Cooking With Greek Yogurt [Book Review & Giveaway!]

There are a few people that you will cross paths with throughout your life that just really get you. I’m lucky enough to have met several women that fall into that category, thanks to the wonderful world of healthy living blogs. Through blogging events, conferences and informal meet-ups, I’ve come away with some pretty fantastic life-long friends. One of those friends is a smart, creative, quirky, talented, gorgeous girl named Cassie. Though Cassie and I only met (in the flesh) for the first time this past September, we’ve been digital friends for a couple of years. I’ve been a big fan of her blog Back to Her Roots ever since I discovered blogs!

Cassie and I bonded over so many different things and immediately hit it off (along with Gretchen!) when we spent the weekend together in Minneapolis for the Healthy Living Summit, where we presented together on a panel.


One thing that I’ve always admired about Cassie’s blog is its elegant, simple and slightly funky layout and design. She designs every little detail herself, and from a fellow graphic designer, that’s something that I can truly appreciate. Cassie even designed the mountain/sun logo on my blog’s header! I was really excited for my friend when I heard that she was creating a cookbook, and even more thrilled when I got my own copy in the mail earlier this month!

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.12.06 PM

Before I even get to the recipes, I have to say that just thumbing through this book is a graphic designer’s dream! The fonts, photography (!!) and every little detail are just laid together perfectly and create an amazing visual experience for the reader. There are large color photographs for every recipe and the text is simple and easy to read. The book is filled with lots of color everywhere and it just made me smile as I read through each page.

The book itself is filled with incredible content, which includes more than just recipes. There’s a table of contents in the beginning, so that you can easily find a specific type of recipe that you’re looking for. Following that, Cassie talks about the roots and health benefits of Greek yogurt and just what makes it so unique and irresistible. There’s also a helpful guide to figure out common substitutions when cooking with Greek yogurt, including everything from butter to mayonnaise to heavy cream. I definitely learned some helpful tips from reading that section!

On to the recipes… Oh, the recipes! As you can see, I’ve had quite a field day bookmarking all of the recipes that I want to try first (and I say first, because ultimately I want to try every single one!).


Stuffed French Toast?! Yes, please!!

The recipes throughout the book fall into several different categories: breakfast, soups, mains, sides & snacks and desserts. Most of the recipes are fairly healthy and there are a few that are quite decadent. Some of the recipes that I’ve bookmarked include tomato and herb frittata, wedding cauliflower soup, beer and butternut squash mac and cheesejalapeno cheddar cornbread and mint julep frozen yogurt.

Since every single recipe sounded delicious, it was tough to choose where to start! I had some leftover smoked salmon in my fridge, so I figured that making the smoked salmon spread would be a good choice. I absolutely love the step-by-step instructions and photographs that she includes with some of the recipes, like this one:

salmon recipe

The recipe called for 6 oz. of smoked salmon, but since I only had two ounces left I divided the recipe by two thirds. I also used the attachment on my immersion blender instead of my full-size food processor. Into the container went fresh dill, smoked salmon, neufchatel cheese, 2% plain Greek yogurt, onion, salt and pepper.

salmon ingredients

After just a few seconds of blending, it was a beautiful shade of… salmon!

whipped salmon spread

In the cookbook, Cassie recommends using this spread on bagels or crackers or even as a condiment on a sandwich (like a BLT!). I immediately thought of putting on top of sliced cucumber, topped with a sprig of dill to make fancy little hors’ d’oeurvres!


Even with cutting the recipe by 2/3, this still made a good amount of salmon spread- enough to fill your standard cream cheese container for sure. I’m definitely going to keep this one on my list of recipes to make for parties list! You can get your own copy of Cassie’s book on Amazon by clicking here.

Now, for the fun part: the giveaway! One lucky reader will receive his/her own copy of Cassie’s fantastic book, Cooking with Greek Yogurt.  

To enter: Leave a comment below telling me how you already use Greek yogurt for baking and cooking.

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Entries will be accepted until Sunday, February 2nd at 8:00 EST. The winner will be posted on the blog during that week.

Good luck!


  1. This isn’t the most creative of answers, but I use it in place of sour cream in dips a lot.

  2. Just tweeted!

  3. I use Greek yogurt to make healthier brownies!

  4. I love using it in place of butter, swapping for sour cream, and mixing it in my tuna salad!

  5. Healthy living blogs rock! This cookbook sounds amazing. I love Greek yogurt. I like making muffins out of it best

  6. I have never cooked with Greek yogurt, but I would love to learn how to! And Cassie’s blog is one of my favorites :)

  7. Greek yogurt is easy to sub for sour cream in dips!

  8. Yum, I love using Greek yogurt as a little protein boost in soups – just add a dollop before serving, which makes it nice and creamy too. I’d love to use it more in baking, though!

  9. I hate to admit it,but greek yogurt intimidates me! I have bought it a few times and then wondered what to do with it!!! A cookbook would be a great way to learn how to make some healthy, tasty meals for my family!

  10. Love the idea of the salmon spread.
    I use Greek yogurt in baking (muffins, breads) and also eat it every AM for a boost of protein.

  11. I eat that stuff plain because its so yummy!

  12. I use greek yogurt as a substitute for sour creme a lot of the time. The 2% or full fat versions are the tastiest!

  13. I always sub greek yogurt for sour cream – my fiance laughs when I offer him “sour cream” for his chili or tacos!

  14. I use Greek yogurt mostly in my smoothies, but have used it in brownies before too.

  15. I mainly use yogurt for smoothies or eat as is. Haven’t been adventurous enough to actually use it in baking or cooking. (Mostly because hubby needs to be out of the kitchen for me to sneak it in.)

  16. I use it with brownie mixes!

  17. I use it instead of sour cream or when I bake :)

  18. I use Greek yogurt sauces, brownies, and breads

  19. I actually just used Greek yogurt this morning in my pancakes! I combined half a banana, ground oatmeal, and egg whites to make a pancake, and then I stuffed it with mashed banana + Greek yogurt and cinnamon. Topped it all with a little maple syrup. Totally delicious. Totally decadent, but without wrecking your diet. LOVE Greek yogurt!

  20. I use Greek yogurt for everythinggg! In place of sour cream and mayonnaise, on top of soup for a creamy, cool counterpart, to make sauces for pasta, dips for vegetables, and as a simple snack with a spoonful of peanut butter or jelly or both! The one thing I haven’t used it for is baking, so I really, really want to win this book!

  21. I love to make mac and cheese with plain fat free greek yogurt; the taste is amazing and it completely lowers the calorie/fat content of an otherwise decadent dish

  22. I really need to win this cookbook becuase I never think to use greek yogurt in cooking. I know the possibilities are endless, but for some reason I’ve always been scared to try it.

  23. Natalie S says:

    I use greek yogurt in place of sour cream in my recipes!

  24. I love cooking with Greek yogurt. I add it to my egg salad instead of mayo, top my tacos with it, and use it in my Indian dishes to calm down the spices.

  25. Mmmmm! I love using Greek yogurt in enchiladas!

  26. Jennifer L. says:

    I use Greek yogurt to replace sour cream, but would love to expand my uses for it!

  27. I use greek yogurt most frequently in smoothies.

  28. That salmon spread recipe looks so yummy! I love Cassie’s blog too – both the design and the recipes.

  29. I sub in boxed cake mixes when I’m making cake pops!

  30. I use it in chicken salad!

  31. Whenever I make bread from my leftover veggie pulp, I spread greek yogurt on top. It’s so delicious and makes every bite more moist (gross word, but it works ;) ).

  32. I’ve been afraid to try Greek yogurt in cooking because I’m always nervous the protein will conceal or the fat will curdle. So actually some ready-made tried and true recipes would be a great incentive for me to get started already!

  33. I use greek yogurt instead of sour cream and in baking a lot!

  34. Also, I tweeted!

  35. I have used it instead of sour cream in some dips but I have not tried it in baked goods yet good idea though.

  36. I like using greek yogurt in muffins!

  37. Wow, this book is right up my alley! I already make cheesecakes and of course, pancakes with Greek yogurt!

  38. I use Greek yogurt in my banana bread recipe to keep it moist and add a protein punch! I’d love to peruse Cassie’s book for new uses!

  39. I just eat greek yogurt! But I would love to learn ways to add it to foods!!

  40. Chris DeHart says:

    healthier salad dressing and sour cream

  41. Chris DeHart says:
  42. I like to make yogurt cheese from it.

  43. I use Greek yogurt as the base for my Alfredo sauce! I use it in several recipes, smoothies and eat it plain! So yummy!! I also tweeted about the giveaway! Love your blog!

  44. I use greek yogurt in place of mayo! :)

  45. First, I have to say I love her… I follow Cassie’s blog and I think she’s adorable! Now for the greek yogurt- it replaces butter in all of my desserts and I think they taste so much better.

  46. Wow – great concept – recipes with Greek Yogurt.
    Most of us know it’s good for use, bur leaving it to the food industry to make up something tasty is a big mistake.
    The recipes look tasty and healthy.

  47. Jen Mitchell says:

    I’ve used it to make my own frozen yogurt…a very tangy peanut butter froyo.

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