A Very Merry [KIND] Giveaway

I don’t know about you guys, but I think I actually get more excited to give presents than to receive them. Sure, I love getting gifts- who doesn’t? But, there’s just something about picking out thoughtful gifts for the ones that you love.

Since I can’t pick out gifts for each and every one of you personally (though I wish I could), I’m going to do the next best thing.

How about a whole stocking full of goodies from KIND Snacks?*

*Stocking not included

Here’s what you will get:

A beautiful KIND reusable grocery bag

which will be filled with several varieties of KIND bars, Healthy Grains and a few extra surprises. ;)

But wait- there’s more!

Because it is the season for giving, I’m going to pick two lucky winners this time! That’s right- two lucky people are going to get a nice little Christmas present this year, thanks to the generous folks at KIND.

Here’s how to enter:
I’m going to keep it simple here: leave a comment below telling what the best Christmas present you’ve either given or received. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, substitute another holiday or birthday in there.

AND- you can earn an extra entry by doing the following (make sure that you leave a comment below letting me know that you tweeted!)

Tweet about this giveaway with the following text: Enter the very @KINDSnacks giveaway on Oatmeal after Spinning at http://wp.me/p2oUXk-2eV cc.@OatmealLauren

I will be posting the names of the winners on Christmas day, which is sure to make your holiday that much brighter!

Entries close at 8pm EST Monday, December 24th. US residents only.



  1. This year I got my mom rings with all my siblings names on them! I know she will love them!!!!

  2. The best Christmas gift I’ve gotten was a simple homemade picture collage from my husband! The best gift I’ve given was custom Shutterfly books or frames after our wedding to our parents and friends involved!

  3. I tweeted about the giveaway as well! https://twitter.com/neffer85/status/281060398436855808

  4. The best Christmas present I received was a scrapbook photo album of my childhood. The next year I made one for my mom and dad and they loved it!!

  5. The best gift I ever got for Christmas was my engagement ring – and a husband thanks to it!

  6. What a great giveaway! Took some thinking but I think the best gift I ever received was a cold pack of perogis from my grandma (and my mother in law) when I couldn’t be home for Christmas.

  7. This year I ordered canvas prints of each of our two dogs from when they were puppies sleeping for my boyfriend to hang in the bedroom. We are creepily obsessed with our doggies.

  8. YAY! I LOVE KIND bars. LOVE them. One of the nicest gifts I’ve received was a fabulous printed picture book of a bunch of pictures of my sisters and me-0–made with love by a sister. It is a great book full of memories :) Oh, and the other gift? MY wedding & engagement rings.

  9. TWEETED! :)

  10. Last year I got my boyfriend an iPad. He LOVED it and uses it every day!

    P.S. I have your stocking in red!

  11. Holy heck with the Kind swag, awesome! I think one of the best gifts I’ve ever given was to my sis-in-law, a trip to Chicago to get away for the weekend, complete with dinner, drinks & shopping. I too enjoy giving more than receiving I think!

  12. I tweeted too ;)

  13. I have been DYING to try Kind bars, it would be a christmas wish to win :) My favorite gift I have ever received was the year I got a Bitty Baby doll, I had wanted it so bad!

  14. My husband and I moved into our new home right before Christmas several years ago. That was a great Christmas present!

  15. I think my favorite Christmas gift I’ve ever given or received was last year, when my fiance and I bought each other (without knowing it) identical mandolin slicers. It’s my favorite because we both love the cook, and that’s just the sort of dorky thing that we would do :)

  16. Love Kind bars…woo hoo. One of my best Christmas gifts was a skiing trip for the holidays. It was totally different and great at the same time!

  17. mi2caliJulie says:

    The best gift I ever received was probably the iphone a couple of years ago. I’m still obsessed with it! :)

  18. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a handmade calendar from my sister with tons of photos of us throughout the years.

  19. Tweeted!

  20. One of the best gifts I received had to been the cello my husband gave me. I’d always wanted to learn how to play and then he gave me the opportunity :)

  21. I got my parent’s grandkids together and had professional pictures taken of them. This was a real treat for them, since it is hard to get everyone together these days. So group pics like that are far few and in between. Being how they are grandparents and enjoy every moment of it, they absolutley loved the gift.

  22. Fun! Best gift I ever received? Gosh, I honestly don’t know…maybe that sprouting jar some crazy weird foodie friend gave me a month or so ago? ;)

  23. Ahhh YES!!! Fingers crossed, fingers crossed!
    I tweeted! :)

  24. One of my favorite gifts I’ve given was a cookbook that my sister and I gave my mom. We took some of our favorite family recipes and compiled them into a picture cookbook. My mom loved it, I loved putting it together and giving it to her!

  25. Best gift I ever gave is the one I’m about to give this Christmas to my parents! I made them “treasure hunt” books for Walt Disney World parks. I did one a few years ago while I worked there and they were SO jealous, so I made a fun one they can do. I’m SO exicted!

  26. I tweeted the KIND-NESS :)

  27. My best Christmas gift was the puppy my husband got me – love her to pieces! Awesome post and giveaway by the way!

  28. Best present? I think my stand mixer from Kirk, who broke all those “no plug” rules to get me an AWESOME gift that I use all the time. :)

  29. I received a framed Scrabble board where the letters were glued on and made into words that represented memories from the previous year. Very creative!

  30. The best gift I ever received was probably a family cookbook with all of my aunts’ yummy family recipes! I love it–it reminds me of home every time I pull it out to make Aunt Mert’s Dessert!

  31. I think the best present I ever got was a standing mixer from my parents. I love baking, so this was perfect.

  32. i tweeted!

  33. This is awesome! Best gift ever…gosh, I have no clue! Last year my bf and I were so excited about our gifts to each other that we exchanged them at the beginning of December! I got him a Northface jacket and he got me tickets to see Phantom of the Opera; it was pretty awesome :)

  34. Hey lady! I tweeted!

  35. I got my best friend a frame and printed pictures of her and her boyfriend, family and I to put in it. She loved it!

  36. a new bike when I was 5! so cliche.

  37. As a combo birthday/Christmas present this year, my flight attendant aunt and her husband are paying for the fees associated with me finally getting a passport. I was born out of the country on a U.S. air force base, but came back to the U.S. as a baby and haven’t left since…my little sister is getting married in either Australia or Japan next year and having a passport will not only allow me to attend the wedding, but it will also open up many other traveling opportunities for me. It’s not even the money involved in getting the passport, but the gesture of offering to pay for it….I sobbed immediately upon reading what my gift would entail (and it came with a little statue of the Eiffel Tower) :D

  38. I tweeted about the contest via my ArtTheVerb twitter account.

  39. The best Christmas gift I’ve ever given was to my 23 year old son. I spent a year putting together a scrapbook of his entire life and presented it to him for Christmas last year. It was a joy spending months putting it together and I was so excited for him to have it. He sat speechless going through page after page. I’ll never forget that precious gift!

  40. I cannot even comprehend the amount of Kind awesomeness I am seeing here…

    The best present I ever got was for my birthday, my 20th. I was at home, in Philly, during summer break from college. I was on the phone with my boyfriend, who was at home in Maryland for the summer. Then there’s a knock on the door, and right on the porch, on his cell phone, on a Wednesday night, was my boyfriend. He drove all the way up from Maryland (rear-ending a car while signing my birthday card) to take me to dinner and a movie, then drove back that night to be at work in the morning. Even though I ended up having to pay for the night out it was the best present I ever got. No wonder I married him a few years later!

  41. I am going to give my mom a necklace with the initials of her grandbabies on them that she can add onto!

  42. I’m pretty excited to give my sister Deathly Hollows stud earrings this year!

  43. The best present I ever got was a trip to England when I was 18 to travel with my friend and her English family. It opened the world of travel to me.

  44. I tweeted!

  45. The best present I’ve ever received was probably spending Christmas last year with my closest relatives and friends in Florida! So fun!

  46. TWEETED!

  47. It’s a tie between Mall Madness and Dream Phone! I got them in the SAME YEAR – EPIC!

  48. The best gift I ever gave someone was a desk that I gave to my aunt. Seems like an odd thing, but my aunt LOVED my desk. It was a beautiful, off-white, vintage desk that I had found at a thrift shop; it really was a beautiful, great quality desk. She always raved and raved about it and would kid about when I was going to give it to her (my family always does that – trades things from our houses with each other). So, two Christmases ago, that was her gift – my desk :) She was absolutely ecstatic and cried and cried. It fits perfectly in her house, too. :)

    Christmas took on a new meaning for my family 9 years ago when we almost lost my (then) three year old in a drowning accident on Christmas Day. Having him survive and come home from the hospital to us (on New Year’s Day)was the best gift we’ve ever, ever received. We were very blessed to have him come home!

  49. The best Christmas present I’ve received is a delicious home cooked dinner at my daughter’s new house with her whole family! Thanks!

  50. i gave my mom a year long membership to the Houston art museum… a gift that keeps on giving!

  51. My favorite Christmas gift I gave to my parents was a poem about the idiosyncrasies of everyone in my family. It was printed and framed, and we were able to have a laugh at memories we all shared.

  52. The best gift that I received (it was actually for a birthday) was when my wife threw me a surprise party and invited my closest friends, who took turns sharing what an impact I had on their lives. It was so touching!

  53. Best gift..I had all the old family movies taken on film reels transferred to a VHS cassette and then sat the family down on Christmas and put in the tape! Lots of tears and laughs (: Haven’t topped that one yet….

    Great giveaway…thanks!

  54. The best Christmas gift I received was my husband being home from the hospital, after being in & out of there for a year he was diagnosed at the ade of 35 with Rhemutoid arthritis which turned into Vascalitis which affected his eyes, heart, lungs & kidneys . Was in & out with pneumonia, renal failure & contracted a blood infection after receiving a pacemaker . Yes the best Christmas present ever for me that my best friend came home for Christmas !!
    Thanks for the giveaway so generous Merry Christmas

  55. Best gift…when I was a kid I desperately wanted a fancy cooking kit from a kid’s catalog. She did even better and made her own version, with a child-size apron (homemade!), some child-size utensils, and a paper bag for each month, filled with a recipe plus special ingredient or tool, which we’d then make together each month. Over the next couple of years, many cousins asked for (and received) their own kits.

  56. The best birthday present I’ve received was a road bike – it’s how I de-stress and see beautiful Colorado!

  57. Jackie Lovallo says:

    The best gift I had given was to my parents for there 30th wedding anniversary. I sent out letters to all their family & friends letting them know it was their 30th and I asked them to send back a letter including a happy memory with my parents. I included return envelopes addressed to me in their letters so they can easily return them back. I gathered all the letters for my parents to read on their annivsary. It took them days and they cherished each joyful memory others wrote about them.

  58. Tweeted :)

  59. best christmas gift I received was my little dog judy. don’t know where I’d be without her!

  60. Billie Jean Grych says:

    The best Christmas present I’ve ever received was early this year! I get to go home after being in the military for 7 months! It will be the best feeling in the world!

  61. Billie Jean Grych says:

    Tweeted:) @billiejeanie327

  62. The best Christmas present I received was a hot pink Christmas tree that I got in a secret santa exchange. The gift even came with a matching tiara. :)

  63. I think this would be it! My family was more into gift cards than actual presents (which is sort of disappointing).

  64. The year my (then boyfriend) husband gave me my promise ring!

  65. Lynette S. says:

    When I was a kid, I absolutely loved toy dinosaurs. So one year my parents, I mean Santa, bought me a bunch of them along with little toy cavemen and a big fake rock house. It was a little dinosaur kingdom.

  66. My best present was probably my upgrade to a full size violin! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Tweeted!

  68. My best Christmas gift was my sweet little kitty last year who is a true joy to our family!

  69. The best Christmas gift I received was tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert!

  70. Best Christmas gift I ever got was snowshoes- but best Birthday gift was also a kitten. Another great gift is the house we are putting an offer on later this month!

  71. One year, I was having a hard time figuring out what to give my Dad for Christmas, he had everything he needed or wanted. I made him a picture collage that started with him holding me as a baby. I filled it with pictures of me growing up and ended it with him holding his first grandchild on the day he was born.

  72. Just tweeted!

  73. One year my sister and I made a collage for my mom, I love making homemade gifts!

  74. The best every gift I received was when I was about 14. My uncle gave me an SLR camera. It was the BOMB.

  75. The best gift I’m giving this year for my dad and it is a re-done picture of my sisters and i that my dad took almost 10 years ago! He has been wanting to retake the picture but never found the time too. I’m so excited to see his reaction

  76. My brother and his wife got me a homebrewing kit for Christmas three years ago – now my career is all about beer and I owe it all to that one gift!

  77. My husband and I bought each other new bikes! It is like being a kid on Christmas morning and a great way to hang out together all year.

  78. The Best Gift that I’ve both given and received is treating my daughter to a Disney vacation to celebrate the magic enjoying quality time and fun on a “mother-daughter” trip!

  79. tweeted!

  80. Okay, so the best gift? I have two stories for you.

    One: High school boyfriend (pre-adorable one that now does my tattoos) had picked up the hint that I wanted a promise ring, so naturally he gets the biggest box he can find (refrigerator box) so I knew that I didn’t get the ring I wanted when looking at gifts. He’d filled the box with packing peanuts, and I found nothing. Not a box. Nothing. Turns out he’d taped it to the side!

    Okay 3 stories because that reminds me of another.

    Two: (adorable) high school boyfriend got me a necklace for our first christmas together, but A) he couldn’t remember my birthstone so he got me a sapphire necklace (and 2 years later got me the matching ring to continue his mistake) and B) he put the box in what looked like an unopened bag of M&Ms because he knew I wouldn’t touch chocolate and he thought that was sad, so he wanted to make me make peace with chocolate to get my present (it worked).

    THREE: My sister ruined my birthday gift one year. “Happy birthday. Mom and dad got you a 10-speed bike”. I was 11.

    Love ya!!

  81. Best present I ever got was a hanger for my race medals — it says “MY RACE BLING” who just tickles me to death every time I see it. I had been talking about it so my friend just bought it for me. Totally unexpected and perfect!

  82. Best gift – my friends took me out for dessert on my birthday because I was bummed that my boyfriend couldn’t be there (500 mile distance), and when the last person supposed to be there arrived, she stepped aside and my boyfriend popped out from behind her!

  83. I got my mom a canvas reprinted with a old photo of us! Can’t wait to give it to her. :)

  84. I received a kitchen aid mixer from my parents a couple of years ago and it’s been well used so far, so I would say that is one of the best gifts I have ever received for Christmas.

  85. last year my mom helped me pay for a 2 week trip to japan as my christmas present, it was such an amazing experience!

  86. Best gift I’ve given was a roundtrip flight for a friend to visit family. Such a good feeling!

  87. Best gift was when my husband finally let me get a dog! She has been a wonderful addition to our family and I couldn’t imagine life without her

  88. Homemade tea bags with adorable decorated strings from my sister. I loved the creativity and thoughtfulness!

  89. The best gift I ever got for Christmas was my engagement from my now husband! :-)

  90. I received a really nice sleeping bag from my husband the first Christmas we spent together when we were dating. His mother who had not met me yet freaked out and told him he needed to buy me jewelry! The sleeping bag has served me well through many camping adventures and my mother in law now knows me well enough to know that was the perfect gift!

  91. Best Christmas gift was my puppy!! She’s turning 7 this Christmas and has brought so much joy to my family. :)

  92. Tweeted!

  93. One of my favorite gifts – a Holly Hobby doll when I was little!

  94. Best present – an engagement ring from my hubby a few years ago :)

  95. My best Christmas gift was probably a trip to Hawaii with my family for the first time since we moved away – so amazing!

  96. Best Christmas present I received was the first generation ipod mini. I loved that thing!

  97. Having my boyfriend back from his deployment this year is going to be a wonderful Christmas present :)

  98. I tweeted yesterday but forgot to leave the link! http://twitter.com/ItsMeVsMe/status/281452882606305283

  99. And I think my first comment got lost in space…

    The best gift I ever got was a day off. Dave bought me gift certificates for breakfast, coffee, lunch, a bookstore and a pedicure and took care everything while I was out for the day. It was beyond awesome.

  100. I love something handmade and unique to you.

  101. The best gift I ever gave was to my mom. I had a picture of her dog, Peaches, turned into a very realistic painting. The gift was very special because Peaches had recently passed away. Peaches was a very special dog that was found abandoned on the side of a highway and taken to a shelter. She was guessed to be between the age of 12-16, had arthritis in all legs causing her to “hop” more than walk, she had 6 teeth (one snaggle tooth), a broken jaw, hernia, and was used as a breeder dog. My mom took this poor dog in as a foster and ended up adopting her. She was only with us for 10 months, but she quickly found the way into all our hearts. She was the sweetest dog with the biggest spirit.

  102. I tweeted about the giveaway @geckogirl688

  103. The best Christmas present I’ve ever received was that of my first born child. My son was born just a few days before Christmas and what a holiday we had that year! Thanks for having this KIND giveaway!

  104. Best gift i ever got was a plane ticket to go home and visit my family!

  105. A trip to see my fam :D


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