A Weekend of Boulder County Hiking

I say this in the most non-complaining, loving, happy way possible: I’M EXHAUSTED!

You can probably tell (especially if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook) that I am still quite smitten with Colorado- and I don’t see that going away any time soon. For months, I have read Paige and Heather write about how every single weekend living here is like vacation- and it’s so true! I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to take a short drive in any direction and have numerous places to go explore. I know I said the same thing last weekend, but sometimes there’s just too many great things to choose from!

It was rainy all week long (which apparently is rare here), but the sun decided to come out for the weekend. I wanted to take full advantage of that and spend time doing to my favorite outdoor activity: hiking! My friend Amanda, who lives in San Francisco, contacted me a few weeks ago saying that she was flying into Denver and driving north to her grandparents’ house in Wyoming. Amanda and I have known each other since middle school, but hadn’t seen each other in years. She was interested in going for a hike in Boulder with me before she drove up north, and I was more than happy to oblige! Since it had rained so much during the week, I decided that Mt. Sanitas would be a safe choice. I’d been there before after it had recently rained, and it wasn’t too muddy. And on Friday, it was a beautiful, sunny day.


The funny thing is, when it’s 50˚ here, it feels like summer. You can wear a tank top and not get cold! I guess it’s all that sunshine.


I really, really love this hiking trail. It’s a loop, so you can start at either end. But, either way you choose involves a lot of climbing to the top. And both directions offer gorgeous views!


Looks pretty bright and sunny, right? Well, right before we hit the summit, a few dark clouds rolled in and we heard thunder. Then, all of the sudden, it started to hail! And that stuff HURT! But, we couldn’t help but laugh as we ran down the mountain, getting pelted with hail. Luckily, there wasn’t any lightning any where nearby, so we were able to make our descent safely.




Saturday morning’s hike was at Chautuaqua with my hiking partner in crime, Paige!


I could go hike at Chautuaqua every single day and never get tired of it. There are a ton of trails, and you don’t even need to climb up that high to get a view like this:


We just kind of hiked around without a plan, hitching on to one trail after another with no destination in mind. It was really nice! But, man- that place gets crowded on the weekends! It’s definitely good to get there early if you can help it.

For some reason, I thought it would look cool to get a photo of me walking down these rocks. Paige played along.


But this one is probably better.


After the hike, Paige had to head back home, but Heather came up and met me at the Boulder Farmers Market! We shopped around for a bit, but decided to go somewhere else for lunch. Heather hadn’t been to Native Foods Cafe before, and I knew she’d love it, so we went there.


We shopped around a bit in Boulder and probably could have chatted the entire day away, but I had to eventually get back home and be responsible for a bit. :)


Sunday was gorgeous- probably the best weather day I’ve seen since I moved (and certainly the most clear!). The mountains were in full view, and once I figure out how to take a picture that actually does them justice, I’ll post some. Since it was Mothers’ Day, and sadly, both of our moms live way across the country, I thought it would be nice to spend the day outside with my own (fur) children. We drove over to El Dorado Canyon for a late morning hike. Greg and I have hiked the El Dorado trail a few times before, but for some reason, it was a lot more difficult than I remembered. LOTS of climbing (and that wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t gone to the gym that morning for my leg workout!) Regardless, it was a wonderful hike and such a great way to spend the day.


Parts of the trail are right out in the open (hello, sunscreen!) and other parts go through the woods. It’s a nice balance!


After what seemed like forever, we finally made it to our destination- an outcropping with a fantastic view! It’s a great spot to take pictures, and I made Greg take some photos of me to use for my Under Armour page.



I tried to do wheel pose on the rocks, but it wasn’t happening. I chose the flat ground nearby instead.


Definitely not my best form….

We got some good photos of each of us with the boys.



But when we tried to get a family photo, Jackson and Lance were kind of over it.


We hiked back down the trail (with rumbling tummies!) and let the boys take a quick dip in the creek. They loved it!


Then we found a nearby rock and set up a little picnic that I had packed.


Not a bad lunchtime view…


Looks like someone was a little worn out….


I’m still pinching myself that I could go hiking at all three of these trails in the last three days, and that each are less than 30 minutes from my house. I’m really excited to discover new trails to hike and love that are nearby too (and if you know of any, fire away!).

Have a great Monday!!

What’s your favorite activity to do outside?


  1. Oh my gosh!! That “lunchtime view”? Are you kidding me?! No words!

    I know I’ve said this at LEAST a dozen times now, but I am SO happy for you! I can just feel all the excitement in your words and it brings a big smile to my face! Although I will say you are totally making me jealous…and Chautuaqua! Ohhh the memories!! How are you doing with the change in altitude? I remember huffing and puffing those trails last year! I swear it felt like I had asthma halfway up! Lol

    My favorite outdoor activity is definitely walking or hiking…especially if there’s a gorgeous view and I have my camera with me…I could get lost for HOURS! :D

  2. So much fun!!! Love the pooped pooch!

  3. It hailed here too! It’s the middle of May; why is it so cold?! I’m currently sitting on my couch in sweatpants and a giant jacket!

    All of these scenes are SO gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to go out to Colorado for an extended period of time and just immerse myself in the mountains and the wilderness. My favorite outdoor activity would probably be hiking…or sitting. There’s nothing better to me than sitting outside in (warm) great weather, the sun out, and a good book in front of me!

  4. I love Chautuaqua! There is a road named Chautuaqua I pass every week driving to spin class in CA and it makes me think of Boulder!

  5. I want to go to all of these places when we are in Boulder, including Native Foods. I found that one on Yelp!

    Murphy hates water. Isn’t that weird? He would not go in that creek like yours are.

  6. I love your wheel pose picture–beautiful!! When in CO, I live for hiking! Here in IL, I enjoy walking and running. And I’ll tell ya, I’ve been walking more than ever now that we have Shazam!

  7. What amazing hiking trails! That’s awesome you have such great trails near by and are able to enjoy them. I would love to visit Colorado one day, the views from your hikes are stunning.

  8. Aghhhh, gorgeous! Love all of Boulder, so cool you are there now. Thanks for sharing your awesome weekend with us. And balsamic & rosemary chips, YUMMY!

  9. Oh wow. That sounds like an amazing weekend and right in your own backyard. So cool :) I can only imagine how those views look in person. The photos are just lovely snapshots.

    I pretty much love doing anything outdoors. Running, walking, hiking, swimming. Layer me up in sunblock and I am good to go ;)

  10. I just can’t explain how jealous I am! I’ll be there in two weeks and I can’t wait!

  11. Such gorgeous views!!! I love your love for hiking :)

  12. Forget palm trees. You’re living in paradise, lady!

  13. I can’t believe I didn’t hike this weekend, but I was SO sore on Sunday it wasn’t even funny! We were lazy bums, which makes for perfect beer making time. :)

    And what am I looking at in that picture?!

  14. What an active weekend!! Had fun on Saturday morning :)
    Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go hiking tomorrow morning if you still thought about joining me!

  15. I love hiking! Def my favorit thing to do outside. I want to come to CO and hike with you! It is beautiful there! I can’t believe I get to see you this week!!

  16. How fun! While I’m all excited for Blend this weekend (!!!), I’m starting to think we need Blend 2.0 so that way we can all go hiking in CO too. ;)

  17. Looks like the perfect weekend!! I’m jealous!! Wanting to plan another trip to CO now!!

  18. I love having Chautauqua and Sanitas so close by– those are my two go-to trail running areas. I think Will and I are actually going for a run at Chautauqua tomorrow :)

  19. It is so obvious to me that y’all are EXACTLY where you should be, and that makes me so incredibly happy (and a little jealous ;)). Can’t wait to see you SO SOON.


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