Affordable, Adorable Workout Clothes From PV.Body

I’m a big fan of functional, cute workout apparel. With my career, I spend about 75% of my life wearing exercise clothes- and comfort and support are my top priorities. And, of course, I only want to buy clothing that I think is going to look good on me and flatter my body.

I had met some of the representatives from Puravit/PV.Body at Fitbloggin’ back in September. I remembered them well because they were the providers of this sweet tank top.

I get a lot of smiles and compliments on this top every time I wear it to teach classes at the gym. :)

PV.Body recently contacted me about a new program that they recently launched where subscribers receive a “Fit Box” every month. The Fit Box contains exercise apparel (a top and a bottom) that is specifically chosen for the individual based on the “style quiz” that she fills out. Brands include Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, Lorna Jane, American Apparel, Nux and many more!

These are the questions on the style quiz:


  • X-Small, Small, Medium, Large


  • X-Small, Small, Medium, Large

Style: What’s your ideal workout?

  • Yoga
  • Runner
  • Casual / Stylish
  • Gym Goer

Color Preference – Top:

  • Muted Colors
  • Bold Colors
  • Patterns
  • Black & White

Color Preference – Bottom

  • Muted Colors
  • Bold Colors
  • Patterns
  • Black & White

Bottom Preference

  • Shorts
  • Capris/Pants
  • Both

I filled out my own style quiz and quickly received my fit box from PV.Body. Here’s what it contained:

I got two tops and a pair of (long) pants. On the style quiz, I had answered that I liked bold colors for tops and dark for bottoms. I also put an additional note that I prefer fitted pants as opposed to loose ones. The ladies at PV.Body were spot on with their choices for me!

The top (by Nux USA) has a racer back (my favorite!) and is double-layered for extra support.

The top is so supportive that you don’t even need to wear a sports bra underneath- it’s built in! (It even withstood the burpee test- I stayed jiggle free!) The girls at PV.Body also knew how much I loved my Liquid Awesome tank top, so they were kind enough to send me one with the phrase Be Epic printed on the front.

I really like the top… a lot. But I love the pants!

I’ve only had them for two weeks now and am pretty sure that I’ve worm them at least five times. I even wore them on two different hikes in Colorado! They’re made by American Apparel and have a thick waistband, which is the best trick for a little extra tummy flattening. Honestly- the pants are even nice enough that I would even “dress them up” with a long, flowy top and some flats for a cute outfit to run around in.

One important thing to note about these pants (in case you happen to get them sent to you): they appear to be tiny. Mine are a medium and looked more like an extra small. I picked them up and thought “there’s no way these will fit.” They may look small, but they stretch big time and fit like a glove! Did I mention that I love them?

I really like the idea of receiving a “mystery box” of clothing that someone else has picked out for me. I like the idea that I will probably receive things that I would have never chosen for myself otherwise, but end up loving.

Are you interested yet?

Here’s what to do:

Click HERE to get started. You will take your style quiz and be on your way to receiving your first monthly shipment of adorable exercise clothing within a few days! And with each month that follows, another box of clothing containing a new top and bottom will magically appear on your doorstep; it’s as simple as that!

I know that you’re probably wondering “what if I don’t like what they send me?” Although I’m pretty sure that you will love your Fit Box, if you don’t- you can either exchange your items or receive a refund. You can also cancel your monthly subscription at any time (terms and conditions are outlined on the bottom of the website).

If you sign up before December 1st (which is this Saturday!), you can lock in at the low price of $39.95/month. After that, rates go up to $49.95/month, which is still a really great deal (think about how much just one item of Lululemon clothing costs….). Shipping is free and if you sign up through the link I’ve provided on this post, you will get an additional 20% off of your first order!

Go check out the website, watch the video and look around a little. I’m pretty sure that you’re going to like what you see. :)

Happy shopping!

PV.Body provided me with a Fit Box to review. Opinions are my own.


  1. LOL at workout pants that can be dressed up, too! I’m still trying to launch a campaign to make jeans/casual Fridays yoga-pants Fridays.

  2. I use their serve as well. At least, I have in the past. I got that same delivery this month and also loved the pants but thought they were way too small. Anyway, I’ve emailed them twice and left voice mail to make an exchange and I have not received a response from them yet. That was a week ago.

    I think their concept is awesome, but so far I’m really unimpressed with the service. I hope they can get their act together because I live in active wear, so this such a great thing for me!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Caren! I emailed my contact there and let her know about this issue (and it seems that you weren’t alone). I was told that they were aware of this an are working on fixing it asap (apparently the person in charge of customer service fell ill and was out of work). I hope that things work out for you! Feel free to email me as well and I can give you another contact email!

  3. That’s fun!! I looked at it yesterday when I saw you post it on Facebook. I’d love to try it — except I strangely strongly dislike wearing blues and purples, but I like any other bright color. Haha. Picky picky. I guess I could say black and white! That’s DEFINITELY a good deal!

  4. Okay–I’m going to give it a try–just submitted my order. However, it never gave me the 20% off (I used your link). I submitted a request to look into it, so hopefully I have better luck with customer service than Caren.

    • Oh yeah–do you mind if I ask what size pants you normally wear (so I know what a medium is)? I had a hard time with filling out the pant size without numbers. :) And Lululemon fits me differently than Nike. You have my email, if you don’t mind sharing with me.

  5. That is so fun! I generally just choose things based on price and color. I think the surprise would be great, especially since with workout gear there isn’t a WHOLE lot that can go wrong as far as ‘style.’ [Although, I just now am actually buying 'exercise clothes' so I haven't really explored all of the many options out there...]

  6. Oooh this looks so fun! I love that liquid awesome top. So fabulous :)

  7. I think it’s sad when a company like this only goes up to size Large. You’re a workout company…. I would never do something like this unless they supported larger men and women too.

    • I emailed them about this and was told that since they just started this service, they were only able to get sizes S-L. It has been brought to their attention several times over the last few weeks and they are working on getting larger sizes asap. Just passing it along.

  8. how fun!! It would be really cool to get a present in the mail every month! :) I’ll have to look them up!

  9. sweet of you to follow up with them lauren. I didn’t hear back for 2 weeks, so I canceled my service. Any company that can’t resolve an issue for that long because someone is sick, isn’t going to last long. Hope you have better luck with them!!



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