Currently: August 2014


I’m heading out to Boston tomorrow and frantically trying to schedule everything for work while I’m gone, pack a suitcase and get my house in order before leaving. So I thought- why not sit down and write a blog post??

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s the end of summer. My teacher friends in Maryland all went back to school this week (there was an overwhelming amount of sadness in my Facebook feed yesterday!)- and I’m super glad to not get the “August blues” any more. I don’t miss my former life as a teacher. Not one bit!

Work has been insane (in the best possible way) and I’ve had my share of 11+ hour days, working on Saturdays and eating, sleeping and breathing FlapJacked… but I love it! I definitely don’t mind working all the time when it’s something I LOVE. On top of that, I’ve been teaching Bodypump regularly again (hurrah!) and am starting teaching early morning indoor cycling at a Cycling/TRX studio in two weeks (the same one Paige works at!). Overall, things are good. :)

Currently: July

Current books: I mentioned last month that I was about to pick up Just Like The Movies. I have about six (short) chapters left, so I predict that I’ll finish it tonight. I adore this book (and will be posting a review soon!). If you’re into Young Adult Fiction, check this book out!

Current music: I listened to this song at least three times yesterday:

I’m a big fan of Eminem and this is probably my favorite song of his. I remember one of my Spinning instructors playing it all the time (long before I started teaching classes myself) and I would get SO pumped. It happened to come on my Pandora station while I was running (yes, running!) on the treadmill yesterday and made the run so much easier to get through. It’s most definitely my all-time favorite POWER song.
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Silk Frozen Soy Latte

Like most of the people that I know, my day pretty much always begins with a cup of coffee. I’ve certainly enjoyed my fair share of coffee over the years and love everything about it: the smell, the taste… and those few moments or relaxation that I enjoy while drinking it. It seems like everyone I know takes their coffee differently- some like cream and sugar, others take it straight black. I’ve tried all of the options and can confidently say that I’ve found my favorite way to enjoy my coffee: with a hefty splash of Silk Soy Milk.

Soy milk has definitely gotten a bad reputation over the last few years for it’s tie to GMOs. I definitely have no desire to consume genetically modified food and feel good about purchasing products with this seal:

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Balsamic, Rosemary + Sea Salt Roasted Almonds


Oh, boy. I am very excited to share this recipe with you guys today! I'll start from the beginning... Back in 2010 (when I was still living in Maryland), Greg and I were enjoying our annual summer trip out to Colorado. We went hiking to … [Continue reading]

ACL Reconstruction Surgery: Post-Op Week 10


It's a little hard for me to believe that ten weeks have gone by since I underwent ACL Reconstruction surgery! Thankfully, time has flown by pretty quickly, thanks to my intent to stay really busy. I'm definitely happy to wrap up July and see what … [Continue reading]

Currently: July

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.27.00 PM

Hello! Dang... I am in a good mood today and just feel this sense of happiness that I haven't had in months. I taught my first Bodypump class (at 6:00am!) this morning since surgery! The last class that I taught was May 15th... that's a long break! I … [Continue reading]

Celebrating Three Years

Three years ago today Greg and I were married at a small vineyard in northern Virginia. Actually... we were technically married on a hiking trail in Maryland earlier that morning. (If you want all the details, feel free to check out this … [Continue reading]

Current Favorite Things

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 3.01.06 PM

Hello! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and were able to get out and enjoy some beautiful summer weather. Summer has always been my favorite season, but honestly, I'm wishing it would hurry up and get to fall. Of course, that's for selfish reasons … [Continue reading]

ACL Reconstruction Surgery: Post-Op Weeks 5&6


Hello! Summer is definitely in full swing here and the last few days have been hot. Luckily, the humidity is still relatively low so it's not unbearable (and it's cooled down a lot today!). Isn't talking about the weather fun? Time for another … [Continue reading]

Les Mills Presents The Project: Immersive Fitness

There are many, many things that I love about Les Mills programs. I became a certified Bodypump instructor in 2011 after falling in love with the format and classes. Les Mills offers a multitude of different exercise programs and there's literally … [Continue reading]

Jamaican Ten Speed [a.k.a. the "Two Sipper"]

In general, I'm not much of a cocktail drinker. When given the choice of an adult beverage I'd pretty much always choose beer or wine. However, if a restaurant or bar is known for it's amazing cocktails (like this place), I'll have to give one a … [Continue reading]