love how versatile the magic bullet is.

  48. Kayleigh says:

    I liked them on facebook! I have been talking about having a magic bullet to have at my office. It would be a great way to make a smoothie quick and easy for a healthier snack to get me through the day!

  49. Jessica Dobbs says:

    Liked on facebook (as Jessa Pearson)

  50. Jessica Dobbs says:

    I would love to win because it would give me the chance to make healthy smoothies and shakes:)

  51. Jessica Dobbs says:
  52. I want to win a Magic Bullet in order to make tasty smoothies!

  53. I liked them on Facebook!!!!:-)

  54. I would love another Magic Bullet because I used my last one so much that it stopped working and I miss it!!!!!

  55. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I “Like” Fairlife on Facebook!

  56. I liked it!

  57. I used to have a magic bullet and loved it…then I entrusted it to my sister and she lost it! I would love to experience its magic again!!

  58. I’d love to win so I can make healthy smoothies on the go!

  59. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  60. Looks like fun! :) I liked them on facebook!

  61. I’d like to have a magic bullet because I hate dirtying my huge blender for a small smoothie. The magic bullet would be a lot more convenient!

  62. I like on fb Julie a Scott Laws thanks for the giveaway

  63. Alexandra says:

    I’d love to win this blender – ive heard such great things about the Magic Bullet!

  64. Alexandra says:

    “Liked” them!

  65. I’d like to win one for my sister

  66. Kristen L. says:

    I love the Magic Bullet! It would be a nice alternative to having to haul out the huge blender every time I want to make a smoothie or something quick.

  67. Kristen L. says:
  68. Julie Lee says:

    Liked Fairlife on FB


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