Currently: December

Hooray- the weekend is here! The upcoming weekend (like pretty much every one this month) is jam-packed full of fun times with friends, holiday stuff and hopefully at least a little downtime. I’m hoping to get most of my Christmas shopping done (who am I kidding- I’ll be shopping until Christmas eve!) and try out a few of these cocktail recipes. What are your plans for the weekend?

Looking ahead to next week- I’ll be hosting a variety of giveaways (of some of my favorite products) each day – so be sure to check back to see what’s going on! As for today, it’s all about a whole bunch of random stuff. Enjoy!


Currently: December

Current books: TomVenuto’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. I was sent a copy to review recently and can’t put it down!

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

So far I am definitely a fan of his style and promoting “fat loss” as opposed to “weight loss.” It kind of makes me want to become a body builder. Okay, not really.

Current music: The Mumford & Sons Pandora Station. It’s pretty much always my soundtrack when working in my home office!

Current guilty pleasure: Any music by Ke$ha. Especially this song- I play it when teaching Spinning class often and get really excited when it randomly comes on during my own workouts. It gets me PUMPED!

Current nail color:  Sadly, my nails are compeltely bare right now! I’ve kept them au natural for the last two weeks (which resulted in all of them breaking!). I have these Jamberry Shields at home waiting to be put on!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 6.23.09 PM

You can order various Jamberry shields here, and if you buy 3, you get one free!! And- look out for a giveaway on the blog on Monday!!

Current drink: I’m really trying to cut back on caffeine (to see if it improves the quality of my sleep) but just enjoyed my (one and only) morning cup of coffee.


Current food: Turkey everything. In the last week I’ve had turkey pot pie, turkey soup, turkey salad and plain ol’ slices of turkey (best when paired with avocado). Buying an extra Thanksgiving turkey for lots of leftovers has proven to be a great idea year after year!

Current favorite show: I don’t know how I missed the first season of this show, but the second season premieres Sunday night.

I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be my new favorite show.

Current wish list: World peace! Besides that, I’d like a new iPad, a robe that I can lounge around in, slippers and a few long-sleeve Lululemon Run Swiftly shirts.

Current needs: to color my roots. I’m one of the lucky ones that started going gray at the tender age of 25.


Current triumphs: Not eating the entire bag of these in one sitting. ;)


Current bane of my existence: That stupid Dior commercial with Charlize Theron- I think it’s the most annoying thing in the world!!! Ugh- I had to hear about 2 seconds of it to look up the link!!

Current celebrity crush: Still Paul Rudd- and thanks to Calee for sending me this link with lots of eye candy!

Actor Paul Rudd on a Bed


Current indulgence: Christmas cookies. Booze. Cheesy holiday tunes. Tis the season!

Current blessing: Everything! Living in gorgeous Colorado, having wonderful friends and family, two loving doggies and a kick-ass husband.

Current slang: That’s what she said!


Seriously- I am the worst. I say it every chance I get (which is often when it’s totally inappropriate).

Current outfit: My favorite Lulu capris that I live in (and I finally bought a second pair), a Run Swiftly pullover and my new, lovely PrAna vest. I call it Boulder Chic.


Current excitement: CHRISTMAS!!!!! And going seeing the new Hobbit movie. Nerd alert!


Current mood: GREAT. Is that a mood?

Current link: My Fitness Pal. I’ve been pretty good about tracking over the last month or so- it definitely helps keep me in check (especially during this time of year!)

Have a great weekend- and be sure to check out the first giveaway for next week on Monday!

What’s going on with you (currently)?


  1. Totally how I’m feeling lately too – happy and grateful. I have hardly done any shopping but for some reason I’m completely calm about it. I think it’s because me and my hubby realize there are way more important things and blessings in life than the physical, tangible gifts. We are going completely low-key this year. But that doesn’t mean everyone in our lives is so I guess I have some work to do! :-/

    Love that vest, Lauren! Happy Holidays!!!!

  2. Love the Boulder chic look! ;) I’ve definitely been going with that look myself lately…so comfy!

  3. I love that vest! And I think it’s Colorado – the “great” has infected everyone who lives here!

    • Thanks- I was eying it at PrAna for the last month and snatched it up at their 30% off sale! People here are definitely a special breed…

  4. NERD ALERT! I don’t know why, but I can’t do LOTR or any of the spin-offs, but I’ll take Dr. Who and Star Trek.

    You’re so very welcome for that luscious Paul Rudd collection.

    Also, I’m a HUGE Ke$ha fan. I’ve even been to one of her shows (there’s glitter everywhere).

    • I think that even if you’re not into the LOTR books or storylines, you HAVE to appreciate the insane visual cinematic beauty. :)
      And that is AWESOME that you saw Ke$ha! GLITTER!

  5. Yay Mumford and sons! Just add it to the list of many reasons why we’re friends.

    P.s. Just booked a hotel room for a long weekend in CO over valentine’s day

  6. I’m a big fan of Mumford & Sons!

    I’m looking forward to vacationing!

  7. That vest is awesome!!

    YAY LOTR. Love those movies <3

  8. I’m going to check out that Alaska show.
    Currently preparing for a holiday cocktail hour I’m hosting tonight…

  9. Love this post!! Love Ke$ha too – awesome workout music. And I am Jamberry free right now too and my nails are all broken – boo. Waiting just a few more days to break out my Christmas ones!! And I totally love TWSS – so funny. ;)

    • I just put my Christmas ones on this weekend- but just did solids and an accent nail for now.
      I’m glad you understand the pumpin’ power of Ke$ha!

  10. I’m with you on that Dior commercial, although the Thierry Mugler Angel commercial with Eva Mendez bothers me more.

    I feel like commercials this year are especially annoying, although the Sprint commercials with the two guys reading texts/facebook messages does make me smile. Totes adorbs. :)

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