12 [Affordable, Healthy] Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Well, it’s the last Friday before Christmas. And, if you’re like me, you still haven’t finished shopping! Yes, I will be out this weekend (and probably Monday too!) with all of the craziness trying to check everyone off the list.

It always seems that some people are so easy to shop for, and then there’s others that always present a challenge. What do you get for someone that has everything? Or someone that you just have no idea what to get? I like to think of gift ideas that are thoughtful, practical and that the recipient might not even know he/she wants. It’s easy to go out and buy some Christmas candy or bake a batch of delicious Christmas cookies (and really, those can be fantastic gifts!), but for today, I want to share a few healthier ideas.

#1. A subscription to NatureBox

Naturebox is a really cool concept. Each month, they put together a box of goodies to show up on your doorstep! Each monthly box if filled with five different bags of delicious, healthy snacks that taste great and you can feel good about. The cost is $19.95 a month, which is definitely less than you would pay when purchasing the five items separately.  There are different options for subscriptions- either month-to-month, 6 months (you get 1 month free!) or 12 months (you get 3 months free!). If you choose the month-to-month subscription, you can use the code “PISTACHIO” at checkout for 25% off your order (that’s just $14.95 for a whole box of snacks!).


#2. Balega running socks

I can’t even remember how long ago I discovered these socks, but they are pretty much all that I ever wear (even if I’m not wearing them to run!)


#3. Bionic Lifting gloves

I have gone through many different brands of lifting gloves over the years, and these are my absolute favorite! They fit perfectly (which has definitely proven to be a difficult find) and they have the right amount of padding in all the right  places. They’re a little pricier than some other brands, but worth every penny for sure! (And just an FYI- they’re about $5 cheaper at Dick’s than Sports Authority)


#4. Apple & Fig Granola (in a cute mason jar!)

I made these jars for my siblings this year as part of a gift basket. The granola is super easy to make and it’s healthy and delicious! Plus, it looks a lot more fancy when it’s put into a mason jar with some festive cloth over the lid and a ribbon tied around the top!


#5. A Sprouting Jar

Ever since I discovered how easy it is to grow your own sprouts, I’ve been making them on a weekly basis! It’s one of the best money-saving ideas that I found this past year. You can get a jar for under $5 here (use code QIR197 for $5-10 off your first order!). Shipping is pretty quick, but if you’re trying to get this in time for Tuesday, you can find them at most health food stores. And while you’re at it, pick up a packet of seeds. :)


#6. Camelbak Groove (filtered) water bottle


This is one item that I’d have a hard time living without. I bring it with me every time I travel- or really any time that I know I’m going to be away from home for several hours. You can fill it up with water from any tap (or water fountain) and it filters it through the straw right before you drink. You can buy replaceable filters too, but really, you can go quite a while without needing to change them out!


#7. Spices from McCormick’s Gourmet collection

This is a great idea for any foodie in your life! The spices in this collection are to die for. My favorites are Smoked Paprika and Saigon Cinnamon.


#8. EO Serenity bath salts

Even though I don’t take them often enough, there’s not much I enjoy more than a nice, relaxing bath. French Lavender is my favorite!


#9. A Blender Bottle and sample packet of your favorite protein powder

This is one gift from this list that I actually wouldn’t need… we have at least 10 Blender Bottles already (although the new bottles are awfully pretty!). But, it would be a great gift for someone else! I’d also add in a sample packet or two of your favorite protein powder (mine would probably be a packet of Vega One).


#10. Lotion from Jason

This is currently my favorite lotion. It rubs in quickly and has a subtle, delicious scent that lasts for hours! It’s also incredibly moisturizing, which is so crucial during the winter months!


#11. A subscription to PV.Body

If you’ve already bought this for yourself, why not buy one for a friend? For just $49.95, you will get a cute workout outfit (a top and bottom) based on your (or your friend’s) personal style. When you click the picture above, you can get 20% off your order!


#12. Holiday Teas from Celestial Seasonings

Not only do I love all things made by the Hain-Celestial Group… I love these teas. Yes, love. My current favorite is Candy Cane Lane. I bought 5 boxes at the store the other day so that I can enjoy it for days months to come!


Happy Shopping! Do you have any good last-minute gift ideas to share?


  1. I need to stock up on Holiday teas stat so they can last me through the winter! Or the year. cough cough

  2. Great list – love the apple & fig granola in the mason jar – super cute!

  3. I put together a miss-mosh of Bath & Body Works stuff for ladies on my list – all travel size–lip balm, body wash, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. I stocked up at the outlet.

  4. I LOVE the candy cane tea! My family got me some lifting gloves last year and they’ve definitely started to stretch out and have always been worn as tight as possible. I may have to look into getting those ones soon.

  5. Love the roundup! I’m still looking for gloves that aren’t made of real leather and are good, I have no idea why that’s so hard. :)

  6. I love holiday herbal tea–like peppermint & candy cane :)

    I am thinking of puravit…we shall see!

  7. I love this!! I need some lifting gloves. My poor hands are torn up! I needed some stocking stuffer ideas, and these are perfect!! :)

  8. I would be so excited to get spices for Christmas. I am sending this list to my mom. ;)

  9. I went a little crazy at Target the other day since it is the only place that has ANY of the Celestial Seasoning holiday teas…I still cannot find Sugar Plum Spice, which is my favorite…so I’m probably going to have to make another order from Lucky Vitamin.

    And that sprouting jar has been the BEST thing ever. Thank you for that one. :)


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