Happy Monday! January’s just flying by, isn’t it? Okay, not really.

Today’s post is inspired by my good friend Jenny. I always love reading her Currently posts and thought I’d be a copycat.

Currently: January

Current books: Terra by Gretchen Powell (I’ll be finishing it very soon!)

Current music: I seem to be singing Scream by Usher 24-7 (it’s the triceps track for the latest Bodypump release and I play it in Spinning class a lot). Well… that and Soft Kitty. It’s also constantly stuck in my head.

Current guilty pleasure: Shahs of Sunset. I love me some Reza

Current nail color: Completely naked. Wait… there might be a clear coat on there. I need to jazz them up with some Jamberry shields!

Current drink: Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane tea. It’s seasonal, and you better believe I stocked UP.

Current food: Bowls with some kind of grain (freekeh, brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, etc.), some kind of protein and tons of veggies. I was inspired by an Instagram by my little freckled friend Ashley the other day and have been having a different variety each night!

Current favorite show: Parenthood (everything else seems to be re-runs right now!)

Current wish list: A new iPad. Mine if 1st generation and loses battery power in about 5 minutes.

Current needs: MONEY.

Current triumphs: We removed the Christmas tree from our house (and took it to the Christmas tree graveyard), took down all decorations this past weekend and CLEANED. That felt great!

Current bane of my existence: Cold, gray weather every day. Blah.

Current celebrity crush: Paul Rudd. Always, always, always.

Current indulgence: Seasonal beers

Current blessing: Too many things- even when things seem tough, life is pretty good!

Current slang: “That’s hot.” (I know…it’s so 10 years ago. I still say it.)

Current outfit: This. (it’s Sunday when I’m writing this!)

Current excitement: A big secret that I can’t tell you!

Current mood: Content. (but a little cold- is that a mood?)

Current link:

What’s going on with you [currently]?


  1. Hi Lauren. Great post. Where did you get your t-shirt? Love it!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and really enjoy reading it. You constantly take on new challenges and change which is really inspiring. Hoping I can start to follow your example in 2013!
    Keep up the good work and words :-)

    • Thank you! :) I actually got the shirt from a local running store. They give them out to the high school track kids for free when they buy shoes. I thought they were really cute so I asked for one when I bought my shoes. :)

  2. Ha – love the shirt! Can’t wait to hear about this secret… if you ever tell us. :)

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm paul rudd.

    currently not wanting to go back to work. it’s been 2 weeks.

    also, I need to read Terra. I can’t wait. I don’t typically read that genre, but I’m going to anyway because it’s so cool that gretchen wrote a legit book and not the typical blog-turned-book book that bloggers seem to write.

  4. Obsessed with REZA <3!!!

  5. Currently . . . back to work after a two week break. Boo.

    Love the t-shirt. Too cute! And spill the secret!

  6. Oh I like the new blog look! I’m currently loving Parenthood too. Such a cute show! Aaaand I’m currently hungry…again. Guess it’s time for breakfast #2! ;)

  7. I love that shirt — and I love secrets!! Lol.

  8. Adorable shirt! Currently – on a citrus kick. A couple of oranges a day and a real treat are the in-season blood oranges.

  9. hahaha love the shirt! and Usher’s “Scream” gets stuck in my head for days too. SUCH a great spin class song!

  10. Stealing. And love your header. And that shirt.

  11. What a great post – I love this!! I think I might be stealing this later too…:)

  12. You tease! But I wonder if this excitement could be related to that BIG email you said you owe me?! :)

  13. Reza! Put a Mustache On It! Doesn’t this go against your distaste for the mustache trend?! Love him so much. Hilarious!

  14. I have a guess about the secret… if I’m right, please take me with you.

  15. LOVE the shirt! (and the post)!

    I have a guess about the secret…. ;)

    I need to LEARN 84!! Gahhh!!!! I have 5 days to go :(

  16. love this!! I’m dying to find out this secret!! I love the new blog look friend!

  17. Oh my gosh, I love this idea! I may steal it sometime soon! But seriously? How you gonna bust out the whole “I gotta secret” and not tell us?! That’s just cruel! Another thing that’s cruel? Paul Rudd looking that sexy with all his 10 o’clock glory going on! Bow chicka wow wow! ;)

    Current book: Dead City by Joe McKinney…the man-friend’s got me sucked into zombie apocalypse books! Lol

    And cold is definitely a mood…and if you ask me, it’s synonymous with GRUMPY! Haha

  18. Craigslist? Are you finally moving to Colorado? Is that secret?!?!

    Also, I love this. It is similar to another ‘currently’ style post my blogger friend Sarah does, and I love it, mostly because it doesn’t require too much thought, since it’s well, whatever happens to be happening at the moment. :)

  19. I just finished Terra and loved it! And, holy crap, Paul Rudd is gorgeous… I love him. I want to steal this, too! What a cute post idea.

  20. I really like the idea behind this post. It is a great way for us to get to know you a little better. I may have to try this one day (giving you credit, of course) ;-)

  21. Paul Rudd is adorable! I normally have a hard time picking between him and Bradley Cooper.

  22. currently, i’m stealing this for my friday’s post … because i’m dragging my feet on doing an intuitive eating reading club or whatever (honestly, that’s too complicated, so i’m probably just going to review it for y’all). :)

  23. Love Paul Rudd….Please tell me you’ve seen “This is 40″! Hilarious!!


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