Currently: March

Happy Monday, friends! It’s crazy that we’re already into the last week of March- and I am certainly happy to embrace spring (and see some green around here!). As much as I really haven’t minded winter this season, I’m a warm-weather girl through and through. I’m trying to live in the moment but there are a bunch of exciting, fun things coming up in the next few months that I’m looking forward to.

But- for today- let’s stay in the present. :) I just realized that the month is almost over- and I haven’t written a Currently post yet! Let’s fix that, shall we?

Currently: March

Current books: No books- just the magazines that we subscribe to:


Current music: The Avett Brothers- I can’t wait to see them at Red Rocks this summer!

Current guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion.


Part 2 is on tonight!

Current nail color: I’ve been wearing real nail polish for almost a month now (clear right now):


I really do just like my nails “naked” more than anything, but they stay longer when they’re painted.

Current drink:  OMG this beer


This is a pretty bold statement- but I think it’s my favorite ever!

Current food: WAY too much of anything and everything.

Current favorite show: Definitely Parenthood!


I just love, love, love this show so much. I get so emotionally invested and talk about the characters like they’re real people! (Right now I’m so mad at Joel!)

Current wish list: A FitBit- I plan to buy one with my REI dividend. :)

Current needs: to figure out an amazing organizational system (for both files and time) for work! Also- a haircut. I haven’t had one since last April!

Current triumphs: cleaning out my email inbox. I know it might not sound like a big deal, but I had about 10,000 emails in there!

Current bane of my existence: My iPhone. I have a 4S and really want to upgrade (so that I have 4G/LTE) but am afraid that the moment that I buy a new phone, the iPhone 6 will come out. Technology gets updated way too quickly.

Current celebrity crush: Just in case you weren’t aware…

As much as I adore Jimmy Fallon, I’m taking about Paul Rudd (and make sure you watch the video- it’s hilarious!).

Current indulgence: See beer photo above…

Current blessing: A great new job (and having wonderful bosses that believe in me).

Current slang: I got nothing… Paige- help me out!

Current outfit: One of the many Run Swiftly tops and Lululemon capris that I (literally) live in- as shown in this lovely selfie I took earlier today.


Current excitement: House-hunting (which is so much more fun than selling your home), going to Florida next month to see family and Blend Retreat planning. Like I said above- there’s a lot of exciting things coming up!

Current mood: A little overwhelmed and tired- but happy. :)

Current link: This fantastic video on YouTube (found after searching for video above!)

Have a great Monday!!

What’s going on with you currently?


  1. Joel can’t stay out of the house forever. They have to get back together. Seriously!

  2. Have fun house hunting!!!!

  3. Yay. I love my fitbit. I have a super old iPhone too (the 4 actually!!!!!). I keep stalling on getting a new one for no apparent reason. I always say that as soon as my case breaks, I’ll get a new one! Haha. I’m also afraid that as soon as I get a new phone, I’ll end up breaking it!! Ha.

    • That’s why you need to pay for insurance on your phone- they break (or get lost or stolen) way too easily! :)

  4. Um, I think *I* have a crush on Paul Rudd after that video. And he needs to go on WWHL.

    I have an idea for your new slang, but it’s not public blog interwebz appropriate (think Shaq WWHL!)

  5. Have you gotten to try Odell’s Leprechaun session pale yet? Tastes like honey and flowers! If you get a day off you should come up!

  6. I haven’t tried that beer yet but now I’m determined! Confession: I cried watching last week’s Parenthood. I was feeling pretty proud for making it through the entire show without shedding a tear but that scene with Max just tore me up :( In happier news, Paul Rudd was amazing in that lip sync battle. Jimmy didn’t stand a chance!

  7. I love clear nail polish. Looking forward to treating myself to a pedicure tonight for the spring weather that I am hoping for over the next few weeks!

  8. House hunting is so much fun! We are DIYing our home right now! Also, I’m super excited about trying the beer!

  9. I LOVE Runoff Red!!!

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