Currently: November [+ KIND Giveaway Winner!]

Hello, friends! I got back to Colorado last night after spending the last week in Maryland. It was a really wonderful trip and I got to spend a lot of time with great family and friends- but I’m glad to be back home with these two furballs. :)


My awesome friend Natalie and her husband offered to watch the boys while we were gone. This was great because we usually board them when we travel- which is super expensive. It’s also really nice to know that the boys were staying with people that could pay a lot of attention to them (and are big dog lovers!).

I’ll talk about my Maryland trip a little more later in the week. Since it’s already (practically) the middle of November I figured that it was time for some Currently action! Speaking of which- did you catch today’s date? 11-12-13! That’s pretty exciting to a nerd like me.


Currently: November

Current books: I’m going through some of the health/fitness/weight-loss books that I bought a while ago and never read. I just finished Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules and am now reading through Jillian Michaels Slim For Life. Both books are okay- but I don’t necessarily agree with all of their tips (especially Bob’s eat 1,200 calories a day suggestion- hello eating disorder!!) If I can get one or two really great tips from any weight loss/lifestyle book I feel like it was worth it to read.

Current music:

I’m in the middle of working on a playlist for Indoor Cycling class and this song is going on it.

I don’t care- I LOVE IT!!

Current guilty pleasure: The new seasons of my favorite Bravo shows: RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules, Shahs of Sunset and my absolute favorite: The Millionaire Matchmaker! And really, I don’t feel guilty about watching any of them (go ahead and think I’m uncool all you want).

Current nail color:  The same Jamberry Shields that I put on two weeks ago!


I’m still working my way through the ten or so different designs that I ordered back in September. You can order them here, and if you buy 3, you get one free!!

Current drink: Technically it’s not current, but I had this awesome drink yesterday in Maryland:


I need to find Live Soda here in Colorado! This tasted more like root beer than kombucha and was just delicious.

Current food: THIS popcorn.


I can’t stop eating it!

Current favorite show: See the guilty pleasures listed above. I have (too) many tv shows that I like to watch but I guess I’d have to say that Parenthood probably tops the list right now.

Current wish list: a functional iPad (I have the first generation model that barely works anymore

Current needs: Veggies. Water. Functional Training. And ski boots.

Current triumphs: That my dogs were well-behaved for Natalie while Greg and I were in Maryland. No one has ever volunteered to take both of them for that long before- they can be a handful! I’m so happy that they were good boys. 


Current bane of my existence: Cookies. I’m so weak!!!

Current celebrity crush: Still Paul Rudd.


Even in Anchorman.

Current indulgence: I’m actually going to take a little break from indulgence this week. After about 5 straight days of way too much sugar, my body definitely needs more water, produce and lean protein.

Current blessing: My wonderful friends and family in Maryland that went out of their way to get together while I was home visiting. It means so much to me to see them!

Current slang: Nothing really comes to mind…

Current outfit: My favorite Lululemon capris (I really need to get a second pair), a long sleeve shirt and this vest that I’m in love with:


Current excitement: Seeing my lovely, buff friends Laura and Heather compete this weekend, going to another beer-pairing dinner with Hosea and Upslope next week and seeing The Book of Mormon later this month!

chef hosea

Current mood: Jet-lagged and kind of gross. VERY motivated for a little cleansing (not of the master-cleanse variety of course).

Current link: (working on my next article).


And finally- the winner of of the KIND Trick or Treat Giveaway is:

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.48.58 AM

Congrats, Katie (and I totally agree with what you said above!)! Please email me and for more details!

What’s going on with you [currently]?


  1. come to austin and i’ll buy you lots of live soda, and healthy bites of course!

  2. Never heard of that soda before!

  3. OMG I literally said “Whaaaaat!!!!” outloud!! Oh man, I am so excited!! I also really love everything about this post – that popcorn – made in the city where I live!! So good! And I think that song would be awesome for spinning! Would love to see your full playlist for that class!!

  4. I am also going to see Book of Mormon- on Sunday during the matinee! I am really excited and glad that you got tickets as well. They were hard to come by!

  5. I think its so nice when friends can watch your fur babies while your away. I usually try to bring my dog with me but am fortunate to have friends who love him and will watch him if I cant. I always feel less bad leaving him knowing hes going to get lots of love and attention. That popcorn is dangerous. It’s just too good!

  6. Whenever I come home from a trip, I always want to cleanse as well. Lots of greens – juices, smoothies, and salads!

  7. The Book of Mormon is AWESOME and hilarious! Enjoy!

  8. So jealous that you’re going to see Book of Mormon! And I sent Shane the link to the beer and dinner pairing…hopefully we can go :)

  9. So fun that you got to go back for a bit!

  10. So glad that you had a good visit home! Love the nails….one of these days (if mine ever start growing again) I’m gonna try those Jamberry thingies! I’m totally intrigued by the root beer kombucha! Need to find that! And I’m soooooo jealous that you get to see Heather and Laura!! I miss you all SO much! xoxo

  11. Book of Mormon was so funny, I saw it when it was in Pittsburgh!

    I’m currently looking forward to going to Chicago tomorrow to visit some of my friends I grew up with – and looking forward to lots of books I picked up at the library. When will I ever have time to read them, though?

  12. So I’m pretty sure my wedding ring and engagement band are an exact replica of yours. It’s eerie how similar they are.
    Probably my favorite thing post vacation is getting home and back to my felines followed closely by a home cooked meal, preferably of the veggie packed variety.
    I want to be in a spin class when that song is played. I would seriously sprint my little tush off, not that I actually have one, but you get the idea.

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