33 Check-in [2 Months to Go!]

With just over two months to go until my 34th (eek!) birthday, I decided to take a look at my 33 While 33 List. I made a similar list when I was 32 and was definitely a little farther along by this point last year. But, I’m not really too bummed about this. It’s been a crazy year complete with moving across the country and building a new career- all of which took up quite a bit of time!

Looking over the list, I know that there are some items that I will definitely be able to check off in the next two months, and others that will just have to wait until some time in the future. My most recent item that I’ve checked off is #6: going bowling!


(Photo courtesy of my homegirl)

Other recent items that I’ve been able to check off the list include taking one of the dogs on a day trip (I took Jackson out to Boulder and for a long hike)


and taking a new fitness class (I’m counting Dance Walk for this one!).


I’m still trying to take one other new-to-me class soon (I’ve been wanting to try Barre forever!)- hopefully within the next two months. Since it’s turning colder and snowing more often, I’ll have less of my free time taken up by going hiking, so I really have no excuse!

Let’s see what I still have left on the list:

3. Become a certified lifestyle and weight management specialist

I’m pretty embarrassed that I haven’t done this yet! I just have to sit my butt down and devote a solid week to studying and re-reading the material and take the friggin’ exam. I’ve been way too distracted by the playground that is Colorado to spend much time sitting down, period! I’m really hoping to get this one done by February.

7. Run some kind of “theme” race

Technically, I can (kind of) check this one off, because I ran the Bolder Boulder. I had it in my mind that I was going to do some kind of mud race and really wanted to do the Warrior Dash, but it was sold out by the time I went to register. A mud race will probably have to wait until next year. There is an ugly sweater 5k coming up later this month though…

8. Learn how to snowshoe or XC ski

I will definitely check this one off! I don’t think I’ll be cross country skiing (because I definitely can’t be buying yet another set of boots and more equipment) but I did pick up some snowshoes- and I plan to use them asap!

9. Read one book a month

I’ve read a few books this year… but not one each month (that sounds so bad). I’m horrible at sticking with a book and have a hard time sitting still long enough to focus. It’s amazing that I wasn’t ever diagnosed with ADD….

10. Do something that scares me

Doing it (see #5 on this link).

12. Throw together a surprise romantic event for my husband

I may or may not be able to do this- but if I was, I certainly wouldn’t share it on here beforehand. Husband reads my blog (hi, Greg!)!

13. See the sun rise and set somewhere amazing

Seeing the sun rise and set anywhere in Colorado is amazing, so technically I could check this off. I guess I was thinking in terms of on a great hike or somewhere else out more fantastic…

14. Take a relaxing vacation

This might happen. I’ll talk about it more a little further down (because it ties in with another item on the list!)

15. Try a new type of food/cuisine

I should definitely be able to check this one off! The challenge is figuring out a cuisine that I haven’t tried yet!

16. Figure out how to lose the weight I’ve put on over the last two years and get rid of it for good!

Ummm… not so much. I’ve put on a few lbs. since moving here, but am (very) slowly chipping away at them…

18. Make 5 Pinterest crafts

With it being Christmastime and all, I should definitely be able to check this one off the list! If anyone has any simple DIY projects to share via Pinterest, please share!

19. Create a “focus on” section for the blog

Probably not going to happen.

20. Join an adult skee-ball league

I wish! I haven’t heard of any- but if I do, I’ll be there!

21. Start foam-rolling regularly

I go in phases. I’ll be really good for a few days and then skip foam-rolling for a week or two entirely. At least I’m back to getting deep-tissue every two weeks now. My muscles definitely need that recovery!

22. Make sauerkraut

Paige and I have talked about planning a “sauerkraut making day” soon. She knows how to make it (which is apparently really easy) and it would be more fun to make a little party out of it!

25. Do something about my cd collection (which is currently just sitting in Rubbermaid bins)

This will definitely not be happening. My cd collection is amongst the many boxes in my garage and basement that will remain packed until we move again next spring!

27. Ride along Vail Pass and kayak in Lake Dillon.

I wanted to do this particular bike ride/kayak because that’s where/how Greg and I got engaged. We did take our bikes out to Summit County last month and ride along part of the same route though!

31.  Visit all parents in all three states. 

Hopefully we’ll be able to check off two out of three. I’ve already been back to Maryland twice to visit my parents and we’re hoping to visit Greg’s mom and stepdad in Florida (which would be a “relaxing” vacation) next month (and hopefully I won’t get sick this time!). Boston will probably have to wait until spring though- neither of us have much desire to travel to New England during the winter months (brrrr!).

32. Get dressed up really nice to go somewhere (even if it’s just to dinner).

Again, this should be very easy to do. It’s pretty said that “dressing up” to me means changing out of my yoga crops and putting on jeans. ;)

33. Go fly-fishing.

I don’t see myself going fly fishing in the winter, but definitely want to go in the spring or summer next year!


As you can see, there are still a lot of items to be checked off. I’ll be happy to mark through at least a few more and the rest will just have to wait!

What are some of the goals you hope to accomplish this year?


  1. There has got to be a place near you that you can rent XC stuff, right? We did that when we were in Thunder Bay for Christmas one year. It was maybe….$20 to rent them and ski all day? The whole event was hilarious. The whole time before I was like, “Uh, I’m from Indiana, I’m going to be terrible at this!” and then Craig was like, “Well, the last time I went XC skiing was when I was 9, so I’m sure I’ll be bad, too”. We got out there, and I couldn’t stand up for the life of me, but it was like Craig’s Canadian switch flipped and he was zooming around like crazy. I was so sore the next day from falling, but it was a lot of fun. :)

  2. I want to focus on being more greatful!

  3. What a fantastic list! I turn 25 on Dec. 19 and think I will do a similar list for things I want to accomplish before turning 26.

  4. I think you’d love Barre. I treated myself to The Bar Method DVDs and have been incorporating the workouts into my routine – about 3 times a week. I feel it!

  5. I’m so bad about reading books too – how terrible is that?! I’ve been working on “Wheat Belly” for MONTHS now…MONTHS! Though I tell myself it’s okay because I think the topic is a bit overwhelming and trying to read a lot at a time freaks me out. But it’s also made it hard for me to want to read anything lately…

  6. I’m not much of a runner but I’m hoping to do one of those fun theme races.

  7. I saw the pic of you snowshoeing in your front yard. That counts! And you should come up to Fort Collins for some fly fishing on the Poudre river, then we can go hit a brewery or two afterwards to rehydrate!

  8. I love your list! You inspired me to create one of my own and I’m slowly chipping away at it, but like you, I’m not as far along as I’d like to be at this point in the year. Oh well, better than nothing!

    I did the Ugly Sweater Run in Seattle and it was a blast…definitely one of the more fun theme races I’ve done. But be warned, the course (at least the one in Seattle) was not nearly 5k! We turned a corner and saw the finish line and everyone started saying “what? that can’t be it, it’s been less than 2.5 miles!”

  9. I conquered Tough Mudder this year. Last year, I thought it was crazy when the trainers at my gym mentioned wanting to do it. And I finished within the time I wanted!

  10. I still want to take a barre class too. If you find a skee-ball league, let me know! Love me some skee-ball :)

  11. This isn’t from Pinterest but it looks like you can pin it. I’m definitely going to try making one…it looks easy and CHEAP!


  12. I’m focusing right now on reading more (besides just blogs and magazines lol), strength training more, and giving people positive feedback when they do something awesome (even if it’s just telling the yoga teacher I enjoyed her class). Longer term – work on my blog and make it beautiful, find a job I love, and move somewhere I really want to live!

Comments are welcome (and encouraged)!