My Christmas [So Far!]

It always seems a little surreal that Christmas has come and gone. You spend so many weeks building up to the big day, and it’s gone just like that. Well, except for me, it’s really not. I still have a few more “Christmas” get-togethers over the next few days, and then it will be time to celebrate New Year’s right after that!

We have a few Christmas traditions in my family, but for the most part, we do something a little different each year. Starting with Christmas Eve… It was a pretty regular day in that I got up, taught some classes and trained clients. I was done by noon and headed out to do some last minute shopping. Luckily, I was able to get in and out of the mall pretty quickly and found what I needed right away! Greg had to work until mid-afternoon and then we headed over to my mom and stepdad’s house to visit and eat dinner. Right before we left, it started snowing, and just got heavier as the night went on. My (oldest) brother and his girlfriend (and her daughter) were there, and it was fun to hang out with them. Our plan was originally to drive around and look at Christmas lights, but the snow caused us to alter those plans and just go back home. Greg and I finished off the night by watching one of our favorite Christmas classics, Bad Santa. :)

The next morning, we woke up to a white Christmas!

I did a quick workout (I normally teach 2 classes on Tuesday morning, but the gym was closed, as it should be) and then came upstairs to get ready for the day and drink some much needed coffee. The plan was to do stockings and then eat breakfast, but we were on a roll and just finished opening all of the gifts instead. Stockings are my favorite part. I always got an orange in the bottom of my stocking when I was growing up, a magazine and the rest was either personal care stuff or candy. Greg stuck to the basics:

Then it was time for presents!

And I love shopping for Greg. I get a lot of joy out of putting thought into his gifts- whether they’re big or small! I got him some new trekking poles, some glasses to wear for mountain biking (he lost his) and some other goodies. He got me some exercise pants and shoes that I needed… and THIS.

A JumpSport trampoline! I discovered this at Fitbloggin’ in September and fell in love! It’s not just any trampoline- it actually feels a lot different than the old one that my parents had in the basement back in the 80s. I’m really excited to learn some of the workouts and use it with clients!

We also got the doggies some presents, of course.

Although Lance would just be content playing with my stocking.

After unwrapping gifts, I made some eggnog scones, fruit salad and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

The eggnog scones are unreal. They smell just like a cup of eggnog (which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your opinion of eggnog). We hung around the house and cleaned some stuff up before having my mom and stepdad over for lunch.

And then we all shared in our one family tradition that has happened for as long as I can remember: we went to the movies! I know that when we started seeing a Christmas day movie years ago, there were hardly ever any people there. But now, it’s a madhouse! We saw Les Miserables, and (thank goodness) I had purchased the tickets last week. We got there 30 minutes early and (not surprisingly) all of the shows were sold out- and the line to get into the theater was about 100 people deep! We weren’t all able to sit together, but were at least able to split into pairs!

I’ve seen Les Miserables twice before- I think both times were at the National Theater in DC. But, I grew up listening to the soundtrack and knew every song (and could play most on the piano!), so it has a special place in my heart. I thought the movie was really good- and the casting was really well done. Hugh Jackman was pretty incredible as Jean Valjean! Definitely worth seeing in the theater!

The movie is pretty long, and it was almost 7:00 by the time we got home (it was a 3:30 showing!). We were all pretty wiped out, and spent the rest of the night cuddling with puppies…

On to the next celebration!

What do you do on Christmas day?



  1. I usually go to the movies and eat Chinese food for Christmas, but I skipped the movie part this year.

    What is your favorite Les Mis song? Mine is “A Little Fall of Rain.”

    • What do you THINK my favorite song is??!?!?! A Little Fall of Rain, of course!!! :) Duh.
      Though in the movie they cut a verse or two out. I also love On My Own, Do You Hear The People Sing…. and pretty much every other song. :)

  2. Looks awesome! And I love your babies :) I looove Les Mis, cannot wait to see it in theaters.

  3. I can’t WAIT to see Les Mis. Glad you got to see it!!!

    We had a white Christmas too. SO awesome <3

  4. One of my best friend’s mom has a party the day after Christmas and rents out a whole movie theater! It’s so much fun to go see a movie with a whole bunch of people you know. This year we went to see Monster’s Inc. 3D and it was awesome.

  5. Today may be a movie day for me…thought I’ve spent a little time catching up on my Hulu queue (hello Chicago Fire!).
    We’ve always had our main celebration on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day I go to my parents house to hang out by the fire, read, and then enjoy a tasty dinner. Have a great day.

  6. We go to the movies on Christmas too!! We saw Bond this year (yes, it’s the first time we’ve been to a theater since April!) and it was really good. Glad you had a great Christmas and I want to try your trampoline!

  7. Lauren, Merry Christmas! I love your trampoline, my Mother in Law has one and does all sorts of rebounding exercises on it, it’s good for her joints. I had family in town and it was crazy, busy, and lots of fun.

  8. From middle school until my oldest was born, we went out for Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Eve. Once I was married and having babies, taking them to a movie theater wasn’t an option anymore, and it’s something I really miss. Now that my kids are older, we decided that next year we are (as my own little family, not my mom and brothers) bringing back movie theater and chinese food tradition!!!

  9. I always got an orange and an apple in my stocking as well! I had to put one in Craig’s stocking this year to start the tradition in our family. ;)

  10. Your so lucky to get the trampoline!! I took the class at fitbloggin too and thought the workout was crazier then the crossfit class!!!

  11. It looks like y’all had an amazing Christmas! I actually was glad NOT to have a super white Christmas–although it did snow a bit on Christmas Eve, which was nice as we were leaving church. I’m just not a fan of snow, as you know. :)

    That is so funny about the movies. We had the tradition forever of going both on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and just like you said, there used to NEVER be anyone there. Now it is a fight for a ticket! I wish we could have somehow kept that secret to ourselves…

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