WIAW 24: Leftovers Taste Better

Leftovers seemed to be the theme for Monday’s eats. And boy, do I love leftovers!

While most people had off on Monday, I was still up at 4:45 am to teach Spinning and Bodypump, followed by a full morning of training clients. In between teaching and my first client appointment, I had just enough time to run home to shower and eat some breakfast.

And of course, I stopped by my favorite coffee place first.

Salted Caramel Mocha coffee with soy milk. Not a latte- just flavored coffee. This stuff is HEAVEN.

Breakfast was sorta leftovers- Swiss Oats in an empty peanut butter jar.

I think they qualify as leftovers, because I soaked the oats in water the night before (and then stirred everything else in right before I ate it). After that, I was right back out the door to one of the clubs that I train at. My last client was over at the other gym (the one that I taught classes at in the morning) and I had an apple in the car.

* That photo was taken at a stoplight- I promise. 

That’s my life- running back and forth between the two gyms and my house. It’s exhausting sometimes, but I know that it won’t always be like this. And it definitely helps that when I’m there, training or teaching, I’m head over heels in love with what I do. :)

When I was finally done working for the day, I came home and quickly grabbed this jar to snack on while I made some lunch.

The rest of lunch included a turkey and veggie sandwich using the end piece of a loaf of bread (oh, yes).

And the best tasting soup I think I’ve ever had.

My friend Georgia made this and brought it to me over the weekend. It’s turkey sausage and lentils and I can’t even describe just how delicious it is. I will definitely be sharing the recipe once I get it from her! (I added in a few handfuls of spinach to bulk it up.)

A little later, I had an afternoon snack of P28 high protein “cereal”:

(1/2 of a P28 flatbread sprinkled with cinnamon, cocoa powder and stevia and baked in the oven for a few minutes.) I don’t typically buy boxed cereal anymore- because I have a tendency to mindlessly snack on it. Making my own to order has been a much better idea. :)

For dinner, we had leftover chili from Sunday’s game.

I topped it with “croutons” – which were just cut up pieces of a mini cornbread muffin and Greg mixed rice with his.

Dessert was, you guessed it: a Bosc pear (not as good as my beloved Concorde, but I’m learning to love them!).

I like to cut them up into super thin slices and eat each piece one by one- which trying to ignore the hungry puppy eyes staring at me the entire time, just waiting for a piece to drop.

The final water tally for the day…

I switched my goal down to 80 oz. (which is just pure water- not including coffee, tea or anything else). It’s definitely more bladder friendly.

Have a great (What I ate) Wednesday!

What are your favorite leftover foods?



  1. I like your idea of “making your own” cereal–good one! I also like to have lots of little bites of fruit I enjoy. It helps spread it out a bit so I feel like I have more. Juicy, ripe pears are so delicious, I could easily eat more than one in a sitting.

  2. I’m loving all the jars in this post! ;)

  3. mmm, Bosc are my favorite pears, especially in salad. And I want that soup!

  4. I have a few bags of red lentils that I need to start using…soup is all I can come up with!
    I used to really dislike leftovers but now I eat them everyday–I do a big cooking day on Sat or Sun to have things ready for lunch and dinner all week.

  5. My favorite leftovers would probably be pizza… actually I prefer it that way better.

  6. Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness says:

    That soup looks good! I love having leftovers to eat throughout the week.

  7. Love that you love what you do! Yeah, my favorite leftover is definitely pizza. And maybe cake. More realistically – chili!

  8. Great idea to keep snacks in jars! I hate using so many zip lock bags and purchased some reusable ones but don’t have enough. I do however have a ton of jars!

  9. Sure does look like lots of good eating!

  10. You can come to my house and eat my leftovers because I hate leftovers. I am a freak about food poisoning.

  11. I always think chili, spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, and soups taste better as leftovers! They have more time to sit in the spices and soak up the flavor. Yum!

  12. You’ve inspired me to start having cut-up veggies on hand at all times, what a great way to make sure that when I’m snacking its a healthy snack!

  13. HAHA! I’m so glad to see someone else do the spinach thing. I’m known for adding a handful of spinach to almost every meal. It wilts so quickly…instant extra veggie kick. How can you go wrong?

  14. I LOVE the idea of making your own cereal!

    I need to make chili soon…..

  15. Really great cereal idea!! I’m an addict if it’s in the house

  16. Leftovers are the best, especially chili! It gets better the second day!

  17. THAT IS HOW I EAT MY APPLES! Well, sometimes I sit with the knife and the small cutting board in my lap (or just any old plate) and slice them slowly–or as slowly as I can–while watching T.V. I thought I was a weirdo. Yet another example of how we are weird food habit twins. :)

    Bread butts are the best.

  18. That’s a great idea to keep track of your water tally. I seriously need to up mine. And I always used to snack on cereal all the time too. Love that you just make single size servings as needed :)

  19. I love that you cut up your pear and then much on it, makes it feel like you’ve eaten more I’m guessing. At least it would for me and I LOVE that trick!

  20. Thats cool that you make your own cereal. Also all the eating out of jars. My roommate and I love that. We keep a huge storage of mason jars in the pantry to put our food in to take to class.

  21. Way to go on the water! I’m at 90 so far… 30 oz to go. I pee. All. The. Time.

  22. I know the stuff is full of artificial crap, but I find that if I put a dash of Crystal Lite in my water then I chug a bunch of it and stay well hydrated. Just a thought.

  23. I’m trying to increase my water intake, so far I’ve doubled it but I’m only at 48oz maybe, some days a little more and I do drink tea, 80oz is alot, I would feel like I’m always drinking water!

  24. Eating from a jar. Haha, been there, done that! The soup looks amazing!


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