10 Holiday Gift Ideas [from cheap to steep!] for the Active Female

It’s hard to believe that we’re already ten days into December- meaning that Christmas is just fifteen days away! I have never been the type to get all of my shopping done early so that I can just sit back and relax. No, I’m the woman that you’ll find frantically (but methodically) shopping for presents on Christmas Eve (hey, I do my best work under pressure!). To my credit, I actually have purchased a few presents so far and plan to do most of my shopping online this year.

Admittedly, shopping for people can be a little stressful. There are some people (namely my family members) that are extremely hard to shop for. But others (like my friends) are really easy- because we typically like the same things! I’ve put together a list of gift ideas which include items that I personally love and use all the time. Hopefully you’ll find something listed here that someone in your life (or maybe even you!) would love to receive!

*This post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Koss.

1. Koss FitBuds and FitClips


I was lucky enough to recently receive both of these types of headphones from Koss, which are specifically designed for women (by women!). I have a really hard time finding in-ear headphones that fit well and that I don’t end up fiddling with through my entire workout. My biggest issue is getting a pair that are comfortable and don’t continuously fall out. When I work out, I sweat- and earbuds just fall fright out of my ears. Thankfully, I’ve finally found a solution to that problem! I first tried out the FitBuds and they withstood a workout that included rowing and functional training (which involved lots of burpees!). They stayed securely in place the entire time! They’re super lightweight and sweat-resistant, too.

I wasn’t so sure I’d like the FitClips as much- I just wasn’t sure about the design. Surprisingly I liked them even more than the FitBuds! Like the FitBuds, the FitClips are soft and stay in place (even during a plyometric workout)- but I noticed that these really blocked out all background noise as well! And trust me- there are several circumstances at the gym where I’d prefer that the background noise is blocked out. They’re also super affordable, retailing for $29.95 each! I absolutely recommend these two styles of in-ear headphones to any woman- and know a few ladies that might be getting a pair from me this Christmas!

They can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Best Buy, Kmart and Sears (and look out for a super low price of $19.99 this month!).

2. Bionic Lifting gloves

bionic gloves

I had these on my list for last year and because I like them so much- they deserved a repeat appearance. As I said last year: I have gone through many different brands of lifting gloves over the years, and these are my absolute favorite! They fit perfectly (which has definitely proven to be a difficult find) and they have the right amount of padding in all the right  places. They’re a little pricier than some other brands, but worth every penny for sure! I put mine through a beating and they hold up for a long time. They can also be thrown in the washer (and air-dried).

3. Hydroflask Insulated Water Bottles


I got a 21 oz. bottle a few months ago and can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like it before! There are quite a few different varieties, shapes and sizes of bottles and they are designed to keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. In fact, I put my bottle to the test right after I got it. I placed about ten ice cubes in the bottle and set it out on my kitchen counter. It took almost four days for the ice to melt completely! Try that with an ordinary bottle.

4. Osprey Raven 14 Women’s Hydration Pack


You’ve probably seen this exact same pack in many of my hiking photos. I’ve tried several of the popular brands of hydration packs over the years and nothing compares to the fit and comfort of Osprey. I have hydration packs in two different sizes: a larger one for longer hikes (like 14ers and day hikes) and a smaller one (the Raven 14) for shorter hikes, trail-running and mountain biking. It’s specifically designed for women, so it fits perfectly across the chest, shoulders and waist. All Osprey packs also have tons of different pockets (of all different sizes) throughout that come in really handy. But, what I really love about this specific pack is how easily the water reservoir comes out and goes back in. There’s no trying to fit the tube through a tiny hole- it just zips right into the strap!

5. Original Cotton Turbie Twist

turbie twist

My college roommate and I used to joke about the Turbie Twist whenever we saw a commercial for it. I’m not sure why, but I ended up buying a pack of two from Bed, Bath & Beyond a few years ago- and I’m so glad I did! This is the perfect accessory to throw in your gym bag if you shower at the gym. Instead of packing a separate towel for my hair, I just wrap my wet hair up in the Turbie Twist after getting out of the shower. It’s super absorbent, small and light weight (so it doesn’t create a neck cramp!).

6. Sierra Bees Lip Balm


Living in a dry climate, I go through a lot of lip balm. I have about 10 different tubes at all times- one for my car, my purse, my nightstand, one in the kitchen… you get the idea. I also keep a tube in my backpack when I go hiking or do other outdoor activities. Of all of the brands that I’ve tried, Sierra Beers in my favorite. It glides on super soft and smooth and hydrates really well. You can get them on iHerb for free- and enter code QIR197 for $5-10 off your order (and free shipping for orders over $20!).

7. Lululemon Run Swiftly Racerback Tanktop

run swiftly

I know that Lululemon has been under some fire lately- and I definitely agree that the company’s president is a total douche. However, I still love their clothes. They fit me extremely well and I’ve never had an issue with anything falling apart, pilling or being see-through (and I definitely don’t have a “thigh gap”). I have this tank top in four different colors now because I like it so much. It’s loose-fitting and wicks moisture away really well. I wear one almost every time I teach Spinning class and it definitely holds up to the crazy amount of sweat that I work up! I also find the fit really flattering and love the back.

8. Patagonia Down Sweater Vest

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 5.44.48 PM

This is definitely more of a splurge- but worth every penny! This vest is super light and keeps you surprisingly warm! I’ve worn mine on many (cooler weather) hikes – and it’s perfect for layering. The vest folds up to be really small and easily fits in a backpack (even my Osprey Raven!). I also wear it around town when I’m running errands- or in place of a jacket anywhere else!

9. Darn Tough Socks

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.11.03 PM

If you need good hiking socks, these would be the ones to buy! I discovered Darn Tough socks at the beginning of the summer and have seen them popping up in stores all over the place. This falls into the category of “you get what you pay for” as they are a little pricey. But (yet again)- definitely worth it. I’ve only owned the hiking socks- but they make other varieties including running, cycling and skiing.

10. A KIND package


I’ve been a big fan of KIND bars since long before I worked for them. They’re the absolute perfect snack to eat before a workout, take on a hike or just enjoy in the middle of the day. DietsInReview.com created these great, “punny” gift tags (that include a printable link!) for various types of healthy snacks. I happen to think that all of the ideas are adorable, but obviously I’m a little partial to the KIND gift. You could also include KIND Healthy Grains granola and granola bars to make one big, tasty KIND package!

Happy shopping!

Do you buy all of your gifts far ahead of time or are you a last-minute shopper? What are some of your favorite “fit” gifts?


  1. I love those ear buds, especially because they come in such fun colors. I also need to eventually buy a hydration pack too.

  2. I love that KIND package – so cute, for anytime of year!!

  3. Surprisingly, my favorite gift on the list are the socks! :) SO cute! This is a great list though!

  4. Good to know Darn Tough socks are worth it! I’ve been seeing them at TJ Maxx recently and was curious!

  5. i recently heard about those hydroflask bottles! are they stainless steel? do they hold previous flavors? like, if i used it with coffee, would my water taste like coffee?

    • Lynne- I’ve actually never tried coffee in mine- but I will- and will let you know! They are stainless steel but don’t SEEM to hold onto flavors. :)

  6. We are big fans of the twisty towel!! Love all your ideas. Would love the vest!!!!

  7. Great list and helps me a lot being new to Colorado. Thanks!

  8. I’m so last minute… I still have only barely started my shopping.

    Instead of giving cookies to people this year I’m going to give healthy granola… does that count as a fit gift?

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