12 [Affordable, Healthy] Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Well, it’s the last Friday before Christmas. And, if you’re like me, you still haven’t finished shopping! Yes, I will be out this weekend (and probably Monday too!) with all of the craziness trying to check everyone off the list.

It always seems that some people are so easy to shop for, and then there’s others that always present a challenge. What do you get for someone that has everything? Or someone that you just have no idea what to get? I like to think of gift ideas that are thoughtful, practical and that the recipient might not even know he/she wants. It’s easy to go out and buy some Christmas candy or bake a batch of delicious Christmas cookies (and really, those can be fantastic gifts!), but for today, I want to share a few healthier ideas.

#1. A subscription to NatureBox

Naturebox is a really cool concept. Each month, they put together a box of goodies to show up on your doorstep! Each monthly box if filled with five different bags of delicious, healthy snacks that taste great and you can feel good about. The cost is $19.95 a month, which is definitely less than you would pay when purchasing the five items separately.  There are different options for subscriptions- either month-to-month, 6 months (you get 1 month free!) or 12 months (you get 3 months free!). If you choose the month-to-month subscription, you can use the code “PISTACHIO” at checkout for 25% off your order (that’s just $14.95 for a whole box of snacks!).


#2. Balega running socks

I can’t even remember how long ago I discovered these socks, but they are pretty much all that I ever wear (even if I’m not wearing them to run!)


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