P28 Flat Bread [Giveaway!]


I’m sure you’ve read a lot about a company called P28 on this blog before. I randomly discovered their bagels one day while shopping in Wegman’s last spring, and they’ve been a part of my life ever since! Shortly after purchasing the bagels, I also tried their high protein bread. Both products are loaded with protein- a whopping 28 grams (for one bagel or two slices of bread)!

When I heard that they were creating a flat bread that also contained the same 28 grams of protein, I knew that I had to try it out. P28 was kind enough to send me several packages of their high protein “Flats” to try out, and between the three “bread” products, they are my favorite! I love the wraps because not only do they have great flavor, they are huge! They’re so big in fact, that I usually only use one half of a flat bread at a time and still feel satisfied.

I like to stuff ‘em with all kinds of things, like roasted turkey and veggies

Egg whites, avocado, tomato and sprouts

I even make a sweet version, stuffed with Greek yogurt, peaches, blackberries and basil.


I’ve cut them up into small pieces to bake on a cookie sheet, which results in some tasty high-protein crackers!

These were sprinkled with cocoa powder and cinnamon, but I’ve also made a savory version with garlic. (You could also cut them into even smaller pieces, bake on a cookie sheet and make your own high protein cereal!)

Oh, and did I mention that they make for a fantastic pizza crust too?

Like I said, versatile!

Now that I’ve tempted you with all of these delicious possibilities using P28 Flats, I want you to have a chance to make your own creations! I’m going to pick one lucky winner to receive their very own case of P28 goodness- which will contain six packages of High Protein Flats!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me what you would make with P28 High Protein Flats.

Be creative!

You can also earn an additional entry by Tweeting about the giveaway and copying the following text: I just entered to win a case of @p28foods high protein flats from @oatmeallauren http://wp.me/p2oUXk-2ix

Entries close at 8pm EST on Monday, January 13th. Contest open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!



  1. I would roll them up with a sliced banana and Nutella for an indulgent snack!

  2. I would make crackers for chocolate hummus!

  3. Yum! I’ve wanted to try these – I would make pizzas, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches for on-the-go breakfast.

  4. Definitely wraps…pizzas…breakfast burritos. Yum!

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  6. I’ve been wanting to try these for a while. I would make a wrap every.single.day with them.. rather it be one for breakfast, lunch or dinner =)

  7. Tweeted your giveaway — JessieLovesToRun

  8. You are creative! I would definitely be doing a sweet version—peanut flour, carb master strawberry yogurt, and banana slices.

  9. I would make my favorite sandwich into a P28 Wrap – turkey avocado spinach chopped apples or pears chopped cucumbers topped with a cranberry dressing! Yum!

  10. Following you & P28 Bread on twitter and tweeted too! Thank you!

  11. I would use the P28 Flats to make a pizza I think. I usually make pizzas w/ pita bread but I think it’s awesome to be able to do that & get so much protein out of it. Yay! :-)

  12. I would love to try these and probably would start out making something sweet-yogurt, banana slices and natural peanut butter.

  13. I would definately want to use the P28 Wraps to make a pizza. Also, see if they would work in my Perfect Tortilla pans and make a salad bowl!

  14. Making toasted P28 chips would be tasty and healthy for snacking. I’d pair with some salsa & guacamole too!

  15. Michele French says:

    I would use for a breakfast tortilla w/egg whites and tons of veggies!!

  16. katherine d. says:

    I would make a kale an sweet potato enchilada!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. katherine d. says:



    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. OMG my vegetarian self needs these so bad, next time I’m at Wegman’s (we still don’t have one very close) I must pick some up. I’m a terrible cook and very unimaginative so I’d probably have a lot of veggie fajitas, enchiladas, burritos and hummus wraps.

  19. Michelle K. says:

    Greek-style chicken souvlaki using the P28 Flat Bread instead of the traditional pita bread!

  20. I would definitely want to make one of those sweet wraps with Greek yogurt but with strawberries, bananas and a protein frosting! Delicious! Oh and I tweeted as well:)

  21. I love wraps and I’m always looking to sneak in more protein! I’ve tried their bagels, which are delicious, so I would definitely like to try these too!

  22. I’m all over the pizza idea..spinach, goat cheese, proscuitto and fig…yum! I’m sure I’d do some mexican breakfast wraps too with eggs, potatoes, cheese and salsa…yummmy!

  23. PB and Banana wraps for sure!! The options are endless though!! This sounds like a fabulous product thanks so much Lauren!

  24. Yum!!! I think for the savory option pizza for sure & for a sweet option…banana & nut butter! Awesome giveaway! I tweeted also :)

  25. I like the idea of using them as chips.

  26. I would love to try these and would make a wrap with peanut butter, yogurt, banana slices and cinnamon.

  27. I’ve been hearing about this company/product for awhile now, and I would LOVE to try it out! I’d make quesadillas or a turkey & avocado wrap!

  28. Tweeted!

  29. I LOVE making mini pizzas at home using fresh veggies and Daiya. I would definitely make pizzas with these :D

  30. I haven’t been able to find these anywhere and would love to try them! I would definitely cut them up and bake them to make chips for some homemade hummus! :)

  31. Lynette S. says:

    Breakfact burritos, chocolate and peanut butter wraps, pizza…

  32. Would use it as a wrap, pizza crust, chips..endless possibilities!

  33. I have heard so many good things about this bread! Love the concept behind it.

  34. A variation of savory and sweet flat bread pizzas! Much healthier and crisper than using traditional naan bread :)

  35. I would make a fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella wrap which could also double as a pizza for my children. :) yum!

  36. Those look YUM! I have been on a hummus kick lately and those would be awesome cut small and crisped up in the oven to dip with!

  37. These sound delicious! I would make mine with peanut butter, banana slices and sprinkle a bit of granola for an extra crunch. Oh and maybe a drizzle of honey too…Elvis would be proud ;-)

  38. Definitely wraps, these look really good.

  39. Cheeseless pizza. Extra sauce. With yellow mustard on top.


  40. Catherine says:

    These look perfect for a grilled veggie wrap. It’s basically my go to lunch and I’m always on the hunt for good flat bread or tortillas.

  41. Catherine says:

    I tweeted about this great giveaway too.

  42. Grilled pizza, wraps, crackers…

  43. Ooooh ME likey! I would make a veggie wrap with turkey & cheese. I would also use it as a pizza crust too. YUMM

  44. Tweeted!!

  45. I think I’d make a BBQ chicken pizza with them…

  46. I tweeted too! :)

  47. pizza!!!!!!! YUM

  48. Tweeted!

  49. Definitely pizza! That looks amazing!

  50. Darn good stuff….cereal for sure!

  51. breakfast burrito!

  52. Oh my goodness I think I could use it for everything, making pizza, making wraps to take for lunch with hummus and veggies or yours with egg whites looks awesome! Such a good idea to cut them up into chips, would have to try that with some good dip/cheese

  53. I’d try out the mini pizzas – The Husband never likes random stuff on a pizza, so this would be my chance to make it my way and let him be boring by himself!

  54. I’d make an egg wrap with cheese and avocado!

  55. I’d like to make a wrap with lots of roasted veggies.

  56. I would make a wrap with egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese.

  57. Definitely pizza – can’t wait to try these – they look so yummy!

  58. Mmmm pizza!!!!! With spinach, goat cheese and a balsamic drizzle!

  59. I would make a bomb breakfast burrito!!

  60. Billie Jean Grych says:

    I like the cinnamon cracker idea!

  61. I would definitely want to make some veggie sandwich wraps or breakfast wraps.

    And can I just say, I think you make some of the PRETTIEST wraps! :)

  62. Billie Jean Grych says:

    Tweeted! @billiejeanie327

  63. I would make hubby a healthy lunch – wrapping up a laughing cow cheese triangle (in their queso fresco and chipotle flavor), some turkey, a few slices of bacon, lettuce and tomato

  64. I would definitely try that sweet wrap! Or a wrap with peanut butter, yogurt, banana, and berries yum! A pizza also sounds good :)

  65. I tweeted!

  66. I would make roasted red pepper and goat cheese pizza with kale and balsamic. Yummy!!!

  67. Creativity in the kitchen is not my strong suit, LOL. I would probably just do a breakfast burrito or maybe use it for homemade pizza.

  68. I would make a healthy protein pizza!!

  69. I tweeted! @christianqt07

  70. I would make a pizza with cheese mushrooms tomatoes peppers and broccoli! Get my veggies in too!
    Thank you!

  71. These look delicious. I think I’d make a quesadilla with them. Black beans, sautéed veggies, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese.

  72. I’ve really been into the brie and cranberry combo, so I’d make a wrap with melty brie cheese, turkey, dried cranberries, and arugula!

  73. I would bake it in the oven and make a BIG protein filled mexican tostada with the works (chicken, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, mrs dash seasoning, and black beans) YUM

  74. Each time I see you mention these I think they are from PB2 because I get dyslexic…..and confused. But anywho, they look great :)

    Pizza all the way…..or chips to dip into homemade hummus!

  75. These look amazing! I think I would make balsamic pear and goat cheese pizzas with greens or crisp them up with some lentil soup. yum!

  76. I would definitely use them for wraps or even pizza!

  77. I would either make BBQ chips — with chili powder, cumin, red pepper flakes, (like samis bakery chips) OR I would make a breakfast wrap with egg whites, avacado, pepper jack cheese and salsa!

  78. Pizza hands down. Anyway to have bread thats low carb high protein is a GO for me!

  79. I don’t eat sanwiches because of the high carb and low protein content but this get’s me exicted to reintroduce them back into my life without the guilt! Om nom nom!

  80. Oh and I’d make eggs and cheese with some spinach and roll it up so it’s nice and cozy in there!

  81. Your Wrap with the eggs, bacon and sprouts makes me want to run out and pick up some P28 Flat bread and sprouts…yummy!

  82. Yum! I would do a grilled chicken, avocado wrap!

  83. I’d do turkey, laughing cow cheese, and tons of veggies!

  84. I’d make some sort of breakfast pizza with bacon or turkey, cheese, avocado and eggs!

  85. i also tweeted!

  86. I’d try making some veggie empanadas and Asian dumplings with them. Also, a great substitute for making tortilla chips for fresh guacamole, hummus, and bean dips!

  87. That sweet combo is SUCH a good idea! I never would have thought of it!

  88. i’d use them to hold some yummy egg scrambles!

  89. Since I just had Indian food last night and I feel inspired to make something like my meal, I’d love to make a paneer tikka masala pizza using the flat bread.

  90. Yum! I’d make pizza or my favorite breakfast wraps! :)

  91. definitely pizza
    thanks for the giveaway :)

  92. I would make a pizza with spinach, sundried tomatoes, feta, pine nuts, mozzarella and fresh basil.

  93. I’d love to try these, mostly for lunch wraps. Bet they would also be tasty toasted into high-protein salad “croutons”….

  94. banana! pb2! chocolate chips! …some almonds, too! happy belly!!

  95. I would LOVE to make buffalo chicken pizza on them!

  96. Wraps for my hungry family

  97. Would Nutella and bananas negate the protein?

  98. i would make a breakfast burrito!

  99. i think i’d love a turkey tom inspired wrap… maybe with cream cheese instead of mayo!

  100. nicole schulien says:

    I would fill them with cottage cheese and egg whites for a breakfast burito! Or use it for a pizza crust or quesadilla for my kids.. so many options!

  101. I would make a breakfast burrito… eggs, bacon, spinach, salsa. Yum.


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