Mile-High Friendships

I’ve been really lucky to meet some amazing friends in Colorado. And you know how I met all of them? Through blogging! I met several of my Colorado friends at the Blend Retreat last May, and I met a few others during my trip last July. I even met another Colorado blogger at Fitbloggin’. The funny thing is- a lot of them met each other through blogging as well. And because of wonderful things like email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I’m easily able to stay in touch with my friends that live way over on the other side of the country.

On my most recent trip to Colorado, I was able to see several of my Colorado friends- and some I even got to hang out with multiple times! First up was a dinner/yoga date with Kelly G!

I met Kelly at Fitbloggin’ in September and just fell in love with her right away. And the fact that she lives in Colorado makes me love her even more! We met up for dinner and then took a Candlelight yoga class at Asana Studio in Arvada.

The class was really great- but I highly recommend getting dinner after yoga…. And of course, it was wonderful to spend some time with Kelly!


The next day started with a hike at Elk Meadow with Heidi, Corrie and Kelly P.!

Kelly also brought her charming daughter Kaela along, which definitely added a little intensity to her hike. Kaela had all of us laughing with her sweet little voice-anything that child says sounds adorable (although I’m sure that Kelly will be happy when the “why” stage is over ;))

Beautiful mother and daughter!

Corrie and Heidi have similar fashion sense. ;)

Love these girls!

After a wonderful hike (in gorgeous weather!), we all went back to Corrie’s and were treated to a delicious lunch!

She also serenaded us with her amazing piano playing skills. :)

After leaving Corrie’s house in the afternoon, Heidi and I made a few stops at REI (to check out the big winter sale), another outdoor store nearby and then finally to Lynne’s! I didn’t get any photos with Lynne, and unfortunately, didn’t get to hang out with her aside from stopping by for a bit that day. But, I am happy that I at least got to see her then. We’ll make up for it next time!

I made a quick stop back at my hotel to change clothes and then head right back out to meet up with Tiffany, Lena and Diana for dinner in downtown Denver.

These girls made me laugh all night long! And my fellow beer-loving friend Tiffany was gracious enough to split some beer flights with me. The things we do for friends…


Saturday started bright and early with a hike at Matthew Winters Park with Heather, Kirk (Heather’s husband) and Laura!

Heather and Kirk are just wonderful. I had seen them just a few weeks before when they came to run the Marine Corps Marathon in DC! It was definitely a different atmosphere being out in Colorado. :)

Laura had decided to fly out from Atlanta to spend the week with Kirk and Heather in Vail, and I’m SO glad that she did! I’m also glad that I had time to hang out with them before they left for Vail the following day.

Our hike was beautiful. And there were lots of photos taken by all of us!

I had a serious “I love you” moment with these people while talking about TVP and other plant-based proteins. Most of my friends back home would have no idea what I was talking about, but these ladies get it- and can talk about stuff like that forever with me! This is how you know you’ve met your soulmates. :)

Since Laura had never been to Red Rocks, we drove over there (which is right next door!) and walked around for a bit.

The Saturday morning bootcamp had just ended, but lots of people were still running the stairs and working out in other ways. We even saw this guy squatting his great dane.


Later on that night, Greg actually had some time away from work and joined me for dinner over at Kirk & Heather’s! They created an amazing meal (shown here) and totally spoiled us. Katie even stopped by for a bit!

Between Laura, Heather and I, there were a lot of photos of food taken (duh) and quite a bit of Instram-ing going on.

That meal was the best of our entire trip- and spending the day with Heather, Kirk and Laura was priceless.


On Sunday morning, I met up with Lena to hike at Mt. Galbraith!

Out of all of my Colorado friends, I have gotten to see Lena the most (well, I guess she’s tied with Heather!) since we first met in May. We hung out in July and in September at Fitbloggin’! I suggested Mt. Galbraith because it was pretty close to Denver (in Golden) and I had hiked there once before and remembered liking it a lot.

Lena had stayed out pretty late the night before, but she still got up early to meet up with me!

We talked a mile a minute, and before we knew it, the hike was over!

Thanks for being such a trooper, Lena. You know I adore you!

After the hike, I got cleaned up back at the hotel and met Tiffany at Native Foods Cafe in Boulder for lunch. We were also joined by Greg and his friend John (who was the best man in our wedding), his wife and another couple! The guys had been out mountain biking that morning and had a blast! I know that Greg very much wishes he could be out in Colorado mountain biking (or snowboarding!) with John every weekend. One day….

After lunch, Greg, Tiffany and I went over to the tasting room at Oskar Blues brewery to hang out for a bit.

Have I said before how much I love this girl? I honestly can’t say it enough. As always, time went by WAY too quickly and we had to part ways until next time.


Monday was the last full day in Colorado, and after a morning of hiking solo, I had plans to meet up with Katie for lunch! We were also joined by her husband Mike (we finally met!) and the gorgeous Baby A.

You may remember that the last time I had lunch with Katie, I couldn’t stop taking photos of her adorable daughter, Adrienne. I (somewhat) limited myself this time and only took a few. But, how could anyone not?! The girl even knows how to play Angry Birds on a cell phone!

Adrienne had gotten so much bigger since last time I saw her! I wanted to take her back to Maryland with me.

Or better yet, just stay out in Colorado. Katie sent me a text saying that Adrienne kept saying “Bye bye Lo-Lo…” and that kills me. Cuteness overload!

Later on that night, Greg was able to get away again to join me for one final friend date. This time we met up with friends that I actually know from somewhere other than blogging! My friend Brock actually used to teach at the same high school that I taught at, and lived in my hometown! He moved out to Colorado about a year and a half ago and is a teacher in Denver. I had met up with him and his lovely girlfriend Melissa back in May, but hadn’t gotten to see them since!

We had actually also briefly stopped by a party they were having on Saturday before going to Kirk & Heather’s, which is where this photo was taken:

On Monday we got dinner and drinks in Denver, and it was so great to catch up with both of them. Brock is SO happy in Colorado and when I asked him if he was ever planning to move back to Maryland, he quickly said NO. That doesn’t surprise me one bit!


The very last visit with friends was on our way to the airport on Tuesday. And this visit was extra special- as it was with my cousin Seth, his wife Jenny and their new baby boy Elijah!

Seth and Jenny live in Denver, and when we had visited with them in May they told us the news that they were expecting a baby in November. We had planned on seeing them while we were in Colorado, but none of us expected the baby to be born yet (he was due right after Thanksgiving). Luckily, this little guy came early and Greg and I got to meet him just a week after his birth!

Seth and Jenny got married just a month before Greg and I did, but babies are definitely not something that either of us are ready for yet. Until then, I’m more than happy to play with everyone else’s kids!

He’s so tiny!

After a short visit, we hopped on a plane and headed back to Maryland. I already miss my Colorado friends greatly, but am very appreciative that I got to see so many of them during my trip!




  1. How FUN! Blog friends are the best!

  2. What a fun trip! So much time with wonderful people. I swear I have met some of the greatest people through blogging. Hope I get to see you soon! :)

  3. It was so good to see you! I wish we could have hung out all week. That “moment” when we were intently discussing TVP on out hike was special. :)

    One day we’ll both be out there and can hike every weekend!

  4. Looks like such a fun trip and especially combining fitness and friends.
    LOL at the guy incorporating his great dane into his workout!

  5. Ahh I adore you, too! I’m waiting for the day you guys finally move here so that you can take my hungover butt hiking some more. Actually, scratch the hungover part hahaha <3 you!

  6. Lol — at squatting the dane! I’ve squatted Pippa before, but she’s pretty light. And it’s official – you know more people here than I do!! I love it!! :) So glad you got to stop by and hike!

  7. Ack, tiny babies! So cute! I’m so glad we were able to meet up this trip. Hopefully we’ll get to see you again soon!

  8. I’m so glad you had so much fun! The trip looks amazing! I definitely have to get on board with the Blends conference next year!

  9. Love the yoga with candles–I need to do that at home one of these times.

  10. Ahhh! So much fun, fun, fun! I haven’t been to the Red Rock Amphitheater either, but I definitely want to go next time.

  11. Love this. Love you. ‘nuf said.

  12. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    What an awesome roundup of Colorado awesomeness. Love you!!

  13. BLEND Explosion! So glad you can come out here so often, I love our little lunches together!

  14. Ahhh! So envious! I miss you all. Come on May 2013!!

  15. Oh my gosh! What an AMAZING trip!!! I love this :) What awesome ways to spend time with fabulous ladies. WOW. Love the pics! You look so happy!

  16. SO wonderful! I, too, feel lucky to have met so many amazing people through blogging. I wish I were able to spend more ‘real’ time with them, not just virtual time. :)

  17. Yay! It was great to see you.
    And really, just move here already! ;)

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