Currently: February 2015

Hey friends. It’s been kind of a tough month. I don’t want to bore you with my complaints, but I’ll just say that I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and will be happy to be able to take a few days off next month! Greg and I did manage to get away to Crested Butte last weekend, but we had to cut our trip short due to a crazy storm moving in (that would have had us stuck there for an extra day or two). The funny thing is, there wasn’t any (new) snow at Crested Butte- it was all at our house! I managed to ski for a few hours one morning, but it was icy and not desirable (but super pretty!).


Hopefully we can go back next season, because it is a really nice resort and cute town!

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Currently: February

Current books: After hearing so much buzz about it, I ordered this book from Amazon:

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Nutty Raspberry Dark (Hot) Chocolate

I’ve been completely spoiled this winter. Though the season started out with record cold temperatures, things quickly changed after the new year. We had weeks and weeks of spring-like weather with a random (small) snow storm thrown in every once in a while. After each small storm, we’d be back to enjoying the sunshine and temperatures in the 60s one or two days later. I’m all for tons of snow in the high country (which is actually necessary to avoid going into a drought in the summer!), but am not a huge fan of it down in the foothills (and I realllllly don’t like driving in it). Even though I have been loving this “winter” weather, I knew that eventually we’d end up getting slammed. And- that’s finally happened.

We got a sizeable storm here over the weekend and there’s nothing but cold temps and snow in the 10-day forecast. I’m hoping that it will turn back to spring again soon (especially since spring is only a few weeks away!)- but for now I’m going to make the best of it. Besides, being able to walk out your front door and snowshoe on your neighborhood trail is pretty awesome.


Once again, I’ve rambled on about the weather… but I promise- it does relate to the topic at hand. Another thing that helps me make it through the cold and snowy days is anything hot- soups, drinks and comfort food in general. I can even go on a long walk outside in the freezing cold- as long as I’ve got a hot drink in my hand.

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Currently: January 2015


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Fruity Vanilla Swiss Oats


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Returning to Skiing [After ACL Surgery]


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Bodypump 92 Review

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Blend 2015 Details


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Currently: December 2014

Howard and Robin

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Sweet Holiday Treats (From Healthy to Indulgent)


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