The weekend… just a little late.

It’s May first!! I never thought this month would come- but it’s really here! Now I just need to get through ONE more work day, and then it’s off to Colorado for me! The day started off well so far- I got to the gym about 30 minutes before my class started and hit up my old friend, the rowing machine, for a killer warm-up. I hate/love that thing so much. Class was awesome, and I was extra intense, knowing that I won’t be teaching another spin class for a full week. But that’s okay- the next time that I ride a bike, it should be in Breckenridge on Thursday… I’ll take that over teaching spin class.

I was seriously thinking about the breakfast that would be waiting for me after class the whole time I was teaching. I made a variation of STUFTmama’s Pumped Up Protein Pumpkin Cookie Dough. It ended up kind of being a hybrid of overnight oats, since I added some almond milk and chia seeds and made it the night before. I also subbed out rice cereal for a mixture of oat and wheat bran, because it’s all I had.

I topped it with some sliced berries and a big heaping spoonful of peanut butter. It would also be really good with chocolate chips, chopped nuts and raisins… I’ll have to make that variation another time. But this- this was really good (and filling!).

Alright, let me rewind a few days for a little (better late than never) weekend review. Saturday was pretty much a perfect day. Saturday is the only day of the week that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm, so I take full advantage and try to sleep in until the crazy hour of 7:00 am – or 7:30 even. Wild, I know. We split a bagel, put on some hiking clothes and took the boys up to Gambrill for some hiking. I wanted to go back and do the exact same route that I ran last weekend when I took my big spill (but hike it this time). The weather was perfect and everything was so green! And of course, the pups were happy.

Jackson stopped to enjoy the beautiful view at the overlook:

And stopped to a get a drink in a little creek (I think he wanted to swim in it).

We even saw our first Lady Slipper of the season! These flowers are so cool- and yes, I know what they kind of look like… get your mind of out of the gutter.

After our hike, we walked back to the car and I could hear the sound of a puppy whining. I looked in the car next to us and saw THIS!

It was the most precious little puppy- he wanted out of that car so badly! Luckily it wasn’t hot out, because if it was and he was in there, I would have broken through a window. But seriously- why would you bring your little puppy along while you go hiking and leave him the car??!! I hope he clawed those nice leather seats up.

We got back home and made smoothies to re-fuel- peanut flour, banana and spinach – topped with peanuts. YUM.

After getting cleaned up, we headed down south to Gaithersburg to run a few errands. We stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods first, because I needed some new sports bras and shorts. I tried on about 300 things (including a lot of tops) and ended up walking out with just one sports bra, and nothing else. I am PICKY when it comes to gym wear. I don’t care about it being cute, as much as I care about it being practical and comfortable.

The next stop was Whole Foods- mostly just to hit up the salad bar (duh).

Can you guess which lunch is mine and which one is Greg’s? ;)

I bought a few things at Whole Foods, and then we hit up Trader Joe’s for a little more shopping. Amongst other things, I bought these ridiculous chocolate bites… which was a bad idea. I’m having a hard time keeping my hands out of them!

After we got home and played with the pups for a bit, we grilled up a nice dinner and then watched a movie.

I also “made” few cookies, because I saw this delicious looking cookie dough and Whole Foods:

I thought Oh! Only 50 calories per cookie and 4 grams of sugar- this will be perfect for when I just want A cookie, rather than baking an entire batch and having them stare me in the face. But then I realized that this was too good to be true. I measured out what was listed as a serving size- which ended up being about 2/3 of a tablespoon. I baked up two teeny tiny cookies- which were very good- but yeah… TINY.

And the dangerous thing about this cookie dough is that I now have a container of cookie dough in my fridge, just begging to be eaten with a spoon….


I couldn’t sleep in Saturday night, because I just kept thinking about how excited I was for our upcoming Colorado trip. Plus, we stayed up until sometime after 11:00, which is late when you have to wake up at 6:30 the next morning. However, on Sunday morning, I somehow managed to be super high energy to teach spin class, despite having slept like crap the night before. I gave myself permission to be lazy for the rest of the day (after having run a few errands).

I just had a few errands to run – which included another attempt at finding some new running shorts. I headed over to my favorite running store (the only shop around that carries Moving Comfort brand apparel!) and forgot that they are CLOSED on Sundays!! Ugh. So, instead, I headed over to the very dangerous land of Ann Taylor Loft. I was thinking about possibly getting a new dress to bring to Colorado, and ended up finding a really comfy and cute little cotton dress!

Uhhhh, what’s with my face? Also, very poor planning was going on here- I was wearing a sports bra. Not food for trying on dresses.

This dress is pretty casual, but could be dressed up a bit if needed. And more importantly, it is cotton and light and can easily be bunched up and tossed in a suitcase (and won’t need ironing)!

I ended up spending a lot more money than I planned on because I also bought some capris and three tops. But hey- I VERY RARELY go clothes shopping. And if I do- it’s usually work-out clothes. It’s nice to actually look like a girl sometimes.

Plus, this dress shows off my awesome cut-up, brusied-up, scarred legs.

Guess I can rule out a career as a leg model.

After a few more stops, I got home and pretty much took it easy the rest of the day. I probably should have foam-rolled, but I didn’t. I DID manage to move my blog over to self-hosting though- and I am super proud of that!! Now I just need to spend some more time redesigning the header and settling on a layout that I like, and I can check one more thing off the 32 while 32 list!

And now I just need to make it through today….

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How often do you go shopping? Besides food, what do you buy the most often?




  1. I love your new dress!!!! It’s beautiful. You look amazing. And those scars just add to it!! :) I love shopping. So much. When I know I shouldn’t spend money, I just try not to leave the house. Haha. On the other hand, I love outlet malls and even second hand works for me! I always love visiting car puppies!!

  2. I like your fresh new layout. I couldn’t be a leg model either, I have so many scars, but whatever, your dress is cute! Doh, about the cookies, you were tricked, definitely too good to be true.

  3. I hardly buy ‘real’ clothes any more. I have WAY to many already and I teach fitness and work from home….soooo. Yah. But I do love to! Probably every few months I get a new top or skirt. I just bought a skirt on Sat–so cute!

    Love the blog design!

  4. Your legs make me smile – I’m glad I’m not the only one who is usually cut up and covered in bruises. Biking and Trail running are great exercise, but require more coordination than I sometimes demonstrate. :)

  5. Nice legs, lady! *whistle*

    I cannot wait to be hiking with you next weekend!!!

    P.S. your Cookie Dough looks fab!

  6. can i come with you to CO? we can drink kombucha and hike all day. SO FUN!

  7. AHHH!!! I have waited for May for so long too!! I am SO glad it is finally here!!

    eek!! You have Lady Slipper flowers!! I am so jealous. . .they are the Minnesota state flower!

    I hate when I wear a sports bra and then attempt to try on “real” clothes—I can never tell what the top/dress would actually look like.

    Have a BLAST in Colorado!!

  8. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve ended up somewhere trying on clothes with a sports bra on! Have fun in Colorado. I wish I was going. Take lots of pictures.

  9. super cute dress

  10. Looks like you guys had a fantastic hike! I feel so bad for that poor puppy :( I hate when people leave their kids and pets in the car.

    Your new layout is looking nice!

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