Flashback to Blend

I left early this morning to visit a state that I’ve never been to before (well, unless you count a layover in the airport during my honeymoon!): Utah! Park City, Utah is the site of this year’s Blend Retreat! I decided to head out early to help my friends Janetha, Katie and Lindsay finalize some of the last-minute details for the event. I love these girls and the retreat so much, that I am more than happy to lend a hand! Plus, it’s also nice to be able to spend a little more time exploring Utah!

I am honored to be representing Silk at this year’s Blend Retreat. Silk is not only sponsoring me to attend Blend- they’re also sponsoring the cocktail hour! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work with this incredible company on a few projects so far, and will try to do them proud this weekend. I am really excited for what we’ve been working on for the cocktail hour, all of which will be revealed on Friday evening at the retreat. Let’s just say that it involves some tasty, creative alcoholic beverages. :)

Today I thought it would be appropriate to reminisce about Blend 2012 a bit. If you were a reader of my blog back in May 2012, you may remember the many re-caps of Blend that I wrote (maybe even to an excessive degree?). I can’t help it though- this retreat has truly changed my life.


It’s funny to think that this time last year I was a high school teacher living in Maryland. I dreamed of quitting my job to pursue something that I was truly passionate about and one day making the move to the place I loved the most: Colorado. It’s definitely surreal that one year later, I’ve thrown caution to the wind (with the help and support of Greg, of course) and made both of those dreams come true. Well, I’m still working on finding that “dream” job, but at least I’m about fifty steps closer than I was a year ago!

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