Ski School [Day Three]

Happy TGIF, friends! Another week has come and gone, and I’m halfway through my time at Ski School. It’s hard to believe that there’s only three sessions left- it’s gone by so fast! This past week’s session had it’s ups and downs, but I still came out learning a lot and being a better skier.

lauren ski

I went into day 3 feeling totally sore in my quads and lower back from teaching Spinning and Bodypump the day before (and totally overdoing it and lifting way too heavy in Bodypump). I took some Ibruprofen and put Biofreeze all over my lower back and it helped a little- but I was still pretty stiff.

The morning started just like any other day of ski school- meeting up with my group for breakfast and chatting about our goals for the day. We had agreed that we would start on the bunny slopes (aka the magic carpet ride!), practice a few quick runs and then move on to the greens (which are the first set of trails after you move up from the bunny slope). I was a little nervous that I’d “lose everything” that I had learned and have to start from scratch and wondered how that first run down would go. I decided to just go for it… and ended up skidding over ice at the very end and falling right over- hitting my head pretty hard! Even though I hurt my head- I hurt my ego even more. It hadn’t snowed in over a week, and the snow that was there was not soft powder- but more hard and icy (not what I had been skiing on the last two weeks for sure!)

I decided to do what I knew helped me focus last week: sidestep up the hill, far enough to practice a few turns. I did that three times- and it was just what I needed. From there on out, I felt confident and remembered everything that I had learned in the first two sessions. I went back up the magic carpet to the top of the bunny slope and had no problem gliding back down (and Jenn got a video of it!):

Thank goodness for Jenn- we are totally on the same wavelength and I’m so glad that she’s in my group! Besides learning to ski, I’ve made a great new friend (and ski buddy!).

ski buddies

I was a little nervous about moving right over to the greens, but we didn’t have much choice. The lift that we had been on last week (called Little Hawk, which still leads to the top of the bunny slopes, starting with a steeper run) doesn’t usually run on weekdays and we got lucky being able to get on it last week. The jump from the magic carpet to “EZ” lift to the greens is pretty huge, but I was trying to tell myself that I was ready.

Jenn and I got on the lift together- and it went high (and we were on it a lot longer than Little Hawk!).

lift selfie


Being up that high (almost to the top of those tall trees) was definitely a different sensation! There’s my feet dangling below…

lift dangle

When we got off the lift (which I was able to do with no problem, thank goodness!) there were a number of different green trails that we could go down. Our instructor, Jane, led the three of us down Foxtail.

foxtail sign

I was pretty excited to go down a longer run, and also a little nervous to find out what was ahead. There were sections that were much steeper and others that were almost completely flat- with the steepest section at the end. We took the trail in sections, going down the first part and working on taking wide turns and stopping.


It took a long time to get down that run, because we stopped over and over again to go over different techniques and drills. It took so long, in fact that by the time we got to the bottom- it was time for lunch! As always, lunch was delicious- I had a teeny bit of vegetarian chili (which was more of an excuse to have something to go with the cornbread!) and a salad with some chicken. And, of course, (most of) a big, gigantic, warm chocolate chip cookie.

ski day 3 lunch

There was a massage therapist on site at lunch and we could pay a dollar per minute for a massage. I paid for ten minutes and had her work on my lower back for most of it. It helped a little bit, but my body was still pretty sore overall and I was just tired. We still had two hours to ski (and we are free to stop any time we want), and I wanted to at least get a couple more runs in. We headed back up the lift and over to Foxtail.


That first run down took forever again because we kept stopping and reviewing techniques. To be honest, I really hate stopping so much. Stopping a few times (on flat sections) to check in is good- but this was literally every ten feet. I understand that it’s important to learn new techniques, but I would much rather practice what I’ve learned so far- and get good at it- and then move on to new stuff. It was just a bit of information overload and things started to get a bit confusing. Also, Jenn and I are pretty much at the same level and pretty comfortable at getting down the hill, turning and stopping.  The other woman in our group has a lot of issues with confidence, and our instructor spends a lot of time with her (which is great for her- but it tends to hold Jenn and I back a bit). I’m much better at skiing when I can just go and clear my head- and we weren’t able to do that much this week.

When I eventually got to the bottom of the run, I saw this handsome guy!

greg ski

And- he happened to be filming me! This was the very end of the run, which is a long, flat section (right after the steepest part of the whole trail). (I’m the second skier.)

Greg rode up the lift with me for the next run, and I told him about how the day had gone. I was feeling really sore and decided that it would be my last run for the day. He went off by himself and I went down with the group. We stopped a little bit less that time, but it was still… a lot. The thing about standing around so much on skis is that it makes your legs tired! You have to keep your skis sideways and use some balance to keep from falling over- and my legs had just had it.

Overall, the day was a success. I was happy to have progressed to green runs, but was a little frustrated with some other factors (and just physically exhausted!). I think I’ve learned my lesson too- don’t teach two group exercises the day before that require so much quad dominance!

We’ll see what next week brings!

Have a great weekend!

Do you have a slow and steady approach to learning- or would you rather just jump right in?


  1. I’m a jump right in gal!

  2. You look great! I totally get the frustration and intimidation. I learned at 28 and my husband was already an expert like yours. It’s a humbling experience but you have a fantastic attitude and you’ll keep progressing. LOL regarding your sore legs. You love to workout so how can you resist? I once did a major legs/glutes lifting session a day prior to hitting the slopes. Oof! Not a bright idea :)

    • I took my first ski lesson at age 28 (almost 6 years ago!) and hated it- it took me this long to give it another shot! Thanks for the kind words! :)

  3. I actually love to hear that the group is moving a little too slow – you’re really picking it up! Is there a group above that you could move up to with Jenn for a bit more challenge next week?

    • Jenn Hart says:

      Hi! This is Jenn, there is a group ahead of us but they are doing blue runs and much more advanced then us! I am so thankful for Lauren and she is doing so well!!! We will just meet the rest of the group at the bottom of the run next week — I will just tell her to GO! :)

    • Yeah- I think that if our group wasn’t just three people, we might be able to move up. Luckily I’ve got Jenn- so at least we’re in the majority in the group and have each other!! :)

  4. Look at you go! You look awesome!

    I wish I could say I was a “jump right in” person but I am pretty methodical when I’m learning something new. Snowboarding took a TON of repetition for me to get the hang of it. I got frustrated in lessons too, and things finally clicked when I went on run after run after run – the same one – by myself. That way I knew what to expect, I wasn’t paying attention to anyone else and I wasn’t ovethinking. That’s when it became more natural. Good luck! :)

    • Thanks, my friend! I had to do the same run over and over and over again for it to click. And I definitely still like the idea of repeating the same run and mastering it before moving on. You’re a badass for learning how to snowboard!!

  5. i’ve definitely made that mistake, too – no heavy leg exercises the day before a full ski day for me, anymore!

    the tireness and soreness subside as your muscles get used to it – before you know it, you won’t even notice your muscles working! :)

    YAY for success!!! I’m proud of you!!

  6. Learning to skii is a great fun way to lo forward to the weather.
    Looks like fun.


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