The Scale that DOESN’T Show Your Weight [Giveaway!]

Hello, friends! I hope that your week is off to a fantastic start- can you believe that it’s the final week of February? That means that spring is just around the corner (yay!)! As I said last week, while I certainly have enjoyed winter this year more than any other that I can remember- but that still doesn’t mean that I love it. Each day above 60˚ that we’ve had recently just makes me long for summer and warm, sunny weather every day. :)

Enough small talk- I’m really excited to share this post with you today because it features a really cool product that I’ve become a big fan of. You’re probably well aware that I’ve struggled with my weight for… pretty much my entire life. I’ve lost weight, gained weight, lost, gained, back and forth, up and down. I’ve gone through phases where I can easily lose two or three pounds in one week, to others where it takes me months to lose the same amount. There’s also been times in my life when I’ve (sadly) let the scale dictate how I feel about myself on a given day- which is just nuts.

While I’m not really about getting to a certain number, I definitely don’t feel so great about the number that I’ve been reading on the scale for a while now. To be completely honest- I’ve most definitely put on a few pounds since moving to Colorado last spring. It’s a combination of going out to eat way too much, mindless eating and just not making weight loss a priority. I’m hoping that things will change, and I’m going to be able to get into that mindset to put my weight loss efforts a much higher priority in my life.

I’m not a big fan of getting on the scale – and never have been. There’s just something about that three-digit number that draws up feelings (mostly negative) so I often just avoid it all together. But, let’s be honest- it’s a good way of tracking progress. Sure- other ways like using a tape measure or how your clothes fit are a great way to tell if you’ve lost weight. I definitely use those too (and the way my clothes fit is probably what I care about the most) but I do think that a scale has it’s merits. Recently, the nice people at Quantum Scale sent me one of their revolutionary scales to try out – and this is one that I definitely don’t mind using to track my progress!


Here’s a (very short) video from the Discovery Channel talking about how the scale works:

Basically, you remove the battery cover to turn the scale on (and select your unit of weight- either pounds or kilograms).


You can also easily reset the scale by turning it off (and on again). From this point on, you’ll need to record your weight for the first time.


When you step on the scale, it secretly records your weight (without showing you the number!). I stepped back on my scale right after it recorded my weight just to make sure it did. Sure enough, it displayed the number zero when I stepped back on (meaning that I had neither lost or gained weight).


Forgive my hideous (lack of) pedicure and funky feet in these photos…

From this point on, the scale will show you a number representing a loss or gain as compared to your starting weight.


As you may have guessed, this scale can only be used by ONE person. Since it stores your weight at the beginning, it will only show your progress (the scale can’t tell if you or someone else is stepping on it- and will just show the difference in weight!)

I don’t know why, but it’s far less scary for me to see my actual progress as opposed to an unpleasant 3-digit number staring back at me.

I’ll definitely continue to use the Quantum Scale to track my weight loss progress, and hopefully just see that number after the minus sign get larger and larger! Check out Quantum’s website for information on how to buy your own scale (which retails for $39 + shipping). It comes in a variety of lovely colors to choose from:

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 6.23.59 PM

As the title of this post suggests, there’s also a giveaway going on here!

Quantum has offered to send one very lucky reader a scale of his or her own! To enter: Leave a comment below telling me how the Quantum scale will help if your weight loss/gain/maintenance efforts. Feel free to share your own story, your own thoughts/feelings about “the scale” or anything else!

For an extra entry: Tweet about the giveaway by copying and pasting the following text: Hate the scale? How about one that doesn’t show your weight? Enter to win a Quantum Scale here:

I’ll be choosing a winner Sunday, March 2nd at 8:00 pm EST. Contest open to US residents only.

In the meantime- you have one more day to enter the very last KIND giveaway- so go do it!!

Good luck!


  1. Love this! I have to gain more weight per my doctor… long story.. It doesn’t bother me to gain… it’s weighting myself and looking at that stupid number that gets me! This would be PERFECT!
    Why is it that gain or lose… it is that stupid number that gets us??

  2. OMG cool scale! I refuse to get on the scale and actually got mad at the last scale we had and threw it out!!!! I struggle constantly with my weight and would love to only see my progress!!! I hate the Three digit NUMBER!!!

  3. This scale would be great for when you hit a plateau, since it’s always reminding you what you HAVE lost, rather than focusing on a number that isn’t changing.

  4. This scale would be great for motivation! Instead of focusing on my actual weight (which does not tell you everything), it would just give me a little insight as to how my weight loss journey is going and if I need to adjust anything. What a great idea for a scale!

  5. That is a positive way to track weight loss. You see a negative number, and it could be .1 or 2 lbs and it’s still a great feeling! Would love this.

  6. I freak people out when I tell them I almost never weigh myself. Focusing on a number on the scale has always been unhealthy for me so I tend to use the fit of my clothes and body fat percentage as my measures. But a scale that would just compare me to me without the total number would be awesome. Love this idea!

  7. NEED. Like, seriously NEED. I hate seeing that number because it’s so depressing, I don’t know or care what it is because I obsess about it constantly. And, like age, weight is just a number – I’m healthy and that’s what matters most – but I could stand to lose a few. Plus, it comes in orange. ORANGE.

  8. what an awesome scale! i love this idea and i feel like it helps you focus on you rather than comparing your weight to others

  9. ….. does it keep a total of how much you have lost since you start, or just each time you weigh in it tells you how much you are down from the time before?

  10. Ugh. Just had my physical this morning and hate the number on the scale but love how I feel! I’m doing some research because the only thing that seems to have changed since last year is how much running I’m doing. I need to do a little experiment on myself – and need a scale to do it!

  11. I never weigh myself, so this would be a great tool to just know that I am staying on the right track, and not straying (too!) far either way, up or down, with my weight. so neat!

  12. Very cool! I will have to check this out. I do think it’s easy to get fixated on the actual number, when really you are making progress overall by keeping off any lost weight.

  13. My weightloss goal is always tied to how I feel and look in my clothes. I’m really tall, so it would be silly for the number to matter to me since it probably seems high anyway to people of average height. I would love this scale because I could feel proud of my progress without the sticker shock qualification that the number is still high.

  14. Just tweeted!

  15. This is such a cool scale! I don’t have a scale, because… they suck and usually just bring me down. Even if I don’t gain or lose, like you said, the 3 digit number just looks horrible and honestly, I don’t think it is a reflection of what I actually look like.. So seeing a loss or gain would be so much better. This winter I put on a couple (ok, a few) pounds and have just recently started working on losing them… This would really help me track my progress in a positive way!!

  16. I have had a past of being obsessive about the scale, so this would be nice to not get sucked back into the numbers game!

  17. tweeted!

  18. I love this concept! I don’t own a scale because I don’t want to focus on numbers, but it would be nice to know that I’m maintaining like should be, and that my hard work is paying off!

  19. Last week I stepped on the scale to show that I had gained 7 pounds since last summer! What? I hardly eat the goodies over the holidays and actually, what I eat is probably the equivalent of what someone eats normally. Anyways, I decided to measure myself. I was roughly the same except a half an inch but my belly was flatter overall.

  20. I LOVE this concept! I am currently on my weightloss journey…I have a long way to go, and I think this would be so helpful to be able to focus on a gain/loss and not the overall scary number. I started at 364 pounds, and lost 85 last year, then I gained some and saw 301 again and got discouraged and gained some more. Now I am back on track, and I think this would be a great way to keep me motivated instead of looking at that big number. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve followed you on IG, and your blog for sometime, and look forward to future blog posts! :) Thanks Lady!

  21. Tweeted about the giveaway! @justbeingmommy

    Thanks again!

  22. Every bride to be wants to look and feel her BEST on her wedding day..this has been my goal for the past few months since getting engaged. The scale depresses me…this sounds like an awesome alternative and a positive way to start the day!!

  23. I’d love a scale like that. I tend to not weigh myself cuz I get too caught up in negative talk for the rest of the day. Trying to just eat healthy and track my food, but one of these scales would be great to keep myself accountable.

  24. I think this would be great to win. Sometimes it’s so depressing to step on the scale and see that 3 digit number staring back at you. I think this is definitely a more positive step towards my (any anyone really) fitness and weight loss goals.

  25. I would love to keep up with my weight without having to see the actual number! I get too caught up in the numbers games.

  26. I am just like you – I dread the scale! Although I rely on body measurements / the way my clothes fit to track my progress, I do agree that the scale has some merit. This one is the best of both worlds! I am in the thick of my weight loss journey (like you, one I have been on many times in my life!). Would love to win this scale to help me reach my goals.

  27. I tweeted as well!

  28. I would LOVE this scale. I haven’t weighed myself in over a year because I don’t want my weight to determine my mood. This scale would be perfect because it would keep me on track without seeing my weight.

  29. I don’t own a scale and don’t weigh myself at all. I only know what I weigh when I go to the doctor’s office, but even then I ask them not to tell me. It’s tough getting caught up on numbers.

  30. This is such a good idea! Sometimes you get so focused on the big number that you forget to celebrate the small victories, even if it’s only a -.1 lb loss!

  31. I would love to have this scale! It’s too easy to get caught in the mind games of your weight loss/gain. Such a great idea.

  32. What a cool scale! I don’t really care about weight loss, but it would be fun to have to see any progress when needed! DEF the PINK one!

  33. I would love this to help with my weight loss

  34. I could get on the scale in front of my children without them seeing the number and blabbing it to the neighbors!

  35. Wow, this is the coolest thing and best idea ever. I DEFINITELY feel more negatively about myself if I don’t like the number on the scale, and this would be a great way to “keep some perspective.” Very cool.

  36. i think this is great because so many of us obsess over a specific number, when really its JUST a number. out goal should be to be HEALTHY regardless of what that number is because it’s different for all of us. i’m not going to lie and say i don’t focus on the numbers because I do, this would be a great tool to step away from a number goal and focus of a health goal.

  37. What a cool idea! This would be great to help reduce that “comparison” trap

  38. I would love to try this scale out sounds like a dream come true. I have battled with the scale for years I used to weigh myself each day then finally I threw the damn thing in the closet haven’t seen it since LOL. I would like to try this one.

  39. Oh, I would LOVE this scale! I don’t like to see the numbers, but it is always nice to know if there was a change. (I prefer to go by clothing and tape measure but I could definitely fall in love with a scale that does NOT tell me my weight!)

  40. I think this is such a positive tool for people who struggle with weight loss and maintenance!!

  41. Claira Pam says:

    I’m definitely the type to obsess over the number, so it’s nice to focus more on the progress that you make (baby steps!) than to feel discouraged because you haven’t yet reached your goal. What a great idea!!

  42. Claira Pam says:
  43. I love this idea for a scale! I tend to get really discouraged when I see the same number again and again (or worse, a higher number) but this would keep me focused on what I have actually accomplished up to that point and would keep me motivated.

  44. This scale would be great for me as I struggle with the fact that my normal body weight is always going to be higher than a lot of other people just because of my body type. So for weight loss this would help to not see the actual number but just the total of what I have lost or gained, much more confidence!

  45. This is such a great concept! I love the idea of knowing you’re on the right track without having the “scary” three digit number lingering. My friend just bought me a scale that is “supposed to” calculate your Body Fat percentage….well, the first time I got on it, it said “Overfat”. The next day, it said Obese. Really? Thankfully I’m very happy with my body and know I’m not even close to being overweight or obese, but I thought it was such an awful thing for a person to see right away in the morning.

  46. How cool! I can make sure I’m maintaining my weight despite a lot of eating out and travel for work, without the risk of becoming obsessed with a number!

  47. What a smart invention. You’re right who wants to see those 3 numbers. I’d much rather see what I’ve lost and do a happy dance.

  48. Oh I love this!! I have never owned a scale and I always have to give my weight at my monthly trainer meetings (so she can plan my nutrition appropriately). I like that it just shows your progress. :)

  49. I would love this scale because I won’t have to be intimidated by the total weight, I can just focus on my progress and when I need to step things up!

  50. This would be a great way to gauge my progress without feeling bad about the present!

  51. Love this idea. I have a similar product (the zero scale), which does give the option to show your weight. I don’t have it with me because I still get obsessed over if I’ve gained or lost any weight, so I just don’t weigh myself at all anymore. But i gave it to Mark and he loves it and is using it to track his progress on his weight loss goal for this year.

  52. Nancy Jergensen says:

    finally a scale that celebrates the right number- helps you to stay focused on the job at hand-weight loss-the other number will take care of itself


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