[I Dream of] Halo Top Creamy Ice Cream

I’ll be the first to admit that I definitely have a sweet tooth. If I had to choose my favorite dessert the answer would always be ice cream, hands down (and is only made better if it’s top of a piece of fruit crisp or pie). When it comes to ice cream, I don’t like to mess around. I don’t eat it that often, so when I do I want full-fat, full-sugar, creamy, calorie-laden ice cream. I’ve tried many light varieties over the years and haven’t found anything to comes remotely close to the real thing. That is… until now.

halo tops

I ran over to Sprouts one day a few months ago to grab a few things after the gym when something in the freezer section caught my eye: Halo Top Creamery Light Ice Cream. The label on the front caught my eye: 7 grams of protein, 70 calories, 4 grams net carbs. There were four different flavors to choose from: Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Chocolate and Lemon Cake. I was definitely skeptical, but my curiosity won over and I bought a pint of the Lemon Cake flavor. I’ve tried a few high protein, low calorie light “ice creams in the past and have been less than impressed… but that was definitely not the case with Halo Top. It tastes incredible!

Because I’m such a fan of Halo Top, they were nice enough to send me all four flavors to try!

four flavors

This is the first light ice cream that doesn’t contain a bunch of scary stuff- only all natural ingredients. Halo Top uses cage-free eggs, hormone-free milk and is sweetened with organic stevia and erythritol. I’m a huge fan of the nutritional stats and the fact that this ice cream is high in protein! And if you decided to eat the whole pint, you’d get 28 grams and just 280 calories!

For those of you who do Weight Watchers- you’d be happy to know that Halo Top is 2 points per serving- and only 8 for the whole pint!


Now that I’ve tried all of the flavors, I can honestly say that I like each and every one. If I had to choose a favorite, I think I’d have to go with chocolate. The ironic thing is, chocolate is usually the very last flavor of ice cream that I would typically go for. I’m a vanilla girl through and through.

But, there’s just something about Halo Top’s chocolate flavor…

chocolate top

I would recommend letting your Halo Top ice cream sit out on the counter for about ten minutes before scooping it out. And if you’re really anxious, pop it in the microwave for about ten seconds. The texture is a little different than regular ice cream. It’s a little more light and airy- which is not a bad thing!


I’m not going to say that Halo Top is even better than real ice cream, because that would be a lie. In my world, nothing is better than full-fat, sugar-filled ice cream. The truth is that it is almost as good- and that’s good enough for me! I’m so glad to have found an ice cream alternative that doesn’t really seem like an alternative… and will be having Halo Top in my freezer for a long time to come. And I just might be eating ice cream every single night from now on…

*Halo Top sent me products to try. Opinions are my own.

Have you ever tried a light version of ice cream (or any dessert) that can hold a candle to the “real thing?”


  1. Is this similar to Arctic Zero?

  2. This might sound weird, but I actually often prefer lower fat versions of dairy products. Low fat cottage cheese/sour cream/yogurt/cream cheese, skim milk–there is something kind of gunky and heavy to me about the full fat versions that leave my tummy and mouth a little off. But then again, I do love me some butter! I’d love to try this ice cream :)

  3. I MUST try this! I wonder if they have it at WFs? The flavors sound fantastic. Both my husband and I would love this!!! Thanks for posting :)

  4. YES! I tried the lemon last month. It was pretty amazing.

  5. Mmmmm that sounds so so good!! I LOVE anything ice cream/ish ;)

  6. I love their lemon flavor! I actually have some in my fridge RIGHT NOW!

  7. i won some halo top in a giveaway, and i’m so in love. AND they don’t sell it here in FL. so when it’s gone, it’s gone and it makes me sad!

  8. I actually think Edy’s slow-churned ice cream tastes like the real thing!! I want to try Halo – I wish they sold it in PA!! Or shipped!

  9. I just tried the chocolate! Wow, super impressed! After trying Arctic Zero, I thought there was no hope for low calorie ice cream (bleck!)… This is my go to sweet treat now…Can’t wait to taste test the vanilla!

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