Uncovering The [SUPER SECRET] Menu…

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 11.50.44 AM

Ooooooh I’ve got a juicy secret to share with you guys today! A super secret menu to be exact. Remember that beautiful turkey power salad that I posted yesterday? The one that I ate on Saturday at Panera and joked about it being on the super secret menu?

Well, it turns out that there is a secret menu at Panera!

After reading about my salad, my friend Erin commented and shared a link sharing access into Panera’s Hidden Menu. If you’re not a fan of Panera or secret menus, feel free to come back another day, because today’s post will not be your cup of tea.

But, for those of you like me that find yourself drooling over these secret menu items, today’s your day!

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WIAW 25: Snack-er-day


The photos from this week’s WIAW post were shot on Saturday. Or, as I like to call it: “Snack-er-day.”

See what I did there?

I woke up early to teach the Bodypump 84 launch, and noticed a Winter Wonderland before me…

Ahh… pretty snow.

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Naturebox Giveaway Winner!

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 7.55.08 PM

Thanks to everyone that entered the Naturebox Giveaway. Your snack ideas gave me SO much food for thought (literally) and some were just so darn creative!

I’m pleased to announce the winner of the giveaway that will soon be enjoying delicious snacks like these dried pears that I am in love with….

The winner is…

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Bodypump 84 Review [Ooh Baby, Baby!]


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that had a good weekend and that you got to catch up on what I seem to be lacking in my life right now: sleep! Saturday is usually the only day of the week that I don’t wake up to an alarm and get to sleep in as long as I want… but not this past Saturday. However, it was for very good reason: to teach the latest launch for Bodypump! 84, baby!

Bodypump launch days call for pigtails…

Did you know that I love Bodypump? I bet you did. I feel so fortunate to be an instructor and love the impact it’s had in my life! I often find myself counting along to songs on the radio to see how they’d be as tracks for Bodypump. For example, “Feel This Moment,” by Christina Aguilera would be a great squat track. So is “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt. And “Rumor Has It” by Adele is perfect for a chest track…. I’ll stop. If you ever catch me saying “2-2″ or “3 and 1″ while listening to a song… that would be why. Anyone else do this? :)

This was my fourth launch as Bodypump instructor, and they get better and better every time! You can read my re-caps of Bodypump 81, Bodypump 82 and Bodypump 83, if you feel so inclined. :)

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Naturebox Giveaway!


Last month, the kind folks at Naturebox contacted me to see if I’d be interested in receiving a box of healthy snacks to enjoy. Have you heard of Naturebox? Each month they put together a box full of healthy, delicious snacks that show up on your doorstep- for just $19.95/month! The snacks change each month, but are always good for you and taste great. When my box arrived, I eagerly tore it open to find out what was inside:

The “December” box included Pistachio Power Clusters, Dried Pears, Masa Crisps, Wild Blueberry Flax Granola and Lemon Pucker Pistachios. I immediately sampled each one of the snacks…. and I loved them all! Especially the masa crisps. And the pistachio clusters. And the granola…. and, yeah, I can’t pick a favorite.

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How I Exercise


As you probably already know, fitness is a big part of my life. I am so passionate about exercise, that I decided to turn it into a career as a personal trainer and exercise instructor. I definitely haven’t always loved working out, and in fact I hated it until after I graduated college. I still have days where I really don’t feel like exercising (and when that happens, I usually take the day off!).

I exercise for many reasons: it makes me feel good, gives me energy and confidence and makes me stronger. Oh yeah, and I get paid to do it. To be a little more specific- my “workout” for the day is often teaching a group exercise class (or two). Currently, I teach at least 7 classes each week (all in the morning, except Wednesday): Spinning on Sundays, Spinning + Bodypump on Mondays, Spinning + Core Strength on Tuesdays, Bodypump on Wednesdays and Bodypump on Fridays. I often cover classes for other instructors, but never teach more than three classes in a day (and usually not more than two) and always have at least one day each week that I don’t teach any classes, period. I’ve definitely learned my limits of what my body can handle, and I’m not going to be a very effective instructor if I’m injured or over-trained.

Since I always teach two back to back classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, that’s the only exercise I do on those days. On the other days, when I teach just one class, I’ll usually do a little bit extra before or after class. For example, I generally get to the gym about 20-30 minutes before my Spinning class starts on Sundays and do a kettlebell/battle ropes workout. On Fridays, I’ll generally hop on the stairmill or elliptical for about 20 minutes after teaching Bodypump. Since I don’t teach until the late afternoon on Wednesdays, I’ll usually do a quick cardio workout right after I wake up- because I definitely prefer to exercise in the morning. I generally do some type of functional/high-intensity interval training that takes no more than 30 minutes total. I call them “DIY” workouts, since I create them myself beforehand.

Here’s my DIY workout from yesterday morning:

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WIAW 24: Leftovers Taste Better


Leftovers seemed to be the theme for Monday’s eats. And boy, do I love leftovers!

While most people had off on Monday, I was still up at 4:45 am to teach Spinning and Bodypump, followed by a full morning of training clients. In between teaching and my first client appointment, I had just enough time to run home to shower and eat some breakfast.

And of course, I stopped by my favorite coffee place first.

Salted Caramel Mocha coffee with soy milk. Not a latte- just flavored coffee. This stuff is HEAVEN.

Breakfast was sorta leftovers- Swiss Oats in an empty peanut butter jar.

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Busy Weekend Recap


Happy Monday- a day late.

To be honest, I planned on writing a post for yesterday… but football wouldn’t let me do it. Or rather, my superstitions wouldn’t let me do it. I don’t know if you’re aware (or if you care), but there was a pretty big, important game on Sunday. I write my posts the day before they are published and knew that I’d be mentioning the outcome of the game (which didn’t end until 10:00 pm here on the east coast), and didn’t want to jinx ANYTHING by writing about it beforehand. Yes, it might be silly- but it worked. My RAVENS won!

More on that later.

We’ve been doing a lot of home improvement stuff lately- getting rid of junk and clutter, making a lot of donations to Goodwill and cleaning like crazy. It’s easy to do these things in the winter, because it’s usually too cold outside to do anything fun. (But actually, this weekend was pretty mild!)

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Banana Bread [Breakfast] Pudding

Lauren Martin Banana Bread Breakfast Pudding nutrition

When you think of delicious comfort food, what comes to mind? For me, it’s bread pudding. Just the thought of bread pudding makes my mouth water and my tummy rumble. Bread pudding isn’t something that I would typically associate with “healthy,” but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Most people would think “dessert” when they hear bread pudding, but I’m going to show you how it can be a delicious and healthy breakfast. That’s right- I said healthy.

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photo 4

I am constantly on a mission to drink more water. I tend to go in waves- I’ll be really good about it for a few days, and then just start slacking. When I was a teacher, drinking more water during the day was a constant challenge, because I rarely had the opportunity to go use the restroom! Now that I’m pretty much on my own schedule, that restriction doesn’t really apply.

When I saw my friend Dani posting photos on Instagram of an app called Waterlogged, I became intrigued. Dani had challenged herself to drink 100 oz. of water a day, and was consistently meeting that goal! Since I need to be more diligent about drinking enough (more!) water each day, I thought I’d give it a shot. I downloaded the app almost two weeks ago, and have been tracking my water intake every single day- and I love it!

Since I’m such a big fan of this app, I thought I’d give you a little preview of how it works. It’s really simple! After you download the app, you can set your daily water intake goal.

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