Hanging on to Summer [Weekend]


I never want summer to end. Even though I’m looking forward to fall (and all that comes with it), I’m going to be really sad to see summer go. I love warm weather, wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops and spending every free moment outdoors. Lucky for me Colorado hasn’t shown any signs of giving up on summer just yet (although it’s supposed to cool down during the week…). I know I have just a few precious weeks left where I can hike comfortably without having to wear a ton of layers!


It was downright hot this weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it! I woke up bright & early on Saturday morning to represent KIND at Yoga on the Rocks. I had worked this event last month and really enjoyed it, so I was happy to go again. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning and you really can’t pick a better location for an outdoor yoga class.


I took some promotional KIND shots before the class ended (I love doing those!)

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