A Marvelous [Long] Holiday Weekend

Happy Monday, friends! Because today’s post is a melting pot of wonderful things I decided to join up on the lovely Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday link-up party. Be sure to head over there and check out the great things happening all over the place.

Rewinding to last Wednesday…

I was out of the house for work and play most of the morning and early afternoon enjoying this ridiculously perfect weather.


I participated in my second Dancewalk class late in the morning- I love it SO much! After that, I met up with Paige to check out this ridiculous (yes, I know I overuse that word) sale at the Whole Foods near Chautauqua:

sale sign


We went around and did some work for KIND and had a blast. It was definitely a great way to lead into the long weekend!

One of the things that I love about Thanksgiving is that since it’s always on a Thursday, it pretty much always results in a 4-day weekend (if you’re lucky enough to have that Friday off!). This was the first year in my whole life that I wasn’t with my family for Thanksgiving. Since I was in Maryland a few weeks ago for my stepsister’s wedding it didn’t really make sense to go back again so soon. I definitely wish that I could’ve spent the day with my family, but I’m very lucky (and thankful) that we have some great friends here in Colorado that invited us over.

My Spinning class was canceled that morning so Greg and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed out for a butt-kicking hike at Mt. Sanitas. We left the house around 8:00 and it was in the 40s- but the sun definitely made it feel warmer. The intensity of the hike also helped heat things up!


I’ve done this hike a bunch of times before, but it had been a while – and it was hard! It’s hard not to enjoy it with all of the gorgeous views around!


(slightly skewed iPhone panorama)

We were all smiles at the summit!


You can see for miles up there!


Later in the day, we went over to our friend John & Tiffani’s house for the big Thanksgiving celebration. John is Greg’s best friend (and was the best man in our wedding) and moved out to Colorado from Maryland a few years before we did. He also lives less than two miles from our house! His sister and brother-in-law (who are also friends of ours and live in Maryland) were visiting, so we were also really excited to see them. We all played a few rounds of cornhole in the backyard before eating – which made me very happy. I love that game.


John and Tiffani’s yard backs up to open space- and horses live there! They often come right up to the fence.


So cool!

The meal itself was great- but I’ll wait until Wednesday to share all of the details.

As for the rest of the weekend- I really didn’t have any solid plans (which was nice!). The weather was even warmer on Friday so Greg and I decided to just head out to Boulder to do a little shopping and a lot of walking around. We scoped out a few stores to see if there were any good Black Friday deals and spent a few hours walking around Pearl Street.

pearl street

We ran a few errands after leaving Pearl, which allowed me to (once again) enjoy the beautiful view of the Flat Irons that can be seen from most parking lots in Boulder.

dusk flat irons

We were gone for so long that it started to get dark out on our way home. But, we still had one very important item on our to-do list:


We got our Christmas tree! Greg and I have a tradition of going to cut down our own tree but decided to just buy a pre-cut one this year. Now our house smells of lovely pine!

Saturday greeted us with warm weather again and we decided to head into El Dorado Canyon for a hike. The trails there were damaged by the floods, but a few recently opened up. I texted Paige while riding in the car on the way there and mentioned where we were going- and she told me that she was on her way there (with her husband) too! This is the second time that we’ve both had plans to hike at the same trail at the same time and didn’t know beforehand- crazy! It was a nice surprise for the four of us (plus Niko!) to hike together that morning.

el dorado el dorado2

I have to point out that we were wearing tank tops – on the last day of November. That was awesome.

Later that night we met up with Paige and Shane (and some friends) for a fun-filled night that began with us going bowling!


Going bowling is one the items on my 33 While 33 list- and probably the only one that I’ve managed to check off in the last few months! I am a really horrible bowler, but I don’t care. I still think it’s a lot of fun! Bowling was followed up with pizza and beer at a local brewery, (which makes any good night great). We had SUCH a fun time- I think that we’re going to have to have Saturday nights like this a little more often!

My Sundays are usually spent catching up on life (running errands, doing some work, cleaning, etc.) and that’s exactly what I did. Greg headed out early to go snowboarding and (even though I love being with him of course) I was really happy to have some time alone. :) I enjoyed running around Denver and Boulder for work in the (once again) crazy warm weather- and was happy to get back home to these guys in the afternoon:


Guess what!! Today is Lance & Jackson’s BIRTHDAY!! I can’t believe they’re already FOUR YEARS OLD!

I know that I wrote a lot about how warm and wonderful the weather has been here- and that’s because I’m trying to enjoy every second of it before it turns to single digit temps in a few days. I won’t be writing about how wonderful that is.

Have a marvelous Monday!!

What did you do over the long holiday weekend? Are you a Black Friday shopper?


  1. So jealous about the warm weather! Soak it up!

  2. Happy Birthday Lance and Jackson! Murphy’s birthday was yesterday!

  3. Happy Birthday to your puppies!
    I saw your warm weather pics on Instagram and thought they were ‘throwback’ photos!

  4. I’m not ready for this cold front coming our way! Boooooo!

  5. What an awesome deal! There’s so much nature in this post. It was raining on Black Friday and we couldn’t get out!

  6. What an amazing long weekend!!

  7. That is crazy you guys were at the same hike/time/place!

    And I love bowling too–and I am HORRIBLE at it. Like so so bad. BUt its so fun!

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