A Little KINDness [giveaway!]

kind bars

It feels really good to be able to say the words I love my job and believe them to be 100% true.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had around thirty jobs in my lifetime- often two or three at a time! I started my first job when I was 16 (I was a cashier at a grocery store) and have worked in pretty much every industry there is. I’ve had jobs that I liked, jobs that I hated and those that I simply tolerated because I knew they were just temporary. With the exception of where I’m at now, my favorite job that I ever had was working at a video store during my senior year or high school. I worked with two of my best friends and we just has a blast all the time (and got to watch a lot of movies!).

Being a Spinning and Bodypump instructor brings me immense happiness- but my job working for KIND just takes it to a whole new level. I never realized that I had such a passion for marketing until I started this here blog and working for such a kick-ass company is like a dream come true! I hope that doesn’t sound too braggy or annoying- but after going to school, getting a Masters Degree for a job that I worked in for 8 years and had zero passion for- I’ve learned that taking a pay cut is a small sacrifice for day-to-day happiness and passion for what I do!

kind quandary 3

When I ended my teaching career just over a year ago, I really had no idea what was in store for me or what I’d be doing. I still don’t really know where I’ll “end up,” but for now- I’m exactly where I need to be. :)

I really like that each day on the job is never the same as the last, and that I get to go to fun places and meet like-minded people. Most of the time it doesn’t feel much like work.


A big part of my job with KIND is sharing our products with people so that they will love them too. And lucky for you, dear readers, that will still include a monthly giveaway of the goods here on the blog!

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