I’m a “Fitness Expert” on Diets In Review

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Once again, WordPress is cutting words off my post titles. This should read: I’m a “Fitness Expert” on Diets In Review. If anyone knows how to fix this, I’d love some help!!

One of the wonderful things about blogging is the opportunities it leads to. On Tuesday I shared the presentation from the panel that I spoke on with Cassie and Gretchen at Healthy Living Summit regarding how to use your blog to elevate your career. With the exception of teaching Bodypump and Spinning classes and the few bucks I make from Jamberry, every single dollar I’ve earned since I moved to Colorado can be credited directly to this little blog or connections that I’ve made through blogging. My publishing network provides me with advertisements and product review opportunities. I’m proud to be an ambassador for a few different organizations and companies (Fitfluential, Silk, Bhakti Chai, FlapJacked) and am on payroll with a company that I truly love. I’m not saying any of this to brag – I’m just trying to provide examples (and hope!) for anyone that wants to use their blog to lead to a job (rather than aspire to have the blog itself be a full-time job). Trust me- I did my time staying at a job that ate my soul for far too long. ;)

One of the latest opportunities that I’ve taken on is the role of Diets In Review’s Fitness Expert.

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