This Year’s List [34 While 34]

Happy Thursday friends! Amidst being super busy with work, feeling sick and not getting nearly enough sleep, I decided to take the morning off yesterday for some much-needed Rocky Mountain therapy with my bestie. Going snowshoeing was actually something that Paige and I talked about doing (in the winter) all the time in the summer and fall- but yesterday was the very first time we actually went together! Considering that today is the first day of spring, it might also be the last for the season. Maybe.

snowshoe lake

We went to Lily Lake- which is a bit of a drive, but totally worth it. Paige hadn’t been there before and I’ve talked about how pretty it is over and over again. It was a clear, beautiful, sunny, perfect day.

snowshoe pano

On days like yesterday, it’s worth it to just push everything aside for a few hours- even if that means that you’ll end up working until bedtime. :)

Anyway. It’s been over a month since I turned 34, and once again, I’m just getting around to posting my to-do list for the current year. I’ve been making these lists for two years now and looking back at last year’s list, I’m a little disappointed in the things that I didn’t accomplish. Don’t get me wrong- I’m definitely happy about all of the things that I did do, and moving across the country and finding a new job certainly took a bit of effort. Some of the items that I didn’t get to (like lose the weight I’ve gained since I got married!) will be an on-going journey and aren’t things that I can just do in one day. Others (like make sauerkraut or go fly-fishing) could easily be accomplished in one day.

For this year’s list, I’ve decided to make it a combination of simple goals and other things that are a bit more complex (that I really hope to accomplish. Some are repeats of last year (and even the year before), but are things that I want to do again. Here goes:

34 While 34

1. Visit a new state

2. Go camping

3. Summit a 14er (that I haven’t climbed yet)

4. Go to a concert at Red Rocks

5. Try a new fitness class

6. Visit all 4 parents in all 3 states

7. Go to a Rockies game

8. Plan a beer-pairing dinner with friends

9. Try a new outdoor “sport”

10. Buy a house

11. Go on a brewery tour (that I haven’t already done)

12. Visit southern or western Colorado

13. Run in some kind of race

14. Sing karaoke

15. Create a new cocktail recipe

16. Take a road trip

17. Unplug for an entire weekend

18. Plan a romantic date night

19. Attend a play or musical

20. Get a haircut

21. Ski at a new (to me) resort

22. Go kayaking

23. Learn a new skill

24. Visit a museum in Denver

25. Go to the Denver zoo

26. Attend a canvas & cocktails type of class

27. Go white water rafting

28. Attend (or host!) a “Chopped” style dinner (idea inspired by Erin!)

29. Try a new food (or cuisine)

30. Find a new dentist, doctor, etc. (this is a must)

31. Go swimming

32. Get certified to teach TRX

33. Get dressed up really nice to go somewhere (even just to dinner)


I’m still thinking of one more item… Got any suggestions?


Stay tuned for updates!

What do you hope to accomplish this year?



  1. I know a way you can knock out #1 and #16. :)

    • Only if you promise to come to Colorado!
      (And I’ve been in Indiana- drove through it during our move!) I do still need to come visit you sometime though. ;)

  2. I’ve got a plan: come do a class 3 14er with me and we can knock off 2,3, 9 and 12 all together!

  3. Have you been to Georgia before? If not, there you go for #1. We could do #11, #13 and #14 while you’re here!

    • I’ve been to Georgia but it’s been a LONG time. I’m pretty sure that we went to a Cabbage Patch museum there when I was a kid. Does such a thing exist?

  4. Jenn Hart says:

    How about for #34 — become the Hart’s new neighbors? :) Whenever you want to go to the zoo, let me know — I would gladly accompany you! Makenna and I can do pretty much any Tuesday/Thursday — if we wait until fall, the weather will be nicer and their will be fewer field trips there! i also have passes to the Denver Museum and Nature and Science. Also — if you and Greg want to do camping in “style” let me know — we do dutch oven cooking and it is gourmet camping! (with flushing toliets!)

    • Can the Harts find us an affordable house in Louisville that isn’t a shoebox? :)
      And “glamping”- I’m all about it!

  5. A great list!

  6. I’ll help/join with the brewery tour and beer pairing!

  7. Come visit SC (have you been here??) Buy a house- thats a biggie!! Great list

    • Yup- I’ve driven (or ridden, rather) through SC on the way to Florida from Maryland (when I was a kid)! But that was about 30 years ago!

  8. Fun! I love your lists :)

  9. Great list! We snowshoed through the end of May in Summit County so I hope you have another chance to get out there! :)

  10. I love this list! Mostly because it’s very Colorado-y and I love all things Colorado-y :) I went to the Denver Art Museum last year (or maybe the year before?) and was kind of bored. I felt terrible about it but I guess fine art is kind of lost on me. Also, I just signed up for the Bolder Boulder and even though it’ll be my 5th time running it, I’m still terrified ha ha!

    • I used to be an art teacher and like art museums- BUT I can also see how they can get boring. :) It’s my 2nd year running the BB10k and last year was tough- it was right after I moved here and I hadn’t done any kind of running in months! The altitude definitely got me. This year I will be prepared!

  11. Ok, I would like to go on record and say that you can accomplish #2 #9 and #12 by meeting up with us in Durango in July and doing an overnight on the trail! ;) Just sayin’!

  12. The Denver Zoo is really good – you’ll like that one!

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