Happy Halloween [KIND "Treat" Giveaway!!]

treat bowl


Technically, I celebrated the holiday last weekend and don’t plan on dressing up again tonight (but who knows?!). I do plan to do a little pumpkin carving and hand out treats to the neighborhood kiddos this evening- and then end the night watching the greatest Halloween movie ever made.

People ask me this one question all the time: do you ever get sick of eating KIND bars?

My answer: no!

I actually don’t eat bars, period all that often- but usually go through a couple of KIND bars a week (usually before teaching a group exercise class!). There’s 22 different flavors and I like every single one them- so it’s pretty easy to not get sick of them. I also get asked what my favorite flavor is pretty often. That answer changes from time to time0 (and it really depends on my mood) but currently I’d say my go-to is Apple Cinnamon Pecan. When I’m craving something more dessert-like (aka CHOCOLATE) I choose between Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan or our newest chocolate-y flavor Dark Chocolate Chili Almond. Did I mention that the last three bars on that list contain 5 grams of sugar or less?!


Let me get straight to the point:

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WIAW 64: A Cold & Rainy Day

turkey burger

Happy Wednesday!

This week started off with cold, rainy, gray weather. Blech. Normally I have crystal clear views of snow-capped mountains from my street (trust me- I don’t take it for granted!) but as soon as the weather turns overcast, the mountains disappear! When it’s cloudy for a couple of days in a row (like it has been this week) it always catches me by surprise when the weather clears up and the mountains are suddenly visible again. And it makes me very happy.

Monday was one of those overcast days and all I wanted to do was stay inside and be warm. Unfortunately that didn’t really work so well with my work schedule that morning, but I was able to work from my home office for most of the afternoon. I had been thinking about making one of my favorite fall recipes ever since the weekend and was planning to make it for dinner Monday night.


But… that didn’t end up happening. I’ll get back to that in a little while.

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Designer Whey + Smari Icelandic Yogurt [Triple Strawberry Doughnuts]

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 4.29.10 PM

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of yogurt. I eat it just about every day and I’m pretty picky about what I choose. Typically my preferred form of yogurt is plain, thick with just a little bit of fat in it (whether it’s in the yogurt already or I add it in the form of nuts or nut butter). Greek yogurt is what I purchase the most but every now and then I like to switch it up with some super thick Icelandic yogurt (or skyr as it’s called in Iceland). I first discovered Icelandic yogurt about two years ago and bought it out of pure curiosity. I was not disappointed- it’s delicious! Needless to say, I was more than eager to try out a new-to-me brand of Iceland yogurt along with a big box of high-protein goodies from Designer Whey via Fitfluential. I’ve been a big fan of Designer Whey’s various products for a while now and they’re a constant staple in my pantry (I think I have at least 5 different varieties of their protein powder open right now!). I hadn’t previously tried the two flavors of protein powder that I was sent this time (Luscious Strawberry and Vanilla Almond) and I loved each of them. Both have just 100 calories, just 2g of sugar and a whopping 18g of protein per serving!

Along with a box filled with powders, bars, recovery drink mixed and ready-to-drink shakes, I was sent some coupons to check out Smari’s line of Icelandic yogurts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 4.29.10 PM

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Crazy For [Red] Cabbage


When it comes to vegetables, I go through phases of what I’m “crazy” about pretty often. It’s funny to me (and a little bit cool!) that certain vegetables become trendy from time to time and you see and hear about them everywhere. Just a few examples that come to mind include kale, Brussels sprouts and winter squash. I’ve definitely had my share of all of the aforementioned vegetables and still eat them regularly. When it comes to what I’m currently a little obsessed with, there’s nothing that rocks my veggie-lovin’ world quite like red cabbage.

I go through a small head of red cabbage nearly every week. I love it in salads more than anything, but Greg and I often just snack on raw chopped up pieces throughout the day. It’s also really delicious in the form of a warm salad. (I think I just drooled thinking about that recipe!) One of these days (hopefully before February!) I may actually get my act together and make sauerkraut with it (and knock it off the list!).

I’ve had this recipe floating around in my head for weeks now and I finally got around to making it yesterday. Sometimes being stuck inside the house on a rainy day is a good thing.


I guess you could call this a take on coleslaw (though I have to admit- I hate coleslaw…). My recipe has the same idea as coleslaw as in it includes shredded cabbage and dressing, but I think it tastes way better. :)

FYI- I’m also a little crazy about my spiral slicer. I’ll never eat zucchini any other way again!

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A Totally RAD Weekend

80s couple

Hello! Welcome to the start of a new week!

You may have noticed that the layout of the site looks a little different. I’ve been planning to change the design ever since the new(ish) blog name took over, but just never took the time to sit down and do it. I finally got a little motivation over the weekend and made some changes. There will still be a bit of tweaking as I continue to figure out exactly what I want everything to look like, and hopefully I’ll get a little more motivation (soon!) to finish it all up. I want to give big thanks to Cassie for designing the adorable mountain logo at the top!

As I stated in the title of this post, this past weekend was totally rad. Heather and her boyfriend Will had been planning a big Halloween party for a while now and I was super excited to attend! As I said on Friday, Halloween hasn’t been something that Greg and I have celebrated much over the years. It was definitely time to dress up and have some fun! Can you guess what I dressed up as?

Here’s a hint…


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10 Great Halloween Costumes [that I wish I'd thought of!]

8th grade photo

Happy Friday!

I imagine that a few of you might be going out to celebrate Halloween this weekend- and may even be dressing up. I’ve been a big fan of Halloween my whole life – choosing that perfect costume was a pretty big deal when I was a kid. When I was in college Halloween was also a big deal. My friends and I would get dressed up (in not-so-creative and predictable costumes) and take to the streets of Fells Point in Baltimore with thousands of other decked out (and often intoxicated) young adults. Man, did we have a good time!

I’m a little sad to say that since graduating college (which was 11 years ago! eek!) I have been a big slacker when it comes to participating in Halloween. I’ve been to a handful of parties, but I haven’t been able to get Greg on board to share in my enthusiasm. We’ve continued our pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving (<—–OMG I need to go back and make that pasta sauce!!!) each year, but have yet to dress up as a couple. Well, I’m happy to say that finally this year will be different! For weeks my good friend Heather and her boyfriend Will have been planning (what will most definitely be) a stellar Halloween bash. I’m happy to say that Greg and I will be attending and we will be in costume!

I’m not going to share what we’ve decided to dress up as yet- you’ll have to wait and see after the weekend. :) I will say that I spent weeks scouring the web for ideas and found several that are great. What we ultimately chose isn’t super creative or original, but I’m thinking that we’ll have a lot of fun with it (and that’s what it’s all about after all!). Today I share with you some of the most fun and creative ideas that I found during my search. Enjoy!

Deb from Napoleon Dynamite (source)


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Creamy [Silk-y] Tomato Soup

tomato soup2

I’ve been craving comfort food a lot lately. I blame it on the changing of seasons- as soon as the sun goes down it’s downright chilly around here! Greg and I spent the whole summer grilling practically everything we could, but that’s slowly coming to an end. I’m sure we’ll still continue to use the grill throughout the fall and winter, but it will start to become an every-so-often thing rather than once (or twice!) a day.

As soon as the cold weather hits I immediately break out my slow cooker and crave nothing but soups, casseroles and basically anything hot that you can eat from a bowl. Tomato soup is definitely a favorite in my house and something that we consume pretty regularly in the colder months. I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual can of tomato soup, because it couldn’t be easier to make!

Tomato Soup1

And as you probably know, there is only one thing that goes absolutely perfectly with tomato soup…

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WIAW 63: I’m Over You, Oatmeal


Yup. You read that title right. I’m over you, oatmeal.

The title might seem a little silly or dramatic and given my former blog name, you know that I’ve been an oatmeal lover for a long time. I ate oatmeal for breakfast almost much every single morning upon graduating college… in 2002. Getting to work early every morning when I was a teacher and enjoying my oatmeal in my quiet classroom was pretty much the highlight of my work day for eight years (man, that sounds pathetic!) and I never got tired of it. Until now.

Before this weekend, I actually hadn’t had a bowl of warm oatmeal in weeks… or even longer (I can’t remember). On Saturday, I decided that I wanted a bowl of perfect oatmeal (sans cranberries, since I didn’t have any) for breakfast. It smelled great while it was cooking and the first bite tasted great. But, after the second or third bite I was wishing that I had a plate full of eggs, turkey sausage, avocado, tomato and sauerkraut on my plate (aka my current favorite breakfast).


Maybe it was because I didn’t put a spoonful of nut butter on the top or the lack of cranberries, or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood… but this bowl of oatmeal did not make me excited about breakfast. And maybe my current feelings about oatmeal will change once it gets cold… but for now, I’m just not that into it.

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Weekly Report Card

Weekly Report Card

It’s time for a little honesty on this fine Tuesday.

Here goes: I’ve been a big fat slacker in many key areas of my life over the last few months.

Okay, that’s a lie- it’s been more than a few months. Truthfully, I’ve let a lot of areas of my life slide a bit since I quit my teaching job in June 2012. Not having to go to an office (or classroom) every day and working from home or at a gym has definitely allowed me to adopt a lifestyle that is a bit more relaxed in nature. Relaxed might not even be the best word for it, because there have definitely been plenty of stressful days, weeks and months since quitting teaching. (There has been a lot of joy and happiness in my life as well- but that’s not what this is about today.) I hate to say that “I’ve let myself go…” but I kinda have.

For years I used to do my hair, make-up and dress up for work each day. Nothing too fancy, but I would generally wear a blouse, blazer and slacks (and sometimes even heels!).


(If you live in the Myrtle Beach, SC area (or if you’re Lee!) you may recognize my friend and former classmate Rusty Ray. I taught at the same high school that I graduated from and he had come back to speak to the students there.)

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Boulder, Baseball & Rock ‘N Roll


Good Morning! I’m going to attempt to keep it short and sweet today with a few snapshots from (and words about) the last few days.

I don’t know how it is where you live, but the weather was wacky here this weekend! When I woke up on Friday morning and looked outside I was surprised to see about 3″ of snow on the ground. It’s the first real snow we’ve had this season (other than a very small dusting earlier in the month) and someone was very excited about it…

Lance Snow

The sun came out later in the morning and by 3:00 that afternoon it was completely melted! The sun decided to stay around for the rest of the day and continued to shine all day Saturday. Greg and I decided to spend the morning sleeping in (yay!) and then headed into Boulder for a little bit of hiking.

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